Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is Flitting and Jumping The Same Thing?

Never...and I do mean never...have I ever had such a hard time getting a post up.  It's not like it's bad news or I'm ill...on the contrary.  I spent last Saturday with all my girls at the Dallas Arboretum and had a wonderful day beginning with lunch at the Olive Garden.
The day was gorgeous, the temp perfect and I was with my precious Trashettes.  So what seems to be the problem you ask?

Ummm...the answer would be ME!
Since coming back from the Greatest Show On Dirt, I have been all over the place, running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

There are so many things to do with the holidays just around the corner and my SADD* is in full throttle.

I'll start one project...then run to the next room to work on something else...then remember I need to pay bills...etc., etc., etc.  I know I'm not alone here.  C'mon y'all...give.  How do you manage it all?

(*Squirrel Attention Deficiency Disease)

There has got to be a light at the end of this tunnel...or at least an "off" switch to stop this crazy merry-go-round I'm on.

I feel like things are piling up on me in my effort to get about a gazillion things done in just a few short weeks 'cause y'all know how fast Thanksgiving and Christmas will get here once the days get to rolling.
The worst of it...I'm temporarily, creatively depleted!  I'm trying to plan my window at Winnie & Tulula's for our Christmas Open House (the Friday after Thanksgiving...more info to come) and nothing is suiting my fancy.  Heck...even my space is in need of something...anything...besides dust for decor!

The last thing I needed to do was take a day off, but you know what?  I'm not sorry...nope...not one iota.  In fact...spending time with the ones I love is the only thing I am certain about these days.  This, I'm willing to bet a dollar to a donut on, we All agree on.  Am I right or am I right? 
Sometimes finding the perfect piece of junk isn't as important as finding a butterfly...or shutter bug!

If Grayzilla isn't in a's 'cause she was behind the lens...thank goodness and not me!  Y'all know the camera is in the purse on my shoulder, but never taken out for use. no attention to the date on the photos.  Seems like Kitten #1 is like her Mama Cat when it comes to techno-gear!
I really do wonder how some of y'all manage it all.  I know you have to-do lists as long as mine.  I just wish someone would do a post sharing how to get it all done...and not look like one hot mess at day's end 'cause right now...chaos is running amuk, amuk, amuk at the Casita de Trash!
Do you make lists?  I make lists...then forget where I put them.

Do you plan your day out the night before.  I tend to fall asleep right after I find a pen to write with.

Do you fly by the seat of your pants?  'Cause I gotta tell ya...I've been using that method and so far the only thing flying around here is fur...between me, myself and I!
Is it all make believe and you're really not as put together as I think you are?  You can tell me...I won't tell anyone.

Just between us you ever feel overwhelmed and burned burnt (aw...forget it) burned out?  I need to know!  I hate thinking I'm the only one out there who just isn't up to the tasks at hand.

Psst...I gotta tell addition to not being able to focus on creating anything but a disaster...I'm also at a loss for words.  Talk about running on empty.  I have nothing remotely funny, clever or witty to say or write.  This rarely happens to me...'cause talking is my middle name. ('s my first...but like in everything else I'm trying to do...I digress!)

I'm trying to read y'alls' posts early in the mornings, but short of leaving a "it's so pretty" comment, I have nothing to say.'s not because I don't want's just that I can't find the right words to make a coherent statement.  I guess it's finally happened.  Someone has hit my mute button.  I knew it was just a matter of time, but gosh...without my words I feel so nekkid...and that my friends is not a pretty sight. 

Help a girl out y'all.  Tell me how to recharge (and don't say rest 'cause we all know that ain't gonna happen until 'round about January) and refocus on blogging and junking.  Is it time to go a different direction...change my layout...get a haircut...take up yoga, hang gliding...what?  The suggestion box is open for comment, but hurry.  Something's bound to give around here and it just may be more than my Spanx can handle.

~Now...bring on that horizon!~


Sue said...

I'm in love with all of the pictures! Sometimes I find myself needing an escape with my little ones and you know, it does help you kind of re-charge the brain! There is absolutely nothing better than our precious little grandkids and spending time with them! Somehow all of my cares in the world just melt away when I'm with them!

Take care, Sue

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Look at your cutie pies, I know y'all had a blast! Your girls are getting so big... It took me almost three weeks to finish my last post. Can't wait to see the window at W&T. I'm actually going to be selling in Canton that weekend, maybe I can steal away and go see it in the evening!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

What absolutely wonderful photos, Deb!!!! And, YES, spending time with your loved ones is the most important thing, it feeds the soul!

Well, girl, I fly by the seat of my pants. I have one commitment and that is my job and it has deadlines and I plan my work out as best I can, but everything else just falls in where it can.

I have NEVER been late with paying bills but lately I seem to be getting them in in time by the seat of my pants. Just today I saw one sitting on my desk and my heart skipped a beat, whew, I still have a few days to get it in, LOL

I know you will come up with a fabulous display and your creativity will come flowing back but for now, sit back, smell the roses, or coffee, and enjoy time with your family!!!

You're my kind of gal! I hope one day to be able to meet you in person!


Olive Cooper said...

Debbie, I fly on the tips of me grey hairs. I plan nothing and try not to worry. I do not have a schedule per say as you do. I do travel a lot and kind of live out of a suitcase. Because I now buy and sell junk I find myself planning a little bit more. I do have four enormous boxes of Christmas stuff going out in the morning so I guess I did start buying all that the first of this year. I keep Joe and CC first and all else comes next. If anything I do becomes a chore I will stop it. I cannot believe you are mute-refuse to believe. You are tired that is all. huggiebear♥Olive

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Heck Deb, I have NO commitments and I STILL can't get things done!! Your priorities are right, spending time with family and those sweet girlies needs to be tops of the list. Let everything else fall where it may. love ya, dear!

Cheryl said...

I'm like you...two steps forward and five back!
And.....I'm retired now. Seems like I never have enough time to complete anything. If I didn't jump from project to project I might be able to bring things together but that is not my mind set and I do not know why! So, I will just keep on pluggin' along and if it happens it does, if it don't....tomorrow is another day.
I have a holiday show to do in 10 days....not even a smidge ready for it. I will let the stress begin and run with it. Being with family is more important. Love your pics and the little "trashettes" are too cute! I'm sure things will come together soon for you...keep the faith baby!! Have a great week.

time worn interiors said...

Girl you know you gotta take time off for those precious babies! Looks like you all had a great time! Great photos!

Vintage Green said...

Hey........there's nothing better than family, and those little ones grow SO fast!!! I too am a serious list maker...I even add things I have already done to the lists just so I can cross them off. (so my husband can see it)Yup,I do it!!

OMG!!!I just have to say thank you!! When I was a bit (OK..a lot) younger I used to "frequent an establishment"(sounds so much better than tavern)where the band would play Marie Laveau!!! I am sitting here grinning as I remember dancing, singing and drinking (just a sip mind you) to that song. Fun times!!
Thanks for the reminder!!

Scrappy said...

Dear Lawd yes! We have all gone rodent (strike that) we have all gone the way of the squirrel and I think its great you took time to focus on the family :-) I have been runnin with the rodent for a couple of months and just like we all do I am snappin back and gettin in the swing. I found my self deeply involved in a couple of new books (The Jackie O conversations were a total page turner) and another job and I am gettin back to the old me. I wouldnt worry if I were you. You will probaly get focused just in time for the holiday madness :-) Have a great evening.
Viva La Taco Casa!! :-)

Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh girl, As usual we are on the same page. Except you have those little darlin's to take up some of your most precious time. I have been in the same scattered frenzy. I wish I had sage advice but flying by the seat of my ample pants has been my MO of late. That and a harsh word and a few tears to gain some support from my frightened family are getting me through right now. Let's hold figurative hands, take a deep breath and plow through!
LYttH as always, Pam

Lisa said...

Your funny without even trying. Just seeing the January 2008 on the pictures had me rolling. I know what you mean tho. I had this illusion that when my kids started kindergarten my life would suddenly fall into order. Not so. In fact I'm more scattered than usual & that's hard. I have a to do list a mile long & I've missed a few deadlines. Hate that. I love the girls day out at the arboretum. How fun. That's what you need a dose of fun & a great estate sale!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Girl, I'm not getting much of anything done these days, so I can't offer any pearls of wisdom of advice.

What I DO know is that the bills will always be there, the housework and chores will always be there, but those precious babies will grow up quicker than the dickens...time spent with them is time well spent, the rest of that stuff will all get done. But you already know that! :-)

Great pics, sounds like life is good at Casita de Trash.

susie said...

Hey Sweet Thang....
I TOTALLY getcha..I mean totally!!! Maybe it's just the scary word, our AGE! I dunno but I feel the same way, but I'm a little bit worse. I don't really care. Well I do, but I kinda don't seem like I do. I have nothing to say, don't want to post, barely do what I HAVE to do & if it's not something I HAVE to do, I do NOTHIN!!! I gotta get a grip & start buckin up or I may LOSE it!! lol
I mean it's really not funny...but what are we to do? I'm with, energy pills, cod liver oil, just give me the cure & I'll take it. I've even been taking vitamins & nothing. Maybe I should stop taking those damn things, maybe THEY'RE the problem!! lol
I dunno, but when you figure it out, let me know & if I don't respond it's cuz...I GOT NOTHIN!!!
Hugs & Hope,
Susie Q

A Cottage Muse said...

Looks to me is that you are doing the perfect thing to get motivated...having fun with family is the best medicine!! It will hit you when you least expect it!

Laura said...

When I am all in a dither, I just say-
'do the next right thing.'
Nothing more-

And I predict your window idea is right around the corner.

maybe your post message is your window idea.

Keep a tight rein-


LuLu Kellogg said...

I love that you shared all these fab pics of your family with us!!

Girl, I fly by the seat of my britches every day. I just make sure when my feet hit the floor in the morning that my seat belt is securely fastened because I am sure the day will bring a wild ride!!

Lovie Lovie!!
La LuLu~*xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone.......Don't be too hard on yourself.......creativity cannot be has to come naturally. Mark my words something will trigger and spark your creativity and "Poof" just like magic you'll be tellin us all about this epiphany you had and your window will magically come together. It will HAPPEN......pinkie promise! throwin' some of my magic glitter comes! grace (a la grace) xx

maryboys said...

dear debbie -

you are just fine and very worries there:) i won't tell you to rest, because you won't. but i will tell you that there are always cycles in creativity - always. it's necessary, in fact. so let go of the expectations you've placed on yourself, that are not absolutely imperative. you don't have to blog if you're not feeling it; you do need to pay your bills?!? hee!! we will still be here when your blogging mojo returns. we love you as you are and we all struggle with "the balance" no matter what stage of life we're in. it's ok. just let it be:)

big hug,

red.neck chic said...

i was all prepared to come over here and say something brilliant...

still nothing. i'm going to go plug the light bulb in and see what i come up with.

i think your babies are ALLLLL gorgeous!

;-D robelyn

Pent-Up Photos said...

You know what you need to get your brain working in the right direction? One of my photo caption contests! You always have the most creative abundance! Yep. Think I'll have one for you on Friday or Saturday. What do you think? Are you up for the try?