Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Halloween Post(I Promise)

This darling little cat is the reason I didn't go junking this weekend. That's my Graycie with her friend Charity.
Cat Daddy and I drove over to Rockwall to the Harbor for some Halloween fun with my son, dil & Grayzilla Friday night. You won't see photos of me very often, so memorize 'em. You'd think I have cooties or something the way C.D. looks. Do I offend?
Here she is in her Halloween finery. She's a little camera shy as you can tell. Graycie's 6 going on 16. Her daddy is really paying for his raising with this one. Neither one ever meets a stranger. While we were there I think they both ran into a half dozen people they knew. I swear, she's one of the top ten reasons I get up in the morning and why I don't cut my hair off. She won't let me.
The next two photos are just cute. No one I know, but I just love to see Halloween going to the dogs.
Like I said, no one I know. There were more dogs out there than kids I think, but they were all a hoot!
Look at that face! Her daddy thought she looked a little too grown up and I won't tell you what he called her costume, but I thought she looked purr-fect. She's my little mini-me for now. Her mom and dad are very tall, so if giraffes have baby giraffes, chances are she's going to be a giraffe.
Again, take a good look at Nana, double chins and all. It won't happen again in the near future-at least not recent ones. I've got some vintage ones coming up soon of my family. But those don't count. Believe it or not, you'll get to see me with red hair. That's right! Before time started adding white and grey, this hair was Howdy Doody RED!
Graycie with her Pop. He tries to be all big and bad with her, but she's got him so wrapped, it's not even funny. Pop was one of the first words she learned to spell.
OK, I know I am not a photographer. There was this great sailboat with lights on the mast and I was trying to get a picture of it and the girls. Kind of lame, right?
Again, my Grayzilla with her mom and dad. Sorry guys. I didn't mean to cut you out of the picture. Focus, focus.
That's my big ol' Cat Daddy with our son Joey. No, they're not drunk, just a tipsy photographer. Actually, I had a hard time getting them to be still so I just pointed and clicked. Isn't my son just about the best looking thing you've seen today? Actually, I think my whole family is beautiful.
No relation here either. I just thought these two were the cutest couple. After talking to them, I still think they are. Just proves Halloween isn't just for the young, but for the young at heart as well.
I'll finish where we finished-at the restaurant. What could be a better ending to a great night than shrimp, Sarah Palin as a waitress and Nascar on the overhead television.


Cher said...

You look lovely, TnT! And what a wonderful family - only topped by mine, of course!

The Texas Woman

Anonymous said...

She's adorable , they do grow up too fast. We spent Halloweeen with our not so little Trick or Trearers , too.I love the new banner - are you in that group? I think you are the one on the right - she looks a bit shy..:0)

Michelle said...

so stinkin cute! I have not "even" posted my Halloween happenings yet!

I drew your name in a halloween giveaway for some of my stamped tickets. these are what they look like...
I just need your mailing address and birthday (optional) for my send out list.


Karen from A`Musements said...

Your Graycie is a DOLL (not a cat...) and it looks like it comes from good genes! Can't wait to see you with red hair. (Did I tell you before I love the new banner, baby?!)

kari and kijsa said...

What a great time!! Graycie looks so cute!!

kari & kijsa

Sweet Repose said...

The Zilla is adorable, you should be proud of all Grammy. I hardly ever see my 21 year old Grandson anymore...enjoy while you can!

Frippery said...

Beautiful family. Graycie is a cutie. If I had your hair I wouldn't cut it either. I can totally see you as a redhead, you have that vivacious personality. A hotty granny if there ever was one. Love the new banner as well. Now we gotta get you a playlist. Your theme should be "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"

French Vanilla said...

You look Mah-va-lis!!! Your Gracie is beautiful. Beautiful family Ms Deb. Peg

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Tooooo cute. I think Graycie is a little white trash chip off the granny block...what a doll!!!!! You don't look so bad yourself...miss you & Cat Daddy!
ox lulu