Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back To Basics

Just a reminder that Jodi and the gang will be holding their barn sale this coming week. The preview party will be Wednesday the 14th from 5pm-8pm. There will be a small admittance fee, but this will be donated to the Rockin' C Ranch. I heartily recommend you attend the preview party to get first chance at all the wonderful things they have been gathering. I always bring home something fab and sell it just about as fast. I don't want to hear any cry babies saying "I forgot" when Moi gets all the good deals! Go here to get all the details including a new book that is hot off the presses.I want to thank all of you for your concern over my back and for all the remedies y'all suggested. After a consult with Dr. Malissa, I made a trip to my cabinets of curiosities (both liquor and medicine) and came up with a concoction that fixed me up lickety split or at least made me sleep better! Honestly...everything seems to be working fine now. I just needed a few hot baths and more than one good night's sleep to get my attitude adjusted! One of the best things (or maybe THE best thing) about going out of town is coming home. I always clean house before leaving for an extended stay and it's such a welcome sight when I open the front door. Going to the post office, picking up the mail and seeing packages tucked in with the bills is another welcoming sight. I had won a giveaway and a caption contest prior to setting sail for the Mother Ship and my prizes arrived while we were away.
Tricia at the Domestic Fringe had wrapped up chocolate and sent it to me. I almost hated to unwrap it...almost! Everything was packaged so pretty, but good was chocolate...I had to open it. I'm ashamed to show y'all the empty packages...the Symphony didn't even last a day! I think that may be what cured my aching back!
Then the sweet ladies at Annie, Fannie and Abigail sent me a tiara! Can you picture it? Me flouncing around...doing laundry...eating chocolate...all while wearing a crown?
It's great to be the Queen!


sweetpea said...

well yeah... rock that tiara girl like only you can!

love ya,


Amy Kinser said...

Happy your back is better. How nice to get chocolate and jewels in the same day.

AuroraSuzette said...

Glad you're feeling better. I can picture you in that tiara easily. I'd like to hear more about the caption contest!

Malisa said...

Glad I could be of service. If you have any further health problems,you know my number! I swear that combination works every time...well, almost every time...didn't work for Lurch! :( Seriously, great to hear you are feeling better! Your captions at the two caption contests last week were hilarious! It is so fun that I finally get to play. We are the Starsky and Hutch of the caption world! Woo Hoo!


Jodie (everything vintage) said... got a tiara! That's what you ALWAYS wanted!!! When you and CD go to have your portraits taken, remember not to forget it!
Glad you are feeling better girl :)

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Chocolate, a tiara, and your own medicinal concoction? Your backache didn't stand a chance! I hope your still dancing today! Theresa

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Congrats Deb, you know chocolate fixes just about anything :)

Anonymous said...

A tiara is perfect for you! I'm glad your back is feeling better. Hope it stays good!

Happy Monday. :-)

Rebecca said...

I will have to remember that concoction the next time my back acts up!
Glad yours is feeling better...

Anita said...

Aren't packages fun? I am resolving to send more snail mail this year...even for small reasons.

~Amy Rose said...

So Sorry to hear about your bck...I am glad to hear you are feeling better! LOVE the tiara...I know you will wear it well!!

Bonnie said...

Glad to hear your back is better. Love the tiara!