Wednesday, April 21, 2010


~It's spring fever...You don't know what it is you Do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!~Mark TwainI know I have been missing in action for over a week now, but before y'all start playing "Where In The World Is Debo?", I promise you up and down...I have a legitimate excuse.

Is there a doctor in the house...I mean besides D.R. York (AKA Cat Daddy)? I got a raging case of spring fever with alternating hot and cold chills! One minute I can't wait to start a project...the next...I am so lackadaisical I have to check with a mirror to make sure I'm still breathing! It's not like I have been totally useless. I've been babysitting (Jenn went back to work last week), I've been shopping. In fact, take a look at this fab pot rack we got last week! Now this is my idea of smalls!
2die4, right?, playing with Bella, resting up from the Mother Ship...these are a few of my favorite things! The thing is though, I am so ready to start nesting. That's what springtime does to me. I want to paint something...rearrange...fluff! Problem is I think my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-left!

My confederate jasmine is just on the brink of bursting into bloom with what can only be described as the most heavenly of scents. I on the other hand, stand on the brink of ferklempt. I feel as if I've been put in a round room and told to go stand in a corner.
I got my leaf blower ready and waiting, even if it is in the copper tub. See...there's a method to my madness...I know just where I left it...when I get ready to actually use it!
(Psst...wait until you see some of the other stuff we have found since coming home!)

Thank goodness for friends in high places! Amy at Whisperwood Cottage has proffered a challenge that just may be the kick in the pants I need! I'm not one to do a lot of DIY projects. Truth be known...I thought DIY meant "Dinner In Yonder"! In fact, my idea of DIYing is writing the check to hire someone to do it for me, but I think I'm going to try my hand at this least once...and hopefully won't glue said hand to my forehead! Worst case scenario...y'all laugh at me? UHHH...what's new? So I'm challenging y'all as well. Go to Amy's...check out all the 411 and feel free to show me up!
Now I'm off to look for my Gorilla Glue. Well isn't that just great...did I leave it in the tub too?


Scrappy Doo said...

I have got the fever bad!
My jasmine is out of control. I was gonna use the weedeater to trim it up but couldn't find mine.Ohhhh!! thats right I left it in the tub:-)
Have a blessed night

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh my stars. That tub is a-may-ZING! Enjoy the garden, the Bella and the CD. ~Mindy

Prior said...

That looks interesting! I'm gonna check it out! Thant tub is amazing and so is the pot rack! Lezlee

Tami said...

WOW! Awesome tub! Here's to me...wishing and hoping to someday, have a tub again. My b'room is too small...only have a shower. Looks like you've been in good company and found some great hunting grounds. Nice to 'see' you and better to see you've been enjoying company with the 'Princess Bella'! **Tami

The Green Pea said...

Hello Debbie, I remember the smell of Jasmine planted under the bedroom window when I was a young girl. That pot rack is fabulous ! I love rust and chippy green paint...I am coming to TX for a visit next week. I plan on going to Canton and shopping at the Trade Center in Dallas. I can hardly wait.

donna baker said...

Oh that pot rack and copper tub - love them. Tell me, what does one do with a copper tub? I've seen outdoor tubs in magazines, so I guess you'll have to climb in on the hot Texas summer days.

AuroraSuzette said...

Send the potrack up immediately! Better yet, you bring it yourself. In your free time. lol

Tamara Jansen said...

There's nothing more amazing than a jasmine in full bloom!

unique unique design said...

Love that tub! and the potrack. At least if you glue your hand to your head you'll look like you are deep in thought. Good luck!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

You are too funny! My problem is there are so many projects in my head that after I start one I think of another and then forget what or where the last project was!!!I have never seen a copper tub, it's fabulous! I'm off to a sale this morning that I hope has some treasures, wish me luck!! Theresa

Six in One Hand said...

I don't know what just made me dizzy...that gorgeous pot rack or that jaw droppin' tub!!!

Maybe I could lay in the tube and gaze at the pot rack!!!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Sounds like you're doing lots, Deb. Anyways, once that jasmine starts blooming, I predict the aromatherapy will get you going even more than you're going now!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

There you are! I wondered where you'd wandered to.

AMAZING pot rack and tub. And I love that you used one of my favorite $5 words, proferred. Only you, Deb! And you KNOW I say that with admiration and love!


Sue said...

Time, can't we somehow make it SLOW DOWN!! I'm glad you are having Gramma time, it's special isn't it? Love the copper tub and I want to have Spring Fever, but our weather out her in sunny CA is messing with us. It was 53 degrees when I got up this morning. Way too cold in my opinion. Take care, Sue

Anonymous said...

That's a really, really cool tub.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Awesome tub, and I love that pot rack!!! You find the coolest stuff!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

Sweet Repose said...

Girl, I feel your pain...I feel a move coming on...and not in the outhouse, what adorable shots of the princess and grammy...not to mention the one of his highness...too cute!!!

It was great to visit with y'all via cell phone...
have a great weekend kids!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Y'all know how to make me smile, now don't you? :)

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Spring does do that to us.....makes us all loopy.
Maybe it's all the pollen?
Cool pot rack!
btw...Bella is a good excuse to have a blog break. They're only small so long1

Laura said...

I know what you mean. As my family says- I feel like I've been ridden hard and put up wet.

What helps me when I am going through what you described is not worrying about it.

It's all good.
Good night nurse, what is going to happen with gorilla glue.

Laura Belle

Frippery said...

Can't wait to se your DIY, I am sure it will be as wonderful as your taste in finding great stuff! I think I am suffering from the same illness. Itching for a project but unable to get my butt in gear. I need the exact definition of your title word, you know I am a lover of language and that is a doozie! Love the photos of you and your Baby Bella in the last post. Adorable, both of you, Hugs, Pam

Malisa said...

Well, I didn't know you were MIA because I was lost in the jungle that is my yard and couldn't get out! Don't worry, girl...we will get 'er done! Good finds you got there! I have a tub very much like that one except it is in a wooden surrounding. Love it!

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

Hey girlfriend...thanks for droppin' by! By the way, I wonder if I can make the same outdoor "tub" area as Robin and John have in their yard using your tub? :) xo...deb

Debra@Common Ground said...

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, I miss you! OK, the tub is fabulous, and the pot rack even more so, I'll let you keep the leaf blower. Mine is battery operated and only lasts for about 5 minutes, I have to work really FAST!!! You would just swoon over Brian and Mel's place. I can hardly wait to do the next post. I told Theresa it's like going to Disneyland! but better!


Thanks for the laugh, Debbie! I fully understand the duel of wanna vs. howto! Love that copper tub, but even moreso...the photos of you and Bella! Smiles for miles. ~ Angela

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I wanna do a lot too but like you would rather just sit and write checks and let someone else to it for me. I did plant 75 annuals my back is killin' me. Hope it's worth it. xoxo

Alaina said...

I hope you found your energy, tomorrow is mosaic Monday.

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear, hit me too. So sorry to drop in to find you raging with the yuck stuff. Why does it happen when it's just so beautiful out and you want to run and play? Now that is some tub there lady, love it. Will check back to see what happens with the glue too!

Take care,


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

knock knock
hey deb...
are you home?

Heck girl, I'm back in blogland again!
Savannah just doesn't do this girl justice, trust me, I didn't lose anything over there.
I was longing to come back to my oil slicked coast of my beloved Loooozeana. Damn BP.

Let's see...where oh where do I start?'s a good thing I don't know "exactly" where you live as there could be a murder in your small town for that gorgeous tub. yep...I'm lovin' it. You can keep the blower though.

Bella is a total BABE! I think she should be on the cover of Kellogs cereal. She would brighten anyone's day I tell ya!

So what's happening at the side walk sale? Free drinks? entertainment? Sounds fun...wish it was a hop, skip and a jump for me. I'd be there and on time too.

However...get a load of this...
PAM is coming to Texas. Are we planning a roadtrip to your house? We'll be headed that way at the end of August...I can't wait!

I see the whole neighborhood has changed here at Talkin' Trash since I've been gone. I am so honored to be one of Cat Daddy's Kittens. I've been waiting like...FOREVER to see my name in blinking lights under his famed title. Never would I have dreamed that I would have a Cat Daddy Degree behind my name! I don't know what the hell it means BUT I know he makes me proud!!!!!

Girl...I could ramble on all day but I just wanted to let you know that you are as bad as crack. I go away for a week and I start having the shakes and the sweats...I was lonesome for you. All drinking aside...I miss you!!!!!

It's so nice to be home with my peeps again!!!!

Lou Cinda said...

Ohhhhhhh that tub!!! I love a good leaf blower too, but that TUB!!! I would feel like I had arrived if I took a bubble bath in something that fabulous!! Can't wait to see the DIY down low! I know it will be fab-o AND hilarious!!!

Going forward now...

Lou Cinda :)