Friday, July 6, 2012

Shell Shocked

~What I Didn't Do On My Summer Vacation-Part III~

Recently while reading Robelyn's post on her 4 year blog anniversary, it occurred to me I should check out the date of my own maiden launch.  Lo and behold...would you believe it?  I've been sucking all the air outta a room for 4 years myself!  I did a trial post in June, but actually sat down, loaded photos and started talking July 12, 2008, and I haven't run outta words...yet.

I realize how lax I've become and find myself posting less and less with each passing year, but you know what?  Stumbling around blogland, I see I'm not the Lone Stranger.  Everyone seems to have the same problems finding the time to post when just last year...there was time a'plenty.

  Wha' happened?

Was there an outbreak of fits and starts while I wasn't looking?

I've got me a coupla theories and even though you didn't ask...I'm gonna share 'em with you in honor of all the words I've typed over the last 4 years.

Plain and simple...blogging has lost it's shiny.

Like kids with a new toy, we shook the box, took it out for a spin and loved it to pieces.  We played with it for hours on end, sometimes broke it when it didn't need fixing, then upon spotting something newer and shinier outta the corner of our eye...proceeded to chunk it in a closet.  Oh we intended to come back later when time allowed and play with it again, but much like Woody in Toy Story, we forgot it was there.  We were way too busy tilt-a-whilrling on our new playgrounds...dizzy with excitement.  We always intended to get back to it, but when we did, we I realized two weeks had passed since our my last post.

In our high-tech, high-speed world, we depend...nay we crave...instant gratification.  If we need've got Pinterest where inspiration abounds with no strings attached.  No interaction...nada.  Nothing needed but a good pair of eyes, an itchy trigger finger, and a password.  Same goes for FaceBook.  Feel a need to make a little chit-chat?  Just type in the ol' password and commence visiting...or lurking...your call.

Blogging requires a certain amount of self-discipline, a myriad of thoughts, and a willingness to share.  Things all of us were anxious to do at the get-go, but now...mmmm...not so much.  Fact was easier when it was new and exciting, but as the reality of all the work involved with posting set in, we realized Pinterest/FB was simpler and just like that...the honeymoon was over.  Where Blogger was our House of Smoke and Mirrors, we were craving the Fun-House with it's spinning Barrel o'Love and having our skirts blown up over our heads. 

Hmmm...speaking of reality.

I've been reading mumblings/grumblings of reality disappearing in blogging, but honestly folks...when...if ever...was there any?  I mean, let me ask y'all one question.  How many of y'all want to see Cat Daddy's dirty underwear sittin' in a laundry basket?  Really?  C'mon...y'all all know that basket is just outta camera range, but tell the truth...wouldn't you rather gaze at seashells and dream of packing for the beach?  Wouldn't you rather pretend you hear waves crashing and not a washer filling?   Do you really need a screen-shot of C.D.'s tidy whities to remind you of chores waiting to be tackled? 'Cause if you do folks...just say the magic words...and have I got some reality for you!

Another complaint I've read is the amount of marketing/ads in blogland these days.  It does seem a few blogs are just one big ol' giant commercial, but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing.  Just because some enterprising folks were clever enough to find a way to take the guilt outta blogging by making a little jingle-jangle for themselves and their efforts...I ask you...what's wrong with that?  (I'd like to add there is a huge difference between being a blogger-for-hire and self-promotion, but let's table that discussion for another day...'kay?)  Believe you me...I would if I could, but who's kidding who?  I can't even manage to get a post up once a week...much less 3-4 times weekly.  These folks have committed to way more work than I'm willing to do. They have to blog on a regular basis...key word here regular...while I sit on my git-a-long needing expecting  wanting to be committed, but lacking the self-motivation.  Y'all want reality...I'll give you reality.  I applaud those who find a way to make a blog pay, but the reality I a little jealous of their business acumen?  I ain't gonna lie...heck yeah.  Am I willing to make plans to change my M.O.?  Not just no...but heck no.  Not saying I won't ever change...I just don't like to.  I'm a creature of habit...and that is my reality.

Law...I'll tell you one thing that never changes here at the Casita de Trash.  I still love the sound of my own voice, but for those of y'all who didn't click off three paragraphs ago...I'll cut to the chase.

For the last 4 years...I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hanging around here.  Just think of me as your neighborhood pool hall.  Noisy as all-get-out, racking my brains while trying to chalk up thoughts to share, and from time to time...getting caught behind the eight ball.

Now...what say I put a caboose to this train of thought and in the continued spirit of keeping it real answer some unasked questions?

1.  Yes...I am lazy when it comes to posting.  There...I've said it.  No apologies...I y'am what I y'am!

2.  Yes...I love to talk and plan to go on blogging...until told to hush...or hit with a gag order.

3.  And I hold a seashell up to my ear to hear the waves...I hear instead God's voice instructing me to hold on tight.

Changes ARE on my horizon.

Whether I like it or not...

Planned or unplanned...

Big changes.



Pam @ Frippery said...

Girl I am on pins and needles, I hope the big change is a good one!
I too cannot keep up with all the technology, but for the bloggers who have turned it into a paying job I say you go girls (and boys). I wish it would happen to me but as you said, it takes a huge amount of work. It ain't just happening.
Too many other irons in the fire. I am lucky I haven't burned the house down with all those burning irons.
Again, I am praying all is good for you and your family. LYttH, Pammy
You aren't pregnant are you? Hahahahahhohohohoheeheee....sorry couldn't resist.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Changes are good, they make you grow in areas you didn't realize you needed to grow in. They make you get out of your comfort zone, omylanta to this one. And in the end you'll learn a thing or two that you hopefully can pass on to someone else that will need this very thing! Can't wait to hear about these changes...

holli said...

I just found you recently and i sooo look forward to your posts. I 'll take them when i can- no pressure. :) It seems that i'm also lucky to post once a week. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Next month will be my one year for my blog. I dont know how to do anything fancy and i dont do giveaways but more power to those who can blog to their hearts desire and get paid.

The Feathered Nest said...

You are precious girl. I mean it, to the bone. You are truth and you are real. It is funny how blogging has changed over the years...I think we've all noticed it. But, hey, things change, they always do.

I started my blog to share what I love with others who just might love the same things. In Feb. I'll be doing it six years!!! I still love it but have noticed comments dwindling and of course, real life does have to come first sometimes. But I would miss my friends here so much if I stopped, it's too fun and it keeps me creative.

As for the ads? I've had them on my blog for a long time now and they may be annoying to some but it helps out me financially, not a ton, but even a little is a good thing.

I'm so glad you're here and no matter how often you post, it's always so good to see what you're up to! I'm also so honored to have been able to meet you and your CD in person!! Keep on keepin' on dear Deb so I can read about it!

hugs and love, Dawn

sissie said...

Hi Deb,
Now that you've brought it up I'm not sure when my blog anniversary comes around. Guess I better check.
I like the way you think. I have been a little lazy myself with blogging and couldn't quite figure out, or better yet, didn't want to admit that I might be getting a tad bored. When you say it's lost it's shine and newness, I see what might be happening to me. And, yes it is a job that requires commitment.
I see those blogs you are talking about and I get a little jealous too. When so and so is featured in a magazine or they make something that gets massed produced or become a regular on HGTV, you're darn right I get jealous.
I do know that I love your blog and your no nonsense, I am me kinda attitude. You are a sweetie and I hope you keep on bloggin your little ole heart out til the end of time.


Laura said...

Dearest Anthony-

All I can say is DITTO.

PS. You are the coolest person I know.


We need to do this blogging thing- or not- exactly how we want to.

misselaineous said...

what a great post!!! we don't care how long it had so many truths in there whipped up with your very unique brand of humor...tighty whiteys and seashells??? how many would dare to put those in the same post??? talking trash...that's who!! my blog turned 5 on the 4th of july and my posts have been worse than hit or miss. i love sharing, but enjoy the reading even more. i keep saying i'll be back, but the effort seems too great at times. in the meantime...too lazy from the heat to even capitalize where required, i say we love you trash...and will read and laugh and share whenever the spirit moves you! have a fabulous weekend...try to stay cool and keep sharing that great sense of humor!! *e*

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

YIKES! Change? My heart is with you. But you expressed this so well. It does feel like the honeymoon is over. I don't do facebook, etc. Not even pinterest. But then I just now gave up my land line. And when I did have it I also had a working rotary phone in the house. Has blogging become the rotary phone? Ah me. I'm just going to take that image of the sound of crashing waves versus the washing machine filling and blog on! Congratulations on four years dear! Just awesome!

it's ME! said...
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time worn interiors said...

Teeheehee! Can't wait to hear about your news! Heeheehee!

red.neck chic said...

i'm cracking up at ToT and I still haven't had my first cup of coffee! LOL

I figure I'm gonna keep blowin' smoke up skirts for another few years with my blog... but 'cause I burn things... there's no way it's 'cause I'm full of hot air. LOLOLOLOL


LOVE this post by the way!

;) chicky baby

Theresa said...

times they are a changin... I used to catch so much flak around here for being on the computer and blog, blog, blog but with a change in income and time I find myself making soap and sewing scraps instead of being able to keep up with the blog. I do love it though and get excited when I find the time to sit down and share something with everyone. Plus finding the time to visit some of my favorites is such a pleasure. You my friend are one of those simple pleasures! I hide the tighty whiteys too, cuz who really wants to see that? LOL But I will tell you a funny story though... last week our dryer went out and when I came home from working the farmers market I found Duanes boxers hanging from the deer antlers in the dining room so they could dry. seriously. no I mean it, thankfully yesterday he put up a clothesline outside!
Is that real enough for you?
love you! t.xoxooxoxo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Things have been changing and there is nothing we can do about it!
I just added a few more irons to my fire but it couldn't be helped!

Elizabeth Maxson said...


I always love your matter how many or how few. I think blogging should be whatever anyone wants to make of it for themselves. I am a VERY MUCH against the "should's" and "need to" kind of person - as my lack of blogging shows.

As soon as someone "out there" (where is "out there" anyway?) starts putting on the "shoulds" and "needs to" as in "should be blogging more" "need to be out there more" or in any situation where I do something I started out doing just as a creative expression and suddenly I find a lot of "shoulds" and "needs to" cropping up from "out there" I slam on the breaks like a rebellious teenager and start to challenge "out there" and basically start demanding to see said rule book and why wasn't I invited to the meeting that put the said rule book together?

Basically, I am pretty much a person who enjoys seeing others do their own thing, with no expectations and very happy when THEY are happy as long as they don't expect me (or anyone else) to follow any rules or judge according to any set of standards based upon some made up expectations that won't affect my performance one way or another.

Either people will read me or not...won't stop me from writing. :-) How do I know if people are reading my words? I still love to write.

Sort of like my hair style...either people will like it or not...but won't stop me from washing my hair! How do I know if someone is looking at my hair as I walk by? I still love clean hair.

You keep doing what you want to (or not) either way, I will love it.

And you.

Elizabeth :-)

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Girl you have said one huge mouthful! We're all different with different amounts of responsibility, commitments etc. Blogging needs to be something that fits with the individuals desires. no rules or obligations other than what we each decide. People change, times change, and new opportunities come along. I'll do this for as long as God leads me to do it. Always love coming to see what kind of crazy you're up to, so just know we love you no matter how often or how few times you post. xoxo

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Sing it, sista! Some other bloggers and I have been having this exact conversation. I've seen a marked downturn in blog activity. So many of us are a bit burnt out, or life gets in the way. Other bloggers, as you mentioned, have become one big branding advertisement, which is tiresome to read.

I keep vowing to crank it up again, so thanks for the kick in the panties! XOX