Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey Diddle Diddle, Trash Loves to Piddle and the Cat Jumped Over the Moon

I know by now you've read and seen all the photos of the Greatest Show On Dirt...or as I came to call it...Hellzapoppin'! was hotter than a pepper sprout, but we survived...barely!
(Tell can one sit in a sauna day after day...and still manage to gain weight?)

Yes...the crowds were thin, but those who came...brought cash.
(I'm talking hard core, serious shoppers who braved the heat.  No turkey leg chompers in this crowd!) true carny fashion, the Show will and did go on.
(AND...we did it without a safety net!) 

In spite of things not being exactly how we planned, the big guy's birthday bash went on too.  So some of my appetizers didn't make it to the field, the wine glasses were a tad dusty, and I happened to look like one hot mess in every photo.  So what?

Instead of worrying about what didn't get done, I chose to focus on what did...a good time for him in his own personal Neverland. 

Family:  a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affliction addiction affiliation.

To is more about sharing a lifeline rather than a bloodline.

Family are those who get me and mine...and still choose to love us...thus becoming our lifeblood.

In my life, the common denominators that define family are a raucous sense of humor, a joy for life...and laughter...with just a little junking spirit thrown in for good measure.

Family are those folks we welcome with open arms into our lives.  They bring the much needed spice to add the BAM-M-M into the olio of our existence.

Not because we're related by birth...but by choice...mine...and theirs.

Imagine if the only flavors to pick from were butter brickle and vanilla...or worse choice at all...just vanilla.
I'm not sure why we say family AND friends, 'cause in my home (whether it's the Casita de Trash or the CaTillac Heights) it's one and the same.  The minute you show up at the door with a're practically family.

If you can laugh at yourself as well...oh law...consider yourself one of our crazy family members.  Y'all know which ones I'm talking about...those lucky few we put on the front porch for all the world to see.

Now just try and disown me...if you can!  I double-dog dare ya!
A special thank you to all our family (all 100+ of you) who dropped by for Cat Daddy's 60 at 6-ish B-Day.

By the end of the day, with all those perfumes lingering on his did waft a bit with the scent of a woman/women.  Can you say Cat House instead of Cat Daddy?
In taking the time to come by, hug his neck, shower him with attention and goofy gifts, thereby making his've endeared yourselves to me in ways you'll never know.
He and I have been blessed to be doing something we love and in doing loved back.

Our workplace is a cow pasture...our cubicle...a 20x30 tent.  Our co-workers come from all over the U.S. and for nine days, twice a's Old Home Week at the Funny Farm.

Our little Ring-Mistress at Zapp, along with her crew, work steadfastly to provide the best work environment possible with her main goal being a successful show for us.  Cheryl is the only CEO I know who wants us to be one big ol' happy family and does her best to make it happen.

How many big corporations can boast that? a family business and one I consider myself fortunate to be a part of.

(No...this isn't the ring-mistress.  This is just my pride showing!  Thanks for the loan of the photos, Robelyn and the props Mal.)

(In case you're wondering if the Big Cat was happy at the end of the show...the Cheshire Cat smile says it all.)

Once again, I failed to take a lot of photos capturing the feel and look of the show.  I didn't even get photos of all who dropped by during the week to say "Happy Birthday".  I know...bad, bad...really bad Trash, but trust was fantastic....and just too darn hot for me to get up for my camera. 
(Even though Jenn, Roby, and Bella had to leave, I couldn't resist putting in a little teaser of what's coming later.  I also want to say thank you for all the comments and prayers for Brandon.  This is what makes you a huge part of our family too.)
Ya know y' takes a mighty self-confident man to wear a tiara (thanks Darla) emblazoned with rhinestones, but I do believe he managed to carry it off.


Laughter and a smile are the best accessories a sharp-dressed man....and his family can wear.

Just like freckles.


Gracie's Cottage said...

Oh where have I been? Missed the news that CD was celebrating. Belated Happy Birthday to two are so blessed to have 'eachotha' - and the rest of us are blessed to have you both; even if we've never shared more than a virtual hug!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I am so glad you all had such a wonderful time!! I am going to do my gosh darndest to make it out in the Springtime to the festivities!

I miss you like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee!


Lisa Phillippi said...

Wouldn't have missed it for the world! It makes me smile everytime I think of haning around at yall's little corner of the dirt!

Nancy's Notes said...

Y'all always seem to have the best time ever!! I hate to whine...but, I'm gonna!!! I'm whining about missing all the fun! Humph!

red.neck chic said...

look at that GRIN!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeppppppp - That's one happy Kitty Cat Daddy!!!!!!!!!

And I'm so happy that I duct taped myself in to your family!!! I love you BOTH!!!


maryboys said...

it never fails. i stop by and soon find myself smiling...or laughing...or almost crying, at your fabulous choice of words and your expansive heart:) you're one of a kind in a VERY GOOD way!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Looks like so much fun, Deb. Wish I coulda been there. Although, I would have had to have my own personal ice bath to dip in periodically! Love the B'Day photos and Bella is following in true gypsy fashion! Where are all the show photos in blogland? I haven't seen many!
love ya bunches, girl! xoxo

Gayle said...

Sounds like Cat Daddy had a celebration
he won't forget for a lonnnnnng time. He's probably STILL grinning. And what's a little dust in your wine ....keeps you young!!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I am SO glad you had such a great time Deb, despite the HEAT! Happy Belated Birthday Cat Daddy!! I hope to meet both of you some day... anbd that adorable!!

Lou Cinda :)

Punkiesplace said...

Sad I missed the celebration!!!! That cake looked delicious!!!!

Red Shoes said...

That was so much fun!!! I'm sure that CatDaddy has recovered and is back in fine fashion!!

Be sure to tell Grayzilla I said 'Hi!' She is such a live wire!!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Deb!
I love how you love life. You are so much fun and I would love to meet you in person one day.

Happy Birthday to your smiling Cat Daddy.


the old white house said...

It looks like Cat Daddy had the best birthday ever! Happy belated to him! I gotta believe you have been his prize all along the way! I gotta play some catch-up, I have not been able to keep up with what's been going on. I see you in you "older posts" t. xoxoxooxxo

time worn interiors said...

Hey now, I LOVE turkey legs! Hahaha!

Cat daddy's party was the best! I had an Elvis movie for him, but I forgot to bring it! It might be a few months late!!

Glad you survived the dust and heat girl!


sweetpea said...

glad to be counted as family my sweet sista. we love you guys!



Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

It's posts like these that make me want to sell the farm and move to Texas so I can come to one of these shin digs!!! I am bound and determined to get there!!!! Happy Birthday Cat Diggity Daddy!!!

Dixie said...

Great post... sorry we missed the party... too much heat out there... can't wait for the spring-fling and hoping for cooler weather then!

blessings. Dixie

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Deb you have the biggest heart and it is bursting at the seams in this post! So glad you had fun and got to make some new memories with your family!! Happy Belated to CD!

A Wild Thing said...

Right on sista...the family that plays together...well you know the rest of the story!!!

Looks like ornery under that tiara...glad y'all survived!


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Deb the ONLY regret I have from THIS Show was the fact I MISSED Cat Daddy's birthday....Seeing your pics has put a Texas size LUMP in my throat & I am mentally KICKING myself for my blunder....So MUCH so that NEXT Show I aim on having one whole day at the END of my stay dedicated to packing etc so I don't have to stress midway that I'm getting everything done....That way I can ensure I won't be left sitting down here feeling miserable about not sharing SPECIAL moments with my Friends....!!!

I reckon CD ROCKED that Tiara like nobodies business....!!!!!

Missin' you guys....!!!!!

Cheers from TOO far away,
Tamarah xx

Anonymous said...

Well that post just gave me goosebumps........Debra, you have an amazing gift of how you write that at times can tickle us.....and at the same time can just warm our hearts. love and miss you...grace (a la Grace) xx

Laura said...

Well, dad gum it.
I missed it all dear Anthony.
Give Cat Daddy a birthday hug!


Rebecca said...

As always I come away with a giggle and a smile... sure wish I could have made this one. Looks as though you pulled it all off in high Texas fashion with a little Trash thrown in for good measure.
Blessings to CD and I hope it has cooled off a bit down there...
Love you much

Unknown said...

Ms Debbie, it looks like you all secure another great time for the archives. First, I can't imagine you looking nothing but fab, secondly you got the most loving, best attitude in life which makes the people around you to do what they do, love you. Yes, the show was a tab different this year, I too managed to have a great time shopping. Happy belated birthday to Cat Daddy and I did not realized until later on that the pretty girl in the picture is Bella. WOW! God is great and Bella is a song of praise to Him. Blessings, Marta.

Brenda said...

This is my first visit here but when I saw the "Backtalk and sass encouragement" I knew this girl must be southern!! Love your blog and am a new follower. (I may be listed as anonymous because Google won't let me sign in, but please come for a visit -

Bohemian said...

A belated Happy Birthday to the Big Cat... I can tell a good time was had by all and the Joy of Fellowship was abundant, what a Blessing that is and truly Priceless!

Thanks for sharing this Special Time... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian