Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feel Free To Swing Along!

She's such a little swinger...just like her Pop and speaking of swinging...

I'd like to announce our Headmistress of Winnie & Tulula's has given the go ahead to one swinging event coming up June 5th.

I'll be back to give y'all all the 411, but for right now, this has to be down and dirty. The wind outside is wrecking havoc with our power and I could be in the dark (as if I'm not already!) at any given moment!

Did y'all know one of the definitions for havoc is disorder. Now pay close attention 'cause I'm about to be mighty clever...Gloria (with help from Liz and Fran) has decided the name for our Anniversary/Birthday Bash/Sidewalk Sale will be...drum roll please...

The first, but certainly not the last, Junk And Disorderly Sale!

(How's that for a slick segue?)
Consider this your formal invitation from the party of the first part (that would be me) to the party of the second part (that would be y'all) to come join in the party of used parts (read that as antiques) and be part of the fun! Now who wants to be a party girl/boy? Show me your junk!

(In case anyone was wondering about my "now you see it, now you don't" post earlier...I had a blond moment and pulled the trigger on publish just a tad too fast. Just wanted to see if y'all were paying attention!)

14 comments: said...

Dang, look at me comment #1. Cool, I talked to yapping cat cin today, and we are heading out to see you. W&T here I come! Jodie warned me that I'll develop a mad crush on you & Cat, bella too. SO if you see a crazy looking stomped on Mother of triplets it's me....stalking you!! Lisa

AuroraSuzette said...

That is too clever..junk and disorderly. Love it. Guess this means you're not coming to FarmChicks. :(

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Fab name, love it!
That Bella sure is rockin' the blue, little angel baby!


Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

FAB name for the sale! Wish I'd come up with it... XOX

sissie said...

Look at that little Bella bebe, I would like to give her a big ole hug! She's a doll!

Junk and Disorderly.....sounds like my house!!! it!

You sure got a way with words girl. Love your comment on my post....had a two seater once in the outhouse at our former family campsite. It was a doozie.


Debra@Common Ground said...

Love the name, Sissie beat me to the punch line, yea, just like my office, extra room, all of it. Sounds like a wonderful sale! and huggy squeezy, those pictures of Miss Bella are just so cute, she's quite the "smile-er" now. Love the "piggies" on her head!
big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Sweet Baby Bella picture! Looks like she's enjoying warmer days and sunshine.

Sue said...

Those "blonde" moments happen to me all the time! They suck, don't they. Love the name and love the little girl in the swing even more!
Take care, Sue

sweetpea said...

of course i have to comment first on how cute bella boobalah is these days. and second that names for the event is so awesome. the only thing more awesome would be if i could be there. dang...



David said...

That's a great name! By the way, the link to W&T's in your text is broken. (Comma where a period should be.) Bella looks adorable as usual!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Cute clever name!!! Kind of what I like to call my workshop/ Arts and Crap room. :)

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

knock knock
hey deb...
are you home?

Heck girl, I'm back in blogland again!
Savannah just doesn't do this girl justice, trust me, I didn't lose anything over there.
I was longing to come back to my oil slicked coast of my beloved Loooozeana. Damn BP.

Let's see...where oh where do I start?'s a good thing I don't know "exactly" where you live as there could be a murder in your small town for that gorgeous tub. yep...I'm lovin' it. You can keep the blower though.

Bella is a total BABE! I think she should be on the cover of Kellogs cereal. She would brighten anyone's day I tell ya!

So what's happening at the side walk sale? Free drinks? entertainment? Sounds fun...wish it was a hop, skip and a jump for me. I'd be there and on time too.

However...get a load of this...
PAM is coming to Texas. Are we planning a roadtrip to your house? We'll be headed that way at the end of August...I can't wait!

I see the whole neighborhood has changed here at Talkin' Trash since I've been gone. I am so honored to be one of Cat Daddy's Kittens. I've been waiting like...FOREVER to see my name in blinking lights under his famed title. Never would I have dreamed that I would have a Cat Daddy Degree behind my name! I don't know what the hell it means BUT I know he makes me proud!!!!!

Girl...I could ramble on all day but I just wanted to let you know that you are as bad as crack. I go away for a week and I start having the shakes and the sweats...I was lonesome for you. All drinking aside...I miss you!!!!!

It's so nice to be home with my peeps again!!!!

{yes, you are correct. I copied this comment to every post I missed while I was gone...just to make SURE you know that I missed you!}

Malisa said...

Two things about your post just tickled the poop out of me! 1.) I LOVE "Junk and Disorderly"! How funny funny funny! 2.) That photo of Bella just made my heart happy! You are one lucky woman, my friend!

Lou Cinda said...

LOVE the name!! How Perfect!!! I don't know where I have been (working my butt off) BUT I am behind so I am getting all caught up on your posts!! I am working my way backward!

And BELLA!! She is a DOLL!! Look at her all growing up! A Gerber baby! But tell her NOT to grow stay little...

have a great day!

Going backward!

Lou Cinda :)