Friday, May 31, 2013

Hitchin' Post

When I first came home from the hospital I didn't feel like doing much of anything, but as the weeks (make that seven of 'em) passed I started getting a case of cabin fever.  I knew my forays into the real world couldn't continue to consist of a weekly visit to the doctor followed by an early bird dinner at Luby's.

Misty captured the magic of mine and Grayzilla's birthdays! The girl is now taller than me at 11. Oy Vey!

Ahhh...Luby's!  Where medical devices are not only seen, but de riguerer when supper is served in the afternoon.  "No Dentures, No Depends, No Service."  Have I mentioned I celebrated a birthday in the middle of all this?  Yeppers...I now not only qualify for dining at Luby's at 4:00 pm, but social security.  Oy!

At some point, I had to accept the fact this albatross hanging around my neck was not a curse, but a blessing...even if it did make putting on a bra an exercise in futility.  I had to get past the idea it was embarrassing and realize it was my badge of Purple Heart.  I didn't realize it at the time, but I had dodged a bullet.  In cases like mine, a high percentage results in not one, but two surgeries. God, the Great Physician, had spared me from climbing up on  an operating table.  The why I don't know.  It's not mine to question, only to be thankful for His mercy. I was...and still am. 

 Now before any of y'all get to thinking I'm a pillar of patience/patients...let me set y'all straight.
 I DID have melt-downs.
I DID have me some killer pity parties of one.
I DID give one of my doctors the stank eye.
my daughter DID want to strangle me more than once.

This is the real stuff y'all...although the jars came to us empty. Go figure!
(Photo courtesy Give Me Props.)

With Jenn's carrot-on-a-stick help and much trepidation, I stuck my foot back in the water.  She tricked asked if I'd like to do a little ride-along on a styling/photography set-up/shoot she had in the works.  She knew my medical restrictions, but she also knew I couldn't resist a chance to flaunt my stuff.

Little girl sure knows her mama.


Jenn also knows her camera.  Her first camera was a pink Le Clic at age 8 and progressed to a 35mm while taking photography classes in college.  Me...I don't know the difference between an F-stop and pit stop, over-exposure is something I work on not doing while dancing in public, and well...we all know the problem I have with focusing.  If not...see above*!

It was a hoot watching the adults scratch their heads over the chalkboard while the kids figured it out pronto. Gotta always think young y'all.
(Photo courtesy of Give Me Props)

Jenn has slowly been building her business Give Me Props and it's starting to take off.  Her latest project was a poolside wedding reception (more on another post) and she took me along as her rented mule...ahem...I mean assistant!

The cake cutting ceremony was fast.  Jenn had to be quick on the draw.  Butter cream icing and sunlight can...and quite possibly...render a cake into the Leaning Tower Of Pisa in a heartbeat.
(Photo courtesy of Give Me Props.)

I 'd be remiss if I didn't take a moment to remind y'all...
Texas + spring = hot and muggy
...even poolside.

Hillary did a fantastic job with the cake. It tasted as fabulous as it looks. This girl bakes magic! I may have to order a cake to celebrate my PICC Line removal...just 'cause I love butter cream frosting...'specially hers!
(Photo courtesy of Give Me Props.)

With her vision of what she wanted to accomplish, in two days we she transformed a backyard paradise into a bucolic setting.  She managed to keep the elegance already in place while mixing in vintage props to give it country elan.  A place where champagne and moonshine could happily splash together for a sit-a-spell.

If you ever wondered why daisies are such happy you know.  90 proof can have that effect although the next day...mmm...not so much!
(Photo courtesy Give Me Props)

Everything was beautiful...including the bride.

Divine Creations by Hillary lives up to the name.  She's in the DFW area so remember her for your next event. I've been told by a taste tester her carrot and Italian cakes are 2die4!  Hmmm...wonder what her German chocolate tastes like?

Here's looking at you kid! Another great way to pickle something...or someone...with a Ball jar.
(Photo courtesy of Give Me Props)

And me you ask?  How did I do?

I got to get gussied up, fix my hair, put on pretty, matching underwear...and enjoy life as it is supposed to be lived...smiling out loud.
There is nothing like sitting in a room celebrating a new union while visiting with folks whose collective unions span over 200 years to put a big ol' grin on my face.

Oh mylanta gorgeous...with a capital O!
(Photo courtesy of Give Me Props)

Can you imagine?  Think about it for a moment.

There was a time when I could wear heels like these, but nowadays it's easier to shake my tail feathers barefooted.
Surrounded by couples who have been married 40, 50, even 66 years...amazing!  Even more amazing was witnessing the passion they still had for each other after all that time.

The bride redesigned her dress to get just the perfect one for her...and she was so right to do so!  The chest...bombe', not bride's...was purchased from me years ago.
(Photo courtesy of Give Me Props)

Little compares to remind us life is good.  We only have to pack a light suitcase, lose the heavy baggage we keep dragging around and get out there to experience it.

Note to self: Even with an albatross around my neck.

No albatrosses were harmed in the creation of this lovely bouquet.
(Photo courtesy of Give Me Props)

Thank you Jenn for making me get the hitch outta my gitalong and earn some sweat equity in my life in the process.

Medical update:
Thank y'all for all the prayers. After a 4th CT scan and two visits to my doctors, I'm in the pink and  I've been promised the PICC line will be coming out next Tuesday.  The results are looking that good.  I'll be on oral antibiotics after that for about two weeks and as my colon doctor said...we'll see what happens after that.  There is no telling which pasture this ol' grey mare will be frolicking in after she gets unhitched!

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The Texas Woman said...

Ahhh, the promise of being PICCless. Priceless! Glad you're in the pink!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'm smiling since that Picline is going, soon to be gone... Your post always make me smile and that Jenn is one talented girl, takes that after her daddy I'm sure :) Happy Friday friend!

Ann said...

thank you for sharing.
the photographs are wonderful...the bride and groom and cake ..everything,just gorgeous!
hugs from So. Calif.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

So glad to hear you re on the mend Deb!

Fabulous photos!!!!!

And of course I totally enloyed your post! Count our blessings each and every day!


Kate said...

Oh Deb
So happy for you darling!! What beauty this all is. Us wedding planners love love all of this great loveliness!!! Take care and keeping you close in prayers

hugs to you

Sue said...

You gotta be a proud Mama because Jenn's pictures are awesome! Thank you for sharing them. And you my friend. . . I'm glad you are finally on the road to recovery! I've been worried about you!

Take care,

donna baker said...

Oh Deb, sorry this is still going on. What an endurance test. After my bout with diverticulitis, I never had another one. Hope this will all be over soon.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Good Golly Ms Magenta. You have me in stitches. And thank goodness you didn't have to got that route.
Happy Tuesday !!!! I hope all goes to perfection and you traveling companion waves bye bye. Wow Jenn knows how to style a party. Must get that eye from her mom, and no, not the stink eye. Yee haw and I love YttH, Pammie.

Stephanie said...

So happy you got out - a little sunshine on your face does wonders huh?! Happy to hear a good update - hang in there sweet lady!

Hayley said...

Hi Debbie! I've been on a bit of a blog hiatus myself (teaching school, both my sisters getting married, writer's block?) but it's summer now and I've hopped back on and I saw you there in my sidebar. I've been catching up on your posts and I'm wishing you a continued successful recovery from up here in MO. Your writing has such life and spunk and voice...just like you! Take care.

holli said...

SWEET! You will be on my mind all day Tuesday while you're being set free from the pick. WoohOO!
I love love love what yall did for the wedding props. The chalkboard is too cute and those ball glasses are something else. YOu and Jenn have true talent.
Hugs my sweet spunky sassy friend! xoxo

Kristi Lynne said...

Yay, you! Hope you have that cake on order. We'll celebrate again this fall with a giant ding dong!! That wedding looks so pretty through Jennifer's lens. xo

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

My goodness! I'm glad you're on the mend! You really could have used that moonshine! I'm glad your ordeal will soon be over. The wedding photos are wonderful! Love that cake!

Dewena Callis said...

This sounds like one of the most beautiful and charming weddings ever! Wish I could have seen all the wedding pictures. Your daughter is so talented. What a pleasure it is to see something different and chic down home.

As always, I love your excitement about what you post on.

Debra Oliver said...

God really is the Great Physician! glad you're doing so much better, Deb. and wow, Jenn's business is amazing, great ideas and photography!! good for her!!