Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jumping Through Hoops!

Am I jumping through hoops you ask?

Can you say Alley-Oop!
Between Blogger continuing to be a real PITA challenge, upcoming events, and life throwing a few unexpected curve balls in the direction of the Casita de Trash...I'd say I'm the star of this Dog And Pony Side-Show!

Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!

I'm busy gathering the best crap quality merchandise I can for my space and I know all the vendors at Winnie & Tulula's are doing the same.  We had such a great time last year (think cake and champagne) and this year's promises to be just as much fun!

The original Paper Cowgirls Art Retreat is coming up in June as well.  This year I'm pickled tink to be included on Vendor Night!  'Course this means more work for moi and I'm knee deep and up to my armpits in alligators, digging in boxes for things I've been hoarding saving for just the right occasion...and I do believe this is the market place for my treasures!  I'm excited, but a little overwhelmed.  I've never done a one-day-down-and-dirty event before, but hopefully a smile and my wares will carry me through!

 I know I promised y'all a prom, but failed to deliver.  Trust takes a lot for me to bypass a party, but on top of everything that's going on in my life right now...I just couldn't pull it off.  I promise y'all up and down to make it up in the future...pinkie swear!

In the meantime, I'll be out of the picture and off the computer until sometime towards the end of June.  I hate it, but when you get to be my gotta learn to compromise!  Even Superman has his Kryptonite...mine just happens to be SADD!

I promise I'll be back...even if the last hoop I jump through is on fire!

(Happy Birthday day late!)

(Thank you April and Shawn for my beautiful birthday cake!)


red.neck chic said...

Okay - seriously - I would slap my mama for no reason. Oh - no - I meant - I would slap my mama for a piece of cake. Seriously - that's what I meant...

I will come help you pedal yer wares at any and all places - that's what middle children do!!! AND! You could wear some big hoop earrings and give a prize to anyone that could jump through 'em...

;-D Quit reading this and get to work! LOLOL


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Sweet Girl!

I will look forward to seeing you a week from tomorrow! I can't wait!


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I am so out of your inner circle. But I do love the way you talk. I remember Junk and Disorderly from last year. I thot the name brilliant then. It HAD to have come from you. And if NOT it is so you anyway. Good luck with the exhausting projects. I don't volunteer for much myself these days.

Gracie's Cottage said...

Have fun with all your projects and have Cat Daddy drive so you can snag a nap in between locations!



I love that Junque and Disorderly! I may have to snatch that for my "sale de garage'" whatdaya think? :-) Looking forward to hearing more trash talk when you have time. I have been MIA more often than not as well, so I get it.


Olive said...

Slow down sista, breathe deeply, and last but most important pray.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I would tell you to slow down, but I can't seem to do that myself... so just have fun!!!
hugs~~~ Daphne

Prior said...

Hey, I live close enough to help and will be out for the summa! So, if you want something washed, tagged or painted ...holler! and I'm serious, lady, it could be my birthday present!

time worn interiors said...

Good luck at the Paper Cowgirl show! I'm sure you found some great stuff to take! Good luck with all that is on your plate right now! Tell Cat Daddy I said hello!

Rebecca said...

Hi my sweet
Sounds like we have the same life!
Wishing you a fantastic show... sell it all!
I am in WA now and it is hard for me to post as my daughter's wireless is sloooooow. I have to go to Starbucks and post... but we are getting things ready and then it is up to Spokane for FC. I still don't know what I am doing for display!
But it will come together, it always does. My ride here was gorgeous and the Lord and I had a fabulous time.
Take it easy and many blessings today

Unknown said...

I'm darn well kicking myself that I won't see you at Paper Cowgirl again this year!
Give all my crafty buddies a big hug, and a big one from me to you, too!


GIO said...

well!!!! at least you could have asked nicely LOL. help yourself.....if i charged for everytime someone used it, i could come to texas for a visit :) G

Donna Reyne' said...

Your a hoot! And I would give anything to get to spend sometime in your neck of the woods!
I think you are just the type of person to laugh at me and with me!
Have a blast at your upcomings!

VS said...

Your so cute Texas Cutie!!! That cake looks delicious, I'm hungry right now & it's making my mouth water...these are sad days when my mouth will water over a picture of a cake!! lol
Happy Memorial Day Weekend Sweet Friend...
Have fun eatting lots of weaners & burgers, watermelon & corn on the cob & maybe some home made ice cream for me & just know, where ever I am & what ever I may be doing...
I'd Rather be in TEXAS!!! LOL
Hugs & Some Rusty Wire, ;)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Sounds like your plate is full...and not just with cake! Good luck with everything and have lots of fun!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Busy girl! Wishing you success in all of this craziness. Also a VERY belated Happy Birthday! What a crummy friend I am, missing a big one. Don't catch your backside on fire jumping through those hoops girl! Wish I could jump on a plane and fly on down.

Rebecca said...

Hey Girl
I am so jealous... I mean envious... I mean glad for you, to be a vendor at Paper Cowgirls. I want to be there! But I am here... a loooong way away- I feel like I am on the other side of the world! Oh wait I am...
Happy Memorial Day!

Kim said...

Hey! Love your blog. I'm here from Debra's and so glad I stopped by.
I'm your newest follower. Pop over for a visit sometime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie
Happy belated Birthday! So sorry I missed it :)

the old white house said...

They are going to love you at the Paper Cowgirl retreat! I gotta believe that just having you there will bump up the fun level to about... well, out of this world!
Crazy busy here too, but busy is good. It keeps me out of trouble, well out of most trouble!
Good luck at both sales, they sound like a fabulous time! t. xoxoxo said...

Now how on earth am I supposed to man my own vendor table when I'll be wanting to spend the evening knee deep in your stuff??? Can't wait to see what you bring!