Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trying To Jump Up Off The Floor

I thought there couldn't be anything sadder than the sight of a slightly (ahem) mature, chubby lady crawling around on the floor; ripping her knuckles a new one, all the while pulling up old carpet tacking and muttering to herself..."I am a girl...dadgummit...I am a girl!"

Maybe the sight of a shall remain clueless nameless slightly (ahem) mature coupla chubbies lassoing the old carpet and tying it to the back of a pickup to drag it outta the house is funnier...but not sadder.

Y' was one for the record books!  Me in the driver's seat, heading that raggedy rug to the brush pile and Cat Daddy doing the heeling!  That's rodeo talk y'all for we're lazy, old and too stoved up to carry it.

No y'all.  Sadder was my face when I sat down to post about our monkeyshine adventure in DIY'ing and seeing that Blogger had disabled my blog!

My first thought was really...ya gotta be kidding me?

My second thought was gone...all my words gone.

I was beside myself.  I took the necessary steps to try and restore, but after reading the Help section, I had a sinking feeling I might not get it back.

Three years of posts...words I would never be able to rewrite...Bella's story...Cat Daddy tall tales...gone.  Comments I could never reread when I was feeling blue or lost or hurt...gone.  My sidebar with all the wonderful folks I have met...all gone, leaving me with a hole in my heart and a colorless world of black and white.

The photos I wasn't worried about.  Those were stored in my own folders and not just in Picasa, but again...the words...the tears...the love...gone.

(BTW...thank you Anne for your sweet post. I'm betting you wish you hadn't picked a disabled blog!  Oh...and if you see any misspelled words...spellcheck ain't working this morning either...grr!)

Thankfully...this morning all was right again.  I received an e-mail my account had been restored and an apology for the inconvenience it had caused me.

Inconvenience...really?  This wasn't an inconvenience.  An inconvenience is all my dining room stuff piled in every room of the house.  This was just a heap of frustration and one sleepless night.

It's not that I'm addicted to blogging (she says with her tongue in her cheek), only that there are posts I want my Trashettes to have.  You better believe this old gal when she says (with no tongue in cheek) I will be printing out certain posts with comments to begin scrapbooks for them and I will be backing everything up on hard drive.
Oh Roby...have I got a project for you!

This old heart just couldn't take going through that again!
Bella's photo was taken by photographer extraordinaire, Melissa at Foto Fabulous.  If you are in need of a superb people-person and are in the DFW area...Melissa is your gal!  Give her a call and you can thank me later. feels good to have color back in my world again!


time worn interiors said...

I would have died if my blog was gone! So glad you got it all back! Thank goodness!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Whew, so glad you are BACK!!!! What a sweet photo of Bella!!! She's getting so big!!!

I saw somewhere where you can make a book out of your blog postings . . . .


LuLu Kellogg said...

That you tiny little Baby Jesus that Casita de Trash is back in the saddle!

Bella is really getting to be such a big girl!! She's such a cutie pie!!

Off to get my toofers cleaned this morning and my check up!!

YAY for Talking Trash!

La LuLu~*xoxo

red.neck chic said...

I can take a deep breath now... i'll be back.


Pent-Up Photos said...

Here I thought that you were just scared of my word game and had totally dropped off the internet! So glad that all has been restored. I got tickled reading your post and wonder if people outside of Texas always get your language like: "ripped your knuckles a new one", "lassoing the old carpet", "brush pile", "too stoved up". Ha! I love someone who speaks my language!

Love what you are doing with your room, girlfriend!

That Bella is a gorgeous pumpkin whisperer!


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

ohmygoodness!!! SO glad you are back and RESTORED!!! I know that was losing part of your life in words....

That Bella.....SUCH a doll!

Lou Cinda :)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Disabled...hmmm, I can think of several definations for that word? See now you have to post daily, that's now your new assignment, as if you couldn't think of something say, even if it was Hey y'all I'm still here, haha! We would be lost without reading our posts from our fav Ms. Trash!

Plucky Maidens said...

Welcome back! I've been sending blog healing wishes for hours. The world of blogging would just not be same without you! That photo of Bella just made my day. Until April, my friend!

the old white house said...

O.K. first of all do not be alarmed by the men that will be showing up with spyware... there are just some of the things that you do that i NEED to see for myself, and the carpet removal would have been one of them! They should be in and out and out of your way in now time ;) Also, I would have felt the same way if that happened to my blog... oh blogger please be kind.
have a fabulous day! t.xoxoxooxox
p.s. MIss Bella gets more adorable by the day xoxo said...

Welcome back! It would have been a very dull world without your posts in it.

I know just what you mean about posts for the little ones to read later. I've told my husband and son that if anything ever happens to me, they have to save my blog for Sugawings to read when she grows up so she'll know how much I loved her.

Cheryl said...

So glad you are back! I just love reading your blogs and that picture of Bella is way too cute.
Funny story about the rug and I do understand
your lingo!
Have fun,

Olive said...

Dear Lord, I would have had angina or something serious like that Deb. Thankfully it and you are here. I back up my photos but nothing else as I am a techie idiot of the best sort. huggiebear♥O

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh No, that's akin to losing an arm or a leg or somethin. I'm not thinking that I had better start backing up some stuff. Heck, my whole unexciting life is in my blog!
I'm so glad that you've been restored. Except for those sore knees! Thank goodness they were able to get everything back for you.

Glad you're back Sweetie.


Dixie said...

I'm glad you found yourself (and your blog)! I'd be lost without you too!

That little princess Bella gets prettier every day!

and the next time you and Mr. wasn't named on this blog post decided to pull up carpet from a room and trash it (yes, pun intended), try cutting it into managable strips (about 12-18" wide) with a box cutter first... easier to pull up and easier to "Trash"... that little hint is compliments of my Polish husband who has been there and done that...with me!

hugs. Dixie

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Heck ... I don't know what I will do without you here in blogland .... your posts put a smile on my face every time!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Guess they don't know who they were dealing with! Glad all is well now and glad you shared that beautiful little fairy with us!

VS said...

Sooooooo Happy you are up & running about a SQUIRREL ALERT!!! I would have lost my mind for the exact same reasons you wrote about. Blogging is KIND of the legacy we leave behind, all the thoughts & pains & joys & LIFE!!! Your baby girl looks FABULOUS in her All Hallow's Eve outfit, just the kind of little fairy I wish I could find out in my pumpkin patch!!!!
Big Hugs...

amie sikes said...

you are too funny. goodness gracious. :) LOVE yall . . amie sikes