Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jump In The Lake? What Lakes?

Y'all might want to go and put your roller skates on for this post 'cause I'm giving you fair's gonna be all over the place!
Down here in Texas, sure as shootin', there are certain facts that never change.  If it's's gonna be hot.  If it's late summer...the greatest show on dirt is not far behind.  Combine those two facts and you got one chubby lady in dire need of a shower and a manicure.  That's under normal circumstances, but...if we change the equation up and make that 68 days of 100+ temperatures leading up to late get one, hot mess!  Trust me...even in Texas...this goes above and beyond even our normal daily dose of vitamin D.

Normally, I work a little each morning during the dog days of summer, prepping our load and pacing myself.  When Cat Daddy gets home in the evening, he and I will generally go outside and work a little more.  It'll be hot, but it's bearable.  This summer...ummm...not so much.  With overnight temps falling to barely under 90 degrees, it's been a tough row to hoe. 

Thankfully, the good Lord was shopping with us and saw to it we didn't purchase many projects in need of a lot of prepping and most doubly thankfully, He sent cooler temps this week.  I'll be working like a bat outta H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks this week to finish up the load and get it ready for ol' C.D. to load.  He's been trying to load as he could, but it's been tough.  It gets hot in that sweat box of an enclosed trailer...mighty hot! 

Needless to say, I'll be out in the back forty from can 'til can't, preventing me from being around much on here with y'all.  Although I got enough mouth for two people, unfortunately I only come equipped with one pair of hands and one brain...and more often than not...only half of one of those at best!  Can you say Squirrel?

(In case you were wondering about the photos in this's my way of saying thank you to Gayle at A Vintage Green Life.  She held a unique giveaway on her blog that required nothing from her readers...other than friendship.  How cool is that?  I was thrilled when she pulled my name out of a old suitcase for this pendant, but the real luck was being included as a friend.  Thank you Gayle and thank you for thinking outside the ol' box on how to hold a giveaway!  BTW...if you think this idea is oughta see what else she dreams up...Ohmylanta!
The bookies are now making odds on how many excuses I can dream up to wear this cute necklace while at Zapp.  Care to wager a bet?)

Before I can wear it and be a big ol' showoff...I first got to get stuff ready to make the trip to my favorite playground.  Sadly, the only way to accomplish this Herculean task is to quarantine myself to the workshop....even if it means chaining myself to the sander.  I'm gonna try and get a coupla more posts up before we head out for the next installment of As The Wheel Turns, but for the time's a mad dash to the finish line. 

I'm closing this post with prayer requests.  As you may or may not know, addition to the horrendous heat under a severe drought and now experiencing wildfires.  Please pray for all those in the line of these fires, both residents and firefighters.  Pray and pray again for much needed rain.  Most of us haven't seen any since May.  Everything is so dry here in our beloved state, one fire was started by a spark from a car's brakes.  Pray that the rain flooding the east will find it's way to us, providing relief for all who are impacted by these crazy weather patterns...North, South, East, and West.

While you are on your knees, please send up prayers for Anne and Angela.  Both of these fine ladies' mothers are facing daunting health challenges and are in desperate need of lifting up.  Please lift your voices and eyes to Heaven for them...and all the others out there facing similar circumstances...for strength, reassurance, and healing.  The statistics are unsurmountable, but so blessed are we...God doesn't deal in statistics...only in His perfect plans for us.

I do believe in the power of prayer and I have faith God hears and answers our pleas for help.

Think I better go cover some furniture up before it starts raining.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Deb, I'm praying for all your requests. I can't wait to see you at the greatest show on Dirt!!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Don't work too hard, Deb. I've felt for you guys down there in that terrible heat. I get so excited to see everyone's space at the shows, so make sure you smile for the camera. Missed seeing you, but I don't know how you get done what you do! (did that make sense?)
love ya bunches, D


Oh, Deb. I was so enjoying your post and then saw your heartfelt prayer requests for our fellow Texans suffering drought and fire effects, and then for Anne and me and our mothers. I am so very touched for the mention, as the power of prayer is indeed enormous, as you know firsthand! Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for you and your blog friends taking the time to say a prayer. Wishing and praying for blessings all around (and don't you and your sweet hub overwork yourselves) ~ Angela

red.neck chic said...

I don't know what scares me the most... not getting rain - or getting rain and having a back yard full of stuff bound for the Greatest Show on Dirt. LOL I figure... I'd sacrifice about all of the junk I have in my back 40 for some rain though.

My prayers are going up even as I'm slaving away right beside you!

How does it go? Uhmm... "Prayer is where the action is."

yeah, that's it...

;-D xoxo

time worn interiors said...

You crack me up! Greatest show on dirt! I hope those fires go out very, very soon! Some getting very close to where my son lives!

What a cute coin purse necklace, love it! And lucky you for winning it! Can't wait to see it in person!

The weather here is crazy, it's been over 100 for a few days, now it's so cool you gotta wear a sweater! I'm not kidding! Never seen anything like it!

Prayers going up and out for all request!

Good luck working on the back 40, stay hydrated!


Theresa said...

Sending prayers to one and all. I hope you are hearing rain drops as I type this. Have a fantabulous time at the greatest show on dirt! One day maybe I can strap on my cowboy boots and see it for myself! Pace yourself... t. xoxooxx

sissie said...

Hey Debs, I'm sure praying for some rain for ya'll! It's really tough gettin much done when you are burning up! I'm working in my garage yesterday and couldn't see for the water running down my face! LOL!

Here's praying for rain.


Kate said...

Hi Deb sweet gal

sending much love and prayers to all and extra hugs for you and Cat Daddy!!!


outjunking said...

Your post made my eyes sting with tears.
Praying for all.

Bonnie said...

Greatest show on dirt - I love it! I hear you about the heat, it's been hot in SoCal too, triple digits. I saw the news and was upset by the devastation of the fires. I send a prayer and good vibrations your way. My sister is always talking about how hot it is in Houston.

xo, Bonnie

Anonymous said...

I will also keep those prayers going,, great post!

Anonymous said...

Deb- I LOVE Texas, but 68 days of 100+ temperatures- that's just crazy stuff. Take care as you get ready for the greatest show on dirt-sure wish I could be there to see you.

Laura said...

Don't pull your back out!
I just spent one day with my daughter at a Market Days when it was 106 and by the end of the day
I had chills and a fever!

Be careful and prayers for all women being strong for their mothers.

That is tough.

Is there some high school boy you can bat your eyelashes at along with $20 to help you load?

Don't overheat!


A Cottage Muse said...

Wish I could send my honey down there to hook you up with some AC in your big ol' truck...make it easier to get ready to hit the road (he's an AC guy)! It's been raining here since Monday and wish I could send you some overnite to cool things off. You know I'll send my prayers where needed...I know that prayers help!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Now get ya self back out there and get to work seester! I have been keeping up with the fires on world news, sending prayers for rain your way! Hugs, Janna

Rebecca said...

I can't imagine working in such heat, sending prayers your way. Blessing the work of your hands and multiplying the proceeds by God's hands.
Wish I could make it this year but it looks impossible. I hope to in the spring.
Sending you a package finally today
Blessings today

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Sending over lots of prayers, as ordered. Also will try to send some of the rain we get up here in Montreal (we get more than enough - never have to use our built-in sprinkler system). And good luck getting ready for the greatest show on earth, with cooler weather for you and C.D. I dream of coming out again for that someday...

Pam @ Frippery said...

Prayers are always answered, sometimes we don't realize the answer at the moment, but they always are. So yes, praying for all.
I guess my dreams of living in Texas and the reality are two different things
Hubs is not one for the heat. Unless of course it's coming off me, hee hee hee!