Monday, April 26, 2010

Stray Cat Strut

The King of Beer and I set out for the open road this past weekend...actually we went down to Warrenton to pick up the trailer, but it sounds like more fun if I say we went junking! Happily, we made the trip without any flat tires or incidents!While on the road, we did do some buying, but I'll get to that later....first I want to share a few upcoming events I think y'all will enjoy. It's that time of year again for Portia and Gina (of Country Garden fame) to have their Garden Party show. Last year if y'all remember, they got hit with ark building rainstorms, but did this stop our feckless duo...No-o-o...and it won't this year. The fete begins Thursday evening, May 6th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. The girls will be back at it Friday morning, opening at 10:00 a.m. and closing at 3 p.m. If you are wise, you'll be there Thursday evening. These ladies come up with some of the chicest stuff ever. I know y'all have seen photos of Gina and Alan's tent at Zapp and the shop in Dallas...2die4! Portia is very well known for having quite the discerning eye when it comes to buying....just ask anyone! If you're looking for different and dramatic...make plans to attend now! Oops...before I forget...the address is 4224 Allen Crest in Dallas. Kinda hard for y'all to make plans if you don't know where it is now isn't it? Before you head over to Gina's that evening...howsa 'bout a trip to Tyler to the first ever H E A P Show? What's a H E A P Show you ask? Well, I'll just tell you. Four of the most talented women in East Texas have gotten together and are going to be holding what is soon to be the most talked about event. Jana, Stephanie, Terrie, and Mo are combining their unique styles to create a "must shop" extravaganza! Talk about a "heap" of talent...kiddies, you have no idea! It will be May 6-8 at 302 E. Locust in downtown Tyler. The hours will be 9am-6pm. For more information, go talk to Janet. She just happens to have all the insider information. (Do you think that's because she and Mo are sisters?) When you drop by Janet' sure to wish her and Mama Peg a belated Happy Birthday.
Let's hit the road again...what do you say? On our way home from Zapp, we stopped and did some shopping and I found a lot of wonderful smalls! Now keep in mind, when I say smalls, I really mean bigs. My idea of smalls are not really small...generally about four of the kind I like to find will fill a tub and I haven't found this many in one place in a long time! Yea for me!

We stopped in wacky Waco at Bloom and Bee Swanky and looky, looky! I bought this garden you not just love the color? I'm tempted to keep this least for a little while. Ssssh! Don't tell Cat Daddy! Amy's shop is beautiful, but once again I left my camera at home. Never fear...just pop on over to Sweet T's...she was a guest vendor and just happens to have photos of the shop!
There is just no way to duplicate a finish like that! Very Jackson Pollock...wouldn't you agree?
I think it is time for a pop quiz...are you ready? You know, it's getting close to the one year anniversary of the opening of Winnie and Tulula's (I KNOW...time and money sure do have a way of disappearing!) and Gloria was trying to think of something spectacular to do to celebrate. One of her clever ideas was a sidewalk sale. She mentioned it to us Tulula Heads and I thought I would mention it to y'all. What do you think? Tell me...would you like to come to a "pounding the pavement" sale? What if margaritas were involved...then would you want to come "walk on the wild side" of Athens, Texas? What if there were sales going on inside as well...would you come to "where the sidewalk ends"? What if we offered cookies or better yet...chocolate...would you make plans for "chasing pavement" then? Tell me...inquiring minds want to know. Our anniversary is in June, so talk to me people....I'm all ears...and mouth!
(I gotta tell y'all...I am chasing squirrels all over the place with this post!)

I know y'all remember me telling you about the Gresham Barn Sale....well, for those of you who didn't the words of Julia Roberts..."Big mistake. Big. Huge!". I warned y'all...check out the dress forms I got in "His" and "Hers" versions. I am one happy, chubby lady with these two purchases!
His stand adjusts up and down. Now who wouldn't want to see a male pole dancer for a change of pace?
That same week, we went to Bright Star and we got this wonderful green, chippy trim. It's 11' long and I know it has a fancy-schmancy name, but for now, whatever the term is eludes me!
We also got this Fab U Lous iron bed. This baby will be going to W&T's PDQ! In fact, I'll be totally redoing my spot in the next few weeks.
Now how on earth do you suppose this photo got mixed in with a post on shopping and junk? Just keeping it real, folks!

I've got to get back to my rat killing, but in the meantime, let me (and Gloria) know what you think about a sidewalk sale!

The phone lines are now open!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I think a sidewalk sale would be awesome!
I'm way overdue for a trip up that way, and this might just be the kick in the butt I need to get moving.

Jackson crack me up with your erudite self! ;-)

I vote all future posts end with a pic of Bella!


Scrappy Doo said...

Love the bed frame :-)
I want to go Athens Wonder if I could talk Critter into going?
You take such good pics.
Have a blessed week :-)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You always have the best posts and I love the pic of Ms. Bella. I know you found some great smalls and other things I can see. Can you believe it's been a year since W&T opened. Time does fly when you are having fun.

David said...

Look at Bella workin' the double bows! Cute!

Rebecca said...

Hi Deb
Looks like you had fun picking up the trailer!
And love the little pony tails on Bella, sooo cute! Wish I could make all the shows!

sweetpea said...

you just crack me up! I would be there in a heartbeat for a sidewalk sale if there wasn't this little issue of 1000 miles plus between me and there... love the shot of Bella most of all. By the by, did you hear that Mo popped into Florida and appeared like a mirage in my booth at Renninger's? I thought I was seeing things girl! Finally, Mr. SP is there in your neck of the woods working. Don't tell CD or there won't be a beer left in the whole state!



unique unique design said...

chocolate? you said chocolate?!! That's just added incentive to go visit and shopping. Love the pic of Bella....I remember when my little Riley had those 2 little ponytails. Bella is getting cuter everyday, if that's possible!

Tami said...

Good golly Miss Deb! You had a great junkie day! The bed is 2-DIE-FOR! and the same goes without saying...for pretty Bella...:-) always keep it real...we don't complain about seeing the apple of your eye.;-) **Tami

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Love that green, chippy trim! I know what it's called, but I can't think of it right at the moment!

Dar said...

I sure got caught up in your humor and reality check, that lil darlin' is the next trash talker for sure. Just look at those wheeeels turning. I'm a wishin' I lived in Tx instead of just an occasional visitor. Go ahead and have that sidewalk sale without me. Shameless.
blessya anyway

Sue said...

Free margarita's, I'm be taking the red eye flight out the night before. Free tequilla, I'm there ;0} I'm glad that last picture got mixed in with the others. And of course it IS my favorite. She just gets cuter everyday doesn't she?
Take care, Sue

Six in One Hand said...

You know that I'll be there with my trusty mason jar and money in hand!!!!

I'll even let The Divine Mr. M use ya'lls pole!!

Faded Charm said...

Looks like you found some awesome "junk". The patina and color on the table is 2die4. That would be a keeper for me for sure.

Who doesn't love a sidewalk sale~I guess that would be me, cause I won't be able to make it. Bummer! I'm sure whatever you gals do it will be fabulous!!!

Take care,


Laura said...

You are busy, busy.
I finally stopped laughing about your comment about the hunter green, double knit pants.



Dixie said...

oh! I just love it when one of those baby Bella photos sneaks into your blog posts...

;) Dixie

Malisa said...

I bet Cat Daddy was taking you down the backroads trying to get some smooches! You guys are on the go all the time. Can't wait til we can do the same thing! The time is coming soo! Lurch is better every day and he is ready to travel! Yipee! Bella is growing up so fast! Her hair is getting longer and the baby fat is leaving her! Give her a kiss from Aunt Malisa!

Tracey said...

Hi Debbie! I've only got one question...why are all the best shows down by you??? Darn, I wish we could get some of that goodness up here in the Chgo area! Your pictures are really good!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Wizard of Was said...

Love all your treasures..but me thinks the last one is by far my most favorite! What a cueie she is!! Love to come to W and T for their sale...are you pouring the margaritas? hmmmmm I'll think about it!

Janet said...

sure hope i'm gonna see you at HEAP! i'll be there all day thursday and friday morning....hinthint! hey, i just read jen's blog and 'bout fell over laughing when she talked about her room being "re-decorated" a lot when she was a kid! hysterical!

Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Who can resist a Sidewalk Sale! Yes have some!
And I wanted to thank you for the response of my Junk (Junque) Post on the 24th. In which yours was one of only 5 comments! Seems others don't wish to get involved in political issues!
Oh well! said...

OK, I'm haulin' my butt to Athen's if your doing a sidewalk sale. I've never been to W&T, it's on my list. And all those awesome events you listed, I need to read again with my calendar in hand. I'm in the DFW area. Thanks for the comment on my 'Rose' post today. In response to your silly question, have I seen the one with the mean Belinda & Jesika Hare???? You mean ME June/July 1999?? Oh, my obsession for all things Bolton goes way back! LOL

The Flying Bee said...

You got some good stuff! I think a sidewalk sale with sales going on inside, with drinks and chocolate would definitley get me there!

cindy said...

Side walk show...wicked cool! Great finds too, you lucky duck you! And what a cutie pie...lookit how big she has gotten!!!! :D long time no talkie...I'm trying to catch up.


Kathie Truitt said...

Hey Deb! I messed up on the link to my publisher (imagine that. Moi messin' up?) Anyway go back and try it again. PLEASE help me sell it. Yes, I am shamelessly plugging my book on YOUR blog. Sue me. (love ya! - I am hoping beyond hope that this is the year we get to meet!)


Kathie Truitt said...

I can NEVER get over how precious that baby is. Oh honey, I remember sending so many prayers up over her. Isn't God amazing?
My dream in life, Deb is to go to Warrenton and Round Top to their shows some day.

Cassie said...

You Texas folks have all the best goods! If I lived anywhere near there, I'd say YES in a heartbeat to a sidewalk sale! Love your table...and your little stinker in the last pic aint' so bad either!

Nancy's Notes said...

Sidewalk sale, I'm there! Oh baby Bella, adorable, precious and just way too cute!


Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

I read your post and thought to myself...self, why do we live in Michigan and not Texas? No real good answer came back and I have to point out all of the great treasure hunting that goes on in Texas! Well, self is now stunned with no reply as we just went through the ads for sales this weekend and yup, notta, and we have only one really good shop here close by so maybe I need to pay them a visit... Love the chippy green trim, Fabulous! Bella is sooo sweet!Theresa

Frippery said...

I second Theresa. Texas is where it's at! (I know, that is a lame old phrase, like me) But true! Love that bed frame!


Okay. That sweet baby Bella is just too much! Just love seeing her sweet smiling face. And your His N Her dummies are certainly enviable. Planning a sojourn to W&T soon and hopefully will get to see you. I'll check in beforehand! ~ Angela

Ann Flower said...

What a beautiful garden! I would have loved to walk there, and see all the gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

knock knock
hey deb...
are you home?

Heck girl, I'm back in blogland again!
Savannah just doesn't do this girl justice, trust me, I didn't lose anything over there.
I was longing to come back to my oil slicked coast of my beloved Loooozeana. Damn BP.

Let's see...where oh where do I start?'s a good thing I don't know "exactly" where you live as there could be a murder in your small town for that gorgeous tub. yep...I'm lovin' it. You can keep the blower though.

Bella is a total BABE! I think she should be on the cover of Kellogs cereal. She would brighten anyone's day I tell ya!

So what's happening at the side walk sale? Free drinks? entertainment? Sounds fun...wish it was a hop, skip and a jump for me. I'd be there and on time too.

However...get a load of this...
PAM is coming to Texas. Are we planning a roadtrip to your house? We'll be headed that way at the end of August...I can't wait!

I see the whole neighborhood has changed here at Talkin' Trash since I've been gone. I am so honored to be one of Cat Daddy's Kittens. I've been waiting like...FOREVER to see my name in blinking lights under his famed title. Never would I have dreamed that I would have a Cat Daddy Degree behind my name! I don't know what the hell it means BUT I know he makes me proud!!!!!

Girl...I could ramble on all day but I just wanted to let you know that you are as bad as crack. I go away for a week and I start having the shakes and the sweats...I was lonesome for you. All drinking aside...I miss you!!!!!

It's so nice to be home with my peeps again!!!!

{yes, you are correct. I copied this comment to every post I missed while I was gone...just to make SURE you know that I missed you!}

JUST ME said...

your little pookey is the cutest I would babysit any time.

lovin your fun stuff.


Lou Cinda said...

LOOOOOVE the table and that moulding!! GORGEOUS!!

I wish I could come to a sidewalk sale where I could have margaritas, chocolate AND shop!!! Too many margaritas and I may shop too much, too few margaritas and I wouldn't shop enough!

And that Bella!!! No words....simply precious!

Still going backwards...

Lou Cinda :)