Friday, June 22, 2012

Y'all Are So Bustiere-d...I Mean Busted!

C'mon y'all.

Did y'all really think I laid down Cat Daddy's good money for that book?

If I'm gonna spend that kinda do-re-mi on anything besides's gonna be for Carolyn's new book Through The French Door.  I bet she can help me pick the right shade of gray!

("Who knew there were so many Pink Panthers prowling icognito in the fiction aisle of Barnes & Nobles?" she says with a Purr-r-r and a wiggle giggle!)

Besides...have y'all read me?

You know I detest exercise in any form or fashion.

The only times I feel the need to hyper-extend any of my body parts might be when my nose gets outta joint or I got me a crick in my neck from looking over my shoulder one to many times.

Besides...remember my mantra?

Don't exercise...accessorize.


just so's ya know...

I don't care if they once belonged to Harry Houdini....

handcuffs will never be invited to any of my daily Arm Parties

...unless of course they are mink lined!


red.neck chic said...

i'm blushing....
i can't BELIEVE you caught me with my nose buried at Barnes & Noble...


you know - handcuffs are the next big "pop" for four posters....

chickie baby

Red Shed French Antiques and Travel said...

You are absolutely the funniest thing ever! The only thing shady I'm reading is paint chips!

Lisa said...

Hi Deb,
Oh you make me laugh! I just read the last 2 posts in bed this morning & spilt coffee down my PJs! I love it, 50 shades of grey, a detailed color wheel! Your twisted. I also have no interest in that book, if Kevin saw it on my bedside table I'd never get any sleep! LOL
Talk to you soon.

Pam @ Frippery said...

You are too funny! No Shades of Gray for me. I am too particular about writing style and I have read over and over that the book reads like it was written by a 14 year old, albeit a very advanced 14 year old. I think it would drive me nuts trying to get past the poor writing. I would much rather be reading your blog and snorting tea outta my nose. LYthH, Pammy