Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Fairy Tale For All Ages

Once upon a time in a faraway land where yes meant no and no meant yes, lived a handsome prince named Ludmil. One morning Ludmil awoke to find he was very lonely. He left his kingdom to begin a quest to find his one true love. He traveled hither and yon until one evening, deep in the forest he came upon a grove of willow trees. There, sleeping in the trunk of one of the trees, he found a lovely maiden named Linda. He knew he had finally found his beloved. In harmony, they began another quest together. The two traveled near and far until they came to the wondrous kingdom of Texas. There they found an enchanted shoppe and a charming cottage tucked away in the hamlet of Burton.
The enchanted shoppe beckoned them to come closer to see what lay inside for them. The pixies had been busy anticipating their arrival bringing food and drink for the happy couple.
Peeking through the windows, they knew this was a magical place for these were things that the two of them had crafted together on their journeys.
How can this be, they wondered. How could their things have arrived before them. But then with delight, they realized they were seeing the reflections of their hearts in the windows. Reflections of what this could be and how wonderful their new life would be here in this tiny town.
Here they could happily share their wares with one and all. Local townsfolk, passer-byers, the weary travelers tired of seeing the same humdrum things.
With the help of their woodland friends, they began to make ready for a grand opening fit for a princess and her prince. They merrily began amassing things to make people smile and be joyful once more.
Even Father Christmas stopped by one day and gave his blessing to the shoppe by adding his own special touches of tinsel, ornaments and visions of sugarplums.
They continued to make ready by filling their shoppe with all kinds of fancies both handmade and purchased on their many journeys.
There were the tiniest of shoes for waltzing and the finest of gowns fit for a fairy godmother. White shining treasures to make even the saddened heart leap!
Trees sprouted in the sparkling shoppe as birds scattered glitter as if it were snow.
The tree limbs sagged as delightful nests, filled with delicate treasures nestled in them, magically appeared on the branches.
Cradled in every nook and cranny were dainties the fairies were busily transforming from ordinary objects into sweet dreams with their blown kisses.
Everything was just as they had dreamed it would be and so much more. They christened their magical kingdom The Willow Nest Farm.
Linda and Ludmil were very happy that the paths they had chosen led them to the hamlet of Burton in the kingdom of Texas and they lived happily ever after.
The End


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Awww! I was totally sucked into that fairy tale...pictures and words were just wonderful! No wonder you are the Queen of Blog! ~Mindy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG, YOU ARE SSSSOOOOO GOOD!! I want you to write books, you'd be rich and I could say I knew you when.... Love this post, just magical as you are with your words, my sweet friend!!

Cher said...

This was terrific!

A lot of writers start out with Fairy Tales, then progress to novels. I'm waiting, holding my breath, for you to start writing one.

The Texas Woman

Maison Douce said...

We miss them here in the PNW... Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures!!

The English Cottage Collection said...

You are soooo AMAZING! After reading your previous blog I thought "she must be a book writer", now... I'm convinced!! Thanks for sharing ~*~Debra

fascinatingfinds said...

I am sooo meeting you when I go to Texas with my friend Debra. You are a kick, I love reading your blogs,

timeworninteriors said...

What a lovely shop! I wish Linda and Ludmil all the luck in the world. Are you a writer or what? Another talent we didn't know about? You go girl!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Debbie!! Lucky you sweet girl!! How amazing to have been able to attend ~ it truly does look like a wonderland to me! The fairy tale is just perfect to go with your wonderful photos ~ thanks so much for visiting me and for giving me a few more peeks inside, xxoo, Dawn

linda said...

Where oh where would I begin... to thank-you , to praise you , to repay you for such wonder??? what a pleasant surprise to check in today and read your beautiful story, actually we often feel we live in a fairy tale(except when we are loading or un loading) but most of all we feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends like you and all our oldies but goldies from our past life... I too agree with all the other comments, you must write, you have a beautiful voice and a delight in what you see and expirence and you should be heard by a wider audience..... Love Linda and Ludmil,( my prince today) as we just closed on the house so now it's get ready to get the guest cottage ready for spring antiques week! No rest for those of us n the royal kingdom!!!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Very lovely indeed. But I think I recognize that writing style from the HARLEQUIN ROMANCES series! Can I PUH-Lease have your autograph?? I know a good agent.
ox lulu

bella shabby said...

What a Fantastic post ! I saw the title and started to read and it was 'Hey, I know those people! " Such a Charming tale. Our loss here in the Northwest was your gain. Sue .... Harlequin Romance - that Lulu is so funny

unique unique design said...

Wow, you totally draw the reader in. I think you found your new calling. What a wonderful imagination, but alot of us can imagine all sorts of things...you have the ability to put it into words. Yea, Debbie!!!! I think I'll read this to my grandkids!:)

debi said...

hey sweetpea!
what a nice comment you left! and I would be honored...xo...deb

French Vanilla said...

Jon and I just loved this!!! It is so heartfelt and just so RIGHT!!! I love the no/yes thing (we know the inside story on this, soooo funny). You have outdone yourself girlfriend. High five/low five, kisses, slaps, the whole shabang...Peg

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Somebody hand me a kleenex! *Sniff* that was so touching ;)
I love happy endings!