Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Market List

There are so many things going on this weekend, I thought I'd better make a "honey do" list so I didn't miss out on any of the fun and since I wouldn't want y'all to is a peek at the grocer's bulletin board for things not to forget. Laurie Anna has been doing a 5 for 5 giveaway celebrating...well, the magic of the number five in her life. You could be celebrating too by winning this wonderful bottle holder (which she also carries in her shop). All you have to do is drop on by to sit a spell and leave some well wishes thereby putting your name in the hat for giveaway #5. L. A. puts the Southern ease into decorating and she has made this so easy. I---LOVE---EASY! It's my middle name...along with party! Speaking of hats, this I just love. Polly is hosting a tea party and while I'm not participating ('cause y'all know I'm crayola challenged and they don't let me play with scissors here at the home), I adore looking at all the talent that's out there. I am all about muchness. In fact, I live for muchness (she says with a Cheshire Cat grin). Anything about Alice and a white rabbit...I'm all over like a cheap suit. As a matter of fact...if you like...I can recite "Jabberwocky" right now for you, word for word! Better not...I'm late, I'm late already for tea! Did I happen to mention there's also ten..count 'em ten...giveaways with this party? Oops...when will I learn to keep my big mouth shut! My girl Shelley is celebrating 200 posts with a giveaway and believe you me...she is the queen of all things white and peaceful. Watch out world...this lady is on her way to the top of the junk heap. She's gathering as I type and as much as I would LOVE to knock y'all outta the way...I won't. I'll be gracious and share (even though it pains me to do so)! Mother would be so proud!
If that's not enough to get you to just throw some cereal at the kids and head out...this will! Rebecca is celebrating opening a new blog shoppe. I KNOW!!!! Some of us will not get the opportunity to visit her brick and mortar shop, but now we can online...without ever getting out of our pj's. Don't you just love it? With her beautiful eye for beautiful things it can't help but be a huge success. In case you didn't know...she has also been featured in the latest Where Women Collect. That fact alone is reason enough for a party.

I think I've read or heard that cream always rises to the top...well people, these are all the creme de la creme! Need I say more?
Cat Daddy is off at an I'm off to do a little Peeping Tomfoolery, I mean rubber necking, I mean productive time well spent. BTW...there's a few more events coming up...I'll let you know about that later, but before I forget...head over to David' "isa his birthday too"...for real dawg!


AuroraSuzette said...

I'll shun any bandersnatches I encounter. Now I'm off to check out all these givaways!

Red Shed Girl said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

~Amy Rose said...

I have been on Bloggyland vacation...catching up this morning! ALL of the giveaways...I am overwhelmed! Thanks for sharing...gotta go check them out!

sassytrash said...

Girl, you ARE the 411 in the bloggerhood!!! You sure do have connections and all the scoop!!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Dropped my name in all of the hats! Thanks for the info! I had so much fun reading your post that after I threw the cereal at the kids I got busy entering! Theresa

time-worn interiors said...

How does a girl keep up with all that's going on?

sweetpea said...

thanks for the plug my friend. you are the best and your name is in the hat for the second drawing as well.

love ya,


Anonymous said...

thanks for all the info. I am going to visit all these blogs and hope to win, hee hee! take care.

Rebecca said...

Good Morning Deb
Thank you so much for great shout out!!!
I hope you have a fantastic looks like a nice day has started here.
Many Blessings

red.neck chic said...


I'm going to have to go check all this muchness out - fer shore!!!

I hope you had a WONDERFUL week-end and your neck didn't get stuck... you rubber necker you...


Anita said...

You are getting pretty fancy with these post-its and stuff. You are like the traffic cop for bloggers- go here, do this- and always find the best stuff. My heroine...

The Flying Bee said...

Wowie! That is a lot of great giveaways! I got to get busy visiting! Thanks for giving us the scoop.


p.s. I am loving your music!

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Geez...How do you keep up....I'm off to check out all the goods!!
Thanks so much for the visit. Have a great day!


Cathy said...

I love finding new places to visit! Thanks for all of the info!