Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinning My Hopes And Dreams


That's it.

Well maybe...

law and...

Oh mylanta.

Making the decision to move yonder down the road a piece to Marburger Farm Antique Show, I didn't take into consideration all the talent held within those tents. 

The current crop of Marburger vendors are known for their killer styling as much as their primo merchandise.

They're a hard act to follow or set up next to...especially for a newbie like me.  Not that there is competition going on mind you.  Thank goodness for that or I'd be out before I ever began.  It's just they're good...really good...did I mention displaying.

See...I'm used to working with whatever I have left after selling while we're unloading.  I travelled by the seat of my britches and displayed without a plan.  I never took the time to lay everything out on paper.  I knew where the big pieces would land and that was it.  Sometimes it worked...and sometimes it was one big ol' hot mess.

(Debriz Sale June 2010)
Sadly, that ain't gonna work this time outta the chute.

To be sure, we've got the primo merch covered, but faced with the quandary of being 5'2",  the talent bar set at 10'...and not enough time to grow a coupla feet...I gotta stretch my imagination!

Quick...somebody get me a pole so I stand a fighting chance.

Where does one go to find a 10' pole you ask?

Why she goes to Pinterest when she has nothing else to do...she says with a wink and a smirk!

Pinterest...the land of milk and honey where inspiration abounds, free for the taking.

Displays and curtains and props...oh my!

(Debriz Sale June 2010)
(I promise I won't be stealing copying borrowing  recreating another's designs...'cause that just ain't kosher, but I will be letting the images fuel my need for seed.)

Pinterest is the place dreams are made of.  It's where beautiful rooms collide with fabulous fluffs of chocolate desserts.  Where everything is organized with nary a chipped nail or a french-braided hair outta place.  It's where books are catalogued and art curated.  Where women dress to the nines, in 6" heels and arm parties stretching up to the shoulders.  It's the place where kids, dogs, and kitchens are always spotless.

It's in it's never gonna happen in our real how.

Do we care?

Not us.

(Winnie & Tulula's window July 2010)
It's where we let our minds travel.  To pin and dream of fairy dust and Peter Pan to our heart's content, knowing all the while, we're actually a bunch of Wendys at our core.

How do I know?

Simply by numero uno repin...

The miracle cleaner that only takes minutes to use...and it's not even my idea or original pin!

(Debriz Sale June 2010)
Why else would this be repinned before images of potting sheds and sumptuous gardens?

I'll tell you why...even though you didn't ask.

For the same reason when checking out Pinterest for clever display ideas for Marburger or what to wear when I'm dining with the Queen, I'm also looking for that elusive unicorn we're all dreaming of the most.


in a bottle.

A baker's dozen...please...and make it C.O.D.!

(In the wake of recent terrifying news, I'd like to add my prayers for the people of Colorado. After experiencing the devastating wildfires, they are now reeling from the senseless devastation from gunfire.  God be with them...and all of us.)


Donna said...

I can totally relate! Last summer I was in a show, the first time participating in an event like that. I felt oh, so out of my league, as fellow vendors were seasoned pros at setting up awesome displays! I was a nervous wreck! What a great idea to check Pinterest, lots of great inspiration there. Best of luck to you:)

Carole said...

I think you are selling yourself short you can display with the best of them.
Hey happy pinning too.


donna baker said...

It must cost a fortune to set up at Marburger by now. They sure do get the crowds though. I remember them running to the tents.

Olive Cooper said...

You Can Do It!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

You're gonna put everyone else to shame, girl. It will all come together, and you will rock Marburger like nobodies business, of THAT I am certain!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

This whole dang post is a big ole bunch of nonsense!! YOU have got more talent in that little pinky finger of yours that I'd be scared of where you point that thing!
As I was reading all this whooey..I got to the part about the pole and then I thought..."HEY...she's gonna put a pole in her booth? Great idea!" Think of the pictures it would garner and oh the stories and blog posts afterwards! Oh and the PINS...think of all the PINS!!! Cat Daddy wouldn't know what to do. It would be your BEST SHOW in history!!!!
Then I continued reading and realized I went down a totally differnet road than you intended and well....
Soooooo anyway this has been alot of back talk and sass and for good reason!
I CANNOT wait to see what you do there! Better take alot of pics so I can PIN them onto my Display Inspiration board!!!!

Faded Charm said...

I'm sure you are going to have the best booth in the place and I agree that pinterest is a great source for inspiration!

Can't wait to see what you come up with in Marburger this year:-)


Tami said...

Hi Deb! Good luck with your move...I'm certain your booth will be stunning...just wish I could attend...too far away I'm afraid...nice to 'see' you again...:-)

Gayle said...

You will do something fantastic,
of that I am sure. So......
I headed over to Pinterest and took a peak.....your boards are loaded!! So I am now a P follower of yours and I'll be back!!

Cheryl said...

You can do it.......keep the faith!
Wishing you the best at the show and hope to see pics.
Have fun,

time worn interiors said...

Oh BULL! Girl you are gonna be fine! I sure of it! I can't wait!

Attic Rat said...

pshaw! They will all be taking notes from YOU!!


Denise said...

We (my daughter and I) have never been able to preplan our displays. It just never works for us. We just bring everything in and fly by the seat of our pants. subject to change at any time. And somehow, someway, we're usually among the first done. Great minds I tell ya! I don't see you having any problem. You always have awesome merchandise! You need to visit Oklahoma. We're having our first to be HUGE barn sale in October!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Deb, Amen to your prayer request. Such a sad and senseless act. I was wondering if your ears were burning this weekend? Just wondering. I know you want to know, so you'll have to call! Okay, one question...why go to pinterest for inspiration when it's literally in your own backyard. I loved attending this show and every pic you posted leaves me wishing I could go to another one. Well maybe I can, except it will be at Marburger!

Lisa said...

I think I need to haul my bootie up to the Farm to see the spectacle first hand. You will be great as always!
PS I may have a thing or two to add to your show.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I know it's hard not to doubt oneself but I know you can do it! Not to put more pressure on you but please, please take lots of photos. This girl who lives to far away will be waiting to pin some inspiration!

countrycharisma said...

Deb, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. From everything I've seen and your posts, you won't even have a lick of a problem holding up your end of displays! I love pinterest too, for new ideas, but you will have your own with all of your unique items. Agreeing in prayer for the Colorado families. Carrell

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

You are always amazing Deb. I have been avoiding Pinterest...I am afraid I wouldn't get out of my chair. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. Great hearing from you.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh my I know the feeling? I have been asked to be a vendor (juried mind you) in a new and upcoming show here on the eastern seaboard and I am petrified about tents and canopies and displays and making it look like a magazine shoot. To quote you......oh my mylantha!

You are too cute! xoxo