Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Daze

It's now official...I am starting to get caught up. I didn't realize how far I had got behind on my life over the past year until I started trying to get back into a "normal" groove. Understand...nothing about me is normal nor do I try and purport it as such, but I do, for the sake of appearances, try to create some semblance of order around here. BUT...when I see the Salvation Army circling the front lawn with coffee and donuts, I know it's time to get bizzy! I hope y'all haven't given up on me and left me for greener pastures, but I promise up and down, once I get May and June under my belt, I'll be a good little blogger. In the meantime I thought I would share some great things that will bribe, I mean interest y'all.I've made no secret of the fact that I am trying to write a book (which BTW is on the back burner as well). The only thing that would make me happier than seeing my own face on the back of a dust cover is to see someone I know. Kathie Truitt (who just happens to live in D.C AND writes the Hillbilly Debutante blog) is just that person. Friends, she is one of us (with maybe a little more interesting background than moi) who has written what sounds like a nail biter and a half. False Victim is based on a true story (hers) and could happen to any of us. I won't say too much because I wouldn't want to ruin the suspense for any of y'all. It's now available in advance copy here and will be in the bookstores soon. In the meantime, Kathie is living the life I can only dream of with book signings (insert big sigh here!). Huge congratulations Kathie...I'll be sending you a copy for your autograph sure and write "To Debbie, My best friend in the whole wide world, who I owe all my success to and who is the most beautiful woman in the world, with much love, Kathie"...'kay? (You know I'm just yankin' your chain, doncha darlin'?) How about some shopping and giveaways? I got a ton for y'all! Maureen at Cottage Panache is having an anniversary sale Saturday, May 15 from 10am till whenever. Gotta love those hours! I also have it from a little squirrel...make that birdie, that Lisa from Tarnished and Tattered will be there selling as well. Talk about a twofer! If you're in the area of 7277 Glenview Dr., Richland Hills, Texas...drop in and spend a minute or dollar! Either one...they'd just love to see you!

Now for the giveaways...I don't think these require any instructions...just click and hope!

Anne at Fiona & Twig
Angela at Filigree Moon
FYI...these are all ending around my birthday and if y'all really love me, you'd see to it that I'm the winner of all three! I'm just saying! You might even get to see the Chubby Girl Happy Dance...that'd be something, huh?

Now for a word from our sponsors and a shameless plug for the Tulula Heads. Don't forget the big ol' Junk and Disorderly sale coming June 5th. I really do expect to see a lot of your pretty faces does Cat Daddy! Hope I'm on your calendar and in your hearts 'cause y'all sure are on mine!

(For the record...I still don't have my computer back and I don't know if it's this laptop or Blogger...but nothing seems to be cooperating...if you catch my drift!)
I have one more little surprise up my skirt, but I'm keeping that one tucked in for just a little bit longer. After all...a lady never reveals too much too soon!

Now in the words of a famous pig...

That's all folks!


AuroraSuzette said...

Missed you! Pretty soon, the next blogger bff of mine releasing her book will be you, I know it! Can't wait to hear your surprise...

The Green Pea said...

Hello Debbie, You must be busy if your book is on hold. I am trying to play catch up also. Sometimes I think it will never happen. It is nice to read your blog. Hope that all is well with your family. Have a nice weekend. sandi

Sweet Repose said...

How do we get so involved in so much stuff...where does it all come from!?

I feel your pain...hell, I feel my pain...everywhere!

But I do see light at the end of the tunnel...or maybe this is the big one, words of another comedian...ha!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Hi! Yup. I've noticed and I've missed you. Glad to hear you are catching up. You've probably been offline just enough to know that I've been grounded and slow on blogging, too. Whew! Life does happen, doesn't it? Love it! See you soon. ~Mindy

Laura said...

Ok Miss Priss-
I understand needing to take care of business.
Mercy, there is work to do.
You are the common denominator for our motley group Debbie, so no one is going to greener pastures- maybe OUT TO PASTURE- I couldn't resist that.

Brecha is pronounced like wretch as in bretcha.

Do we have a birthday at the same time? Mine is May 18th.

Laura Belle-

David said...

Good to hear from you! Even if you did forget the Bella pictures!

Sue said...

You, my friend, have been missed! Nice to know you are alive, kicking, still promoting for everyone. Pretty nice of you if I don't say so myself! My oldest was born on May 16, my sister on the 21st and I have several otherth people with birthdays. So let me just say it now, before I forget, "happy birthday", make it a dandy one!!

Take care, Sue

The Flying Bee said...

Now you know, if you say I gotta be somewhere, then I gotta be there. pretty little face will be at W & T's on June 5th! I can't wait! I have never been to W & T's AND I think I will try to see Laurie Anna in Canton...never been there either! Yippee! You are officially on my calendar...and in pen, too!


Scrappy Doo said...

Deb!!! :-)
Salvation Army circling? Dang!
Hope things get better for ya,
Frozen Ritas- count me in and I am STILL looking for a piece for my bathroom vanity. Will I ever find the right one?

Birthday? 36 right?

Have a blessed night.


Oooh! Birthday is fast approaching. And catching up on to do list is always a great feeling! You are a complete doll for sharing the bloggy sales and giveaways here! I'll be posting your Winnie and Tulula sale button on my blog as well. Looking forward to your suprise! ~ Angela

Six in One Hand said...

Hey Mama!!!!

We'll be right here waiting for ya when ya get back.
Don't forget to stop by my blog and sign up for my giveaway!!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I just know that one day very soon, we're all gonna be lined up at B&N to purchase YOUR fab book! It is soooo worth the wait!

Thanks for the shout out on my giveaway! :-)


sassytrash said...

I was wondering what you were up to....that book looks interesting, but YOU'LL be doing book signings before you know it!! That "little surprise" sounds interesting.......

lulu redstar said...

Don't threaten us with coming back if you don't mean it! :) Happy Friday! oxox

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Deb, thank you so much for the shout out, and for your sweet comment on my blog!!! I'm so glad you came by I have missed you! Deb I need to do what your doing and get caught up on alot of things, never seems to be enough time!!! Blessings to you~~~Daphne

Rebecca said...

Hey Deb
I know exactly where you're coming from... I am so far behind I don't know when or if ever I will get caught up... I hope the summer slows down a bit but it doesn't look like it for me. My house is a total disaster-don't even want to go there!
The book looks very interesting but no time right now unless she releases it on cd...thanks for the info tho, I will check her blog out.
You take care now, and good luck with your projects

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Deb, I hope you've been celebrating your birthday all month like I've been doing :) To answer your question, this is the first time Urban Market has started on Saturday, but the $25 fee I don't think I'd want to pay that. Hope you have a great weekend!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Girl, you always keep my head spinnin'! Sounds like tons of things are in the works. Great sales and the book sounds like a winner! The older I get the more distractions I have, can you relate? yea, "Squirrel!" OK, go and try to have a relaxing weekend,
love ya,

Lou Cinda said...

Can't wait until your book hits print!! I will say I knew her when!!! In the meantime, I will get this one! I have been a bad blogger too! With two kids, one husband, 4 cats and a full time job, it ain't easy fittin' it all in!

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda :)

Kathie Truitt said...

Deb, Thank you SO SO much for your shout out about the book.

I don't always leave comments but I read you every single day!

DO NOT PUT OFF SITTING DOWN AND FINISHING THAT BOOK. I would love to put you in touch with who I know and how I did it. If you'll e-mail your phone number we can talk.


sissie said...

Girl, I am so glad that you are back because I have been needin a good dose of the chuckles.
Lord knows that you provide plenty. I am gonna check out your writing friends book. I hope that someday we are seeing the first copy of your new book.

Thanks for the heads up on all the giveaways.



Deb!!! Finally girl! I was wondering if we needed to call out the Texas Rangers after ya!! Woohoo might anyhow!lol So good to hear from ya...& there's always so much to do! How do "we" do it:) Cant wait to check out your new read...I LOVE to read & soon will be reading yours!! You GO GIRL!! So good to see ya...u always make me smile:)

the domestic fringe said...

A Birthday - How exciting! I hope you have big plans for celebrating. You are definitely one busy woman. Hope a little break is in your future. That book sounds great. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

Happy Weekend.

Pam said...

OOOHHH Debbie, I cannot think of any book I would rather read than one you penned with your own dainty manicured hand. Take your time, it is so easy to neglect everything when you are just scrabbling to catch up on LIFE! I will definitely be picking up Kathie's book. I am off to check out those give away's too. What date is the BDay? My Sadie is 19 today. Check my post today, I left a little photo just for you and CD. With more to come. Two can play at the tease game!

Hugs, Pam @ Frippery

Gracefully Vintage said...

Loving this Blog- You are too funny- love the Sass- and the giveaway info- I so wish i could go to the sale-
Just became a follower- look forward to more info and maybe ideas of the sale

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL big time when I read what you wanted the author to write in your copy of her are too funny and that's why we love you so. But don't put your own book on the back burner for too long. Dreams need to be followed. We all know this book is going to be BIG! xoxo

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

Hey darlin'! Thanks for droppin' by the Yaya, and yes this shopping certainly takes A LOT out of this old Cajun...HEHEHE (hey somebody has to do it)

Hope all is going well, and ya'll need to come to see me and Texan hubby---to get some of that R&R! (your room is awaitin') xo...deb

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

It was fun visiting, sounds like your a busy lady! A New Book too!! Blessings, Glad & Celia/Junebug

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your time will come, my friend...I have not doubt!!! Sometimes life gets in the way, which just means that you'll get back to your book with new energy and excitement. In the meantime, I will look out for Kathie's book - thanks for the tip.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I'll never give up on you Deb. Sometimes real life and work gets in our way of fun!
I feel like I'll be seeing your name on a cover real soon!

cityfarmer said...

I think we should all set up camp together and form a new nation ...
the blogger nation ...

hope you can link over to recap the nada farm sale!