Friday, January 8, 2010

Leap of Faith

"The time has come", the walrus said,

To talk of many things:

of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--

of cabbages--and kings--

and why the sea is boiling hot--

and whether pigs have wings."

~Through The Looking Glass~I just couldn't wait to show y'all what I got in the mail for Christmas. Karen at A*Musements made me the most Fab U Lous banner with the greatest quote of all time! Does this say moi or what..."When Pigs Fly"? I know, I photo skills stink! (~"Don't say stinks dear...say smells!"~) Thank goodness Jodie is on a cruise or she would be so disappointed in me. As a matter of fact, I hope Karen isn't! I tried to capture all the beauty and detail of her work...truly I did, but failed miserably. It really is unique with all her attention to details and colors. I'm in love with it and Karen...darlin', you truly are a papier genius. Since we have now determined that yes...pigs do have wings, let's talk a bit of sealing wax. Do you remember when I wrote I was plowing my field to be ready when God revealed His plan for me? I never dreamed when typing those words He would answer so quickly, but I feel He did. Several of y'all have been so sweet and have encouraged me to try my hand at writing...really writing, but my argument to myself was I didn't know what to write. Kinda hard to write a book if there isn't a plot and well, I sorta figured pigs would fly before I came up with one. God gives wings to dreams because when I was in the bathtub last night, He not only gave me my storyline...He told me how to write it.!

I know I'm not alone in having a secret dream of writing...the only difference is I didn't begin to dream this until just recently. Imagine at my age...discovering I might have a little talent...and that it could give me so much joy and satisfaction. I love to read and words are magic to me. To be able to string them into sentences that others might want to read is amazing, but it's also scary. It's like standing in the middle of Macy's window naked during the Christmas parade. Imagine with me if you would all of time's imperfections bared for the world to see, but what if no one wants to look at what you're displaying or worse still...pities you for thinking you might have something worth taking a peek at!

It's a chance I'm willing to take. When God speaks I listen and obey. Talents and abilities are gifts from God and each of us must find our own. It isn't always tangible like Karen's, but it's there. You may have a way with children...I know I don't. You might be a whiz in the kitchen or have the whitest whites...again...not me. Maybe you are the best listener or cheerleader that ever walked the planet...if so...I give you a standing ovation. You're the one every one wants to sit by at an event. Those are gifts not everyone possesses and are unique to you. Whether or not my efforts produce a short story, novella or an honest to goodness book remains to be seen. I'll be writing as God directs me...just like I do this more, no less. I'm just the typist...He's the wordsmith. I do promise you one thing...whatever the outcome...y'all are one of the main reasons I'm trying. You have done so much to build up my self-esteem and I know if no one but my family reads it (after I make 'em) and the publishers turn me down, I still have y'all to thank for the words of encouragement and for being just like my mother and pushing me!
I'll try to post at least once a week...just because I love to and I will definitely be reading y'alls blogs. (Hey...I'm gonna be a lurker...I'll be in great company!)

If you don't mind, could you please keep me in your prayers that what I'm attempting will be in keeping with God's word? I won't thank you later...I'll say it now...THANK YOU!




Unknown said...

YOU GO GIRL! We know you can do it...I can imagine a book, sort of like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood...funny but with a deeper meaning or moral. I dunno what it's gonna be, but I for one, can't wait to see/read/hear the results. My only concern is that you won't be blogging quite so much. :-) I'll miss my regular dose of sumpin-sumpin! Tami (reader of many books...lover of all books)

One Gal's Trash said...

I can't wait to buy your book off Amazon! Happy Journey and Best of Luck. Y*O*U A*R*E*

Mindy said...

I'm excited for you Debbie! Prayers up for you. ~Mindy

vintage girl at heart said...

I know it will be Fabulous.. you have a way with words girl!!!
Then we can say we knew you when....promise you'll do a book signing in Oklahoma??!!!
Oh yeah love that banner...:))

Sammy Girl said...

WAA HOO! I think 2010 is the year of faith and jumping off cliffs! Thanks for being willing and sharing your trepidations. Glad we have each other to cheer for ... NOW JUST REMEMBER TO BREATHE!!
Betty :)

Sue said...

Hey Lurcher! Dreams are meant to be followed at ANY age. Life is a story happening daily if you really look at it. It is TOTALLY awesome to see you do something like this! And when you are ready, I would be happy to host another book signing at Country Roads for you!!
Take care, Sue

Sue said...

PS, I meant "LURKER"!

summersundays-jw said...

Good for you!!! I keep listening for my instructions from Him but so far, no word. You're greatest regret would be if you didn't try. Get those pencils sharpened. Jan

David said...

How exciting! Let it flow!

Faded Charm said...

Best of luck to you Deb. Don't sell yourself short. We all know you have the gift of gab, nows your chance to be able to write it all down. I can't wait to see how it turns out!


Dixie said...

Deb.. one thing about it... when you dive into something you go all out 100%... that's what success needs.. you have what it takes girl!

sending blessings. Dixie

Malisa said...

Whoa, girlfriend!!!!!!!!! When you get motivated, you really get motivated! I am proud of you and yes, you have the talent and wit to accomplish your dreams! You are one busy lady! However, I gotta be honest...Pop Test and Never-Ending Story will never work without you! Hope you can pop in on those days!

Cassie said...

Whoopie! Let's eak cake! Will you sign my copy? I can't wait to read more of you!

BriarRose said...

Oh my goodness...I can see the line at Round Top now....all us fans waiting to have you autograph our copies of your new book! Fun fun fun. It will be amazing.


The Green Pea said...

Yes Debbie, you can do it! You have the talent
to write that is for sure. It's God's timing for you. I loved your short story that you wrote last summer about you and CD. I could hardly wait for the next chapter. I hated for the story to end. I will buy your book and sell them for you too. Hey, you can come to CA and stay with me and we will do a book signing in The Green Pea...It would be fun.
Prayers and Blessings for you and your family, sandi

~Amy Rose said...

Whoo Hoo! You can do it!! You just did!! Great job! Can't wait to read more of your wonderful writing! Follow our is your gift! Don't think about it....just write and be YOU! Prayers for you in your journey!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Wow, this is what I love to hear! INSTRUCTIONS! So cool that God outlined it all for you! Go for it, and be blessed in the process! I can't wait to hear all about it! You're awesome girl!
Can you tell I'm excited???!!!!
love ya, Debra

Auntie Joy said...

One thing for sure, we just never know where God may take us. I guess if we knew ahead we wouldn't believe it anyway! I'm thinking you were the last to believe what an amazing way you have with words. You just keep us all coming back for more! How exciting for you, (and us too)

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Oh this is gonna be good ... really good! I can't wait to get my hands on a first edition ... signed of course!!

Your talent goes beyond words ...


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Deb, I am so happy and excited for you! You do have a gift for writing and how wonderful that you recognize it and are going to go with it! I'll be first in line to get your book. Oh, and maybe Theresa Cano can do a book signing party at her booth at Zapp Hall? - wouldn't that be fun?!!

Sherrie said...

Good for you. You have put into words what I am doing and feeling. My blogs are a combination of pretty pictures and my stories. I enjoy doing both; however, I get more satisfaction out of the writing. One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to be published somehow and somewhere. So I'll be thinking good thoughts for you, please send a few for me. By the way, I wouldn't mind your opinion on any of my "storyline" blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I'm SO happy for you. I can't wait to read what you write. Maybe our finished works will stand side by side in Barnes & Noble...nice dream, huh? I agree that it's scary though. I never, ever would have tried it if it hadn't been for blogging. You can do nothing else but try with all the encouragers cheering you on.

Funny that you said that God gave you your story line in the bathtub, because everything I think of writing comes when I'm standing in the shower. It's completely wacky, I know. Maybe it's because it's the only time I'm totally alone and it's quiet enough to think and hear God's voice...don't know. Whatever the reason, I'm about to become a much cleaner person...more showers = more pages written. ;-)

I know you'll use the gift that God has given you to create a masterpiece. Happy writing!

Debbie's Garden said...

Go to the cliff and JUMP! You won't fall, you have wings!


I'm standing up and clapping as hard as I can for you. This is truly wonderful! Out of anyone I have ever known, your gift for and with words is truly a God given talent. I am so proud that you are taking this leap of faith, cause it is the right thing to do..I applaud you girl! Now get that old pen and paper out and go to your place and create God's story. See you at Zapp for the signing...Lol

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Debra; What an exciting adventure the Lord is taking you on... You know that with Him behind you, you will do great. I would so Love to read what you wrote... so my Prayers are with you and will be with you.... Good Luck dear friend...


maryboys said...

debbie - i have finally been able to read all of your more recent posts:) love them all, as per usual. and i have always, always noticed your writing ability! a big heart and a wonderful vocabulary, plus a unique way of putting it all together. enjoy the process and don't wear yourself will take time, and that's fine. don't forget about us here in blogland, okay?

big hug,

red.neck chic said...

Oh... so many things to say...
1: what kind of book (it came to you in the bathtub...that leaves it open for all kinds of things...smut? sea life? journey of mr. bubble?)
2: I would shove people out of my way and duct tape you to your seat just to sit by you at an event.
3: LOVE the banner - Karen rocks!!!

4: YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! I am cheerin' and rootin' and prayin' for you Dear Debster!!! I would like a signed copy please!!! I can't wait and I have 10000000000000% faith in you that you're going to be a HUGE success!!!!!

Whoo hoo!!! I'm resuming my "deb rocks" dance!!!

Much Love, Faith in you and prayers comin' your way!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Maison Douce said...

Deb, whatever you will write, I will read!!! It is always so much fun to read your blog, you really do have a way with words!!! I know you will ge great!!!

Tootsie said...

hey you sexy beast of a woman!!! long time no chit chat! I am so excited for you!!! you go girl!!!
can't wait for a read!


Deb...LOL are you referring to moi as the "lurker"!! Well its true...but I have "come out" For YOU!!! I am sooo excited & happy for ya!
You do whatever you wanna do will be GREAT!
Go with God's grace hon..
Deb:) xo

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Just one request! May I please have the first autographed copy? Pretty please?

The Flying Bee said...

Debbie!!! I am so so so super excited for you! I will be praying for you and this new journey of yours. How thrilling! You have a gift and I can't wait to see this dream fullfilled!

Zita is right...a book signing blog party at Zapp! Yippee!

Much love and big hugs,

delighted heart said...

You go girl! I know it will be fabulous and amazing! And I have to tell you I just read (less than an hour ago!) in our newspaper about a website hosted by Harper-Collins Publishers called where you upload your work of art and people read and vote for it and when it reaches the top 5 status for a month it is then considered for publishing. So hit the keys (and I'm not talking florida!) and crank that baby out in record know we will all vote for you! But don't tell me you are giving up the junk business too....there's too much material there to close down shop! Kuddos to you for being "obedient" to the Lord on this one...many blessings will surely follow!

Unknown said...

I can definitely see you as a published author! Heck, I'll be the first one in line to buy your book!

I completely understand the desire, the love, the passion for writing. It's what drew me into blogging in the first place.

I'll miss hearing from ya every day or so, but I'm so thrilled that you're following a dream!


~La Rustique Market~ said...

How exciting! Can't wait to get my autographed copy!!! I always enjoy reading what you have to say it like no other! See ya in a couple of months.


Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

If anyone can write a book , it is you!!
God gave you the gift and he will sure help you
do it!
I love reading your posts. You have an up-beat outlook and a way of sharing it with everyone.

Have a wonderful week!!

Janet said...

gosh, girl, that's awesome! what do you mean you don't know how you write...what is this blog, after all! just go, do it, i have no doubt it will be a true and perfect reflection of God's work in your life and i look forward to reading each and every word!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Debbie, you do have such a gift for writing. I love to read your blogs, they always make me smile. Good luck to you on this adventure.

Prior said...

Debbie, I only know you from seeing you at different shows, but what kept me coming back to your blog was your way with a story... I, too, couldn't wait to finish reading about how you met Cat Daddy. I help children learn to write short stories at Jr. High; yours would earn an A+...Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to an all knowing God. Corrie Tin Boon... Have a great adventure, Lezlee

Karen from A`Musements said...

Well, I guess this is why I sent a banner and not a nudie picture of myself to you for Christmas.... A girl can get more 'air time' that what she was planning around here.
Thank you for the incredible love and support that you always give, Miss Deb. Your description of the banner made me want one--ha!
I am hardpressed to say anything that hasn't already been said about you and your writing abilities. You know how I feel about you and your talent, and I like to think I have been one of those people you mentioned that has encouraged you along the way to go on and EXPRESS YOURSELF!!! You shy little Texas rose, you!
I'll be the first in line to get a copy of anything you write (if Cat Daddy okays it) and we'll get you a spot on Oprah, come hell or high water!
Timing is everything, isn't it? And of course, it all happens best "When Pigs Fly!!!"
Love and sloppy kisses,

debi lynn mattingly said...

I am so PROUD of you darlin!!!! It not only takes courage to turn a "dream" into a "Plan" but then to "DO"! I will be the first in line for you to autograph my copy of your matter when or where. I will always walk behind you to catch you if you fall, beside you when you need a shoulder and in front of you to protect you. xo...deb

The Texas Woman said...

You go, girl! I'm here for you in any capacity you need me to be. Thanks for your prayers for littler Emery and me. If anyone understands sick babies, it is you! Hugs.

Unknown said...

This is your calling you wonderful woman - I'm cheering you all the way!!!!!!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

I have no doubt in my mind that you can do it! You truly have the gift of the pen and we all love what you have to say and how you say it! I know I strive to be just like you and a couple of others in blogland but unfortunately as you so eloquently put it, it's not my blessing (but I do have good whites...:) Another blogging friend I have was encouraged to write by so many of us after she started her blog and guess what? She has written a book and is on tour. Isnt' that fabulous! You go girl! And I can't wait to say I knew her when. :)

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you will be a great success!! No doubts at all!! I will read everything you write!! I will start a fan club for you...I will tell everyone how we were blogging buddies before you were a famous writer!

Go Get'em!!

Lou Cinda :)

Cactus Creek said...

it's the listening and obeying part that God loves the most... so proud of you!!! love ya big time, fancy

donna baker said...

That is exactly what we need, a trashy Erma Bombeck and we trashettes can say we knew ya when...

icandy... said...

Sending thoughts and prayers in your direction! You can do it!!! Get going, girlie!

AuroraSuzette said...

I began reading your blog when I read your comments on other blogs, plus your icon pic is pretty compelling. I signed on as a follower because you are very entertaining to read. I have not one drop of doubt that you will do it! Not a single drop. For me my blog is kind of a first step, but I don't have a clear idea of where I'm headed. Hugs,


Yay! Wishing you success in listening and writing! Reckon we'll be seeing you on the talk show circuit with your book tour before too long. That'll be fun! ~ Angela

Anita said...

You have been one of my biggest CHEERLEADERS during the house project ( will it ever end?) and I am happy, no THRILLED, to be able to encourage you in your writing. So, go get 'em- and be sure to check in with us and let us know how it's going...Amd pray for me too, that God gives me some direction in this wrkk search ( for income work).

Riviera Boardwalk said...

I like your blogsite and signed up as a follower. Please visit my blogsite and sign up too.

Barn House said...

The Boys are sending you much love and encouragement to follow your dreams! Maybe you will consider letting us sell your book along side, Barns & Noble, and Borders??? Just a thought. :o)

J & J

Oldest Melon Head said...

Wow! I am extremely excited! As fan club president is it my job to organize the US city book signing tour? Do we need a Sarah Palin bus?:) I am very proud of you mom for taking the leap in your dream(at any age).
I am gonna have a hard time being patient till its complete.
And dont forget to take the time in all this writing to take atleast a spit bath and clean your Granny beads.:)
I Love You!

lulu redstar said...

well my heavens. Remind me to make sure I clear my schedule WhEN YOUR BOOOK TOUR HITS ATLANTA!!!!
you are so amazing. Pls remember to change the names of the not-so-innocent. You DO still have to live amongst you!
xo lulu

A Wild Thing said...

With your sense of humor, this one is gonna be a doozie, can't wait to read it...we gotta reach for those dreams and do it with gusto, us ol' mares still gotta lot of kick left in us, so go for it. When I started writing prose, it was like a door opened and released so many feelings that were stored away from living alone for so long...and actually while I was married, I was still alone.

So go for it, there's a butt-load of us right here on the blog ready to read the adventures of the toast of Texas, our own lil' trash digger.

I assume it will be dedicated to Mr.Trash...y'all have fun with it...and...

BTW...used my wonderful coozie the other day, just needed a stress reliever, know what I mean....hey, it fits a beer can perfectly(not that I doubted)but you can never be too safe!

Thanks so much my Texas buds, you guys are da bomb(s)!!!

Cindy said...

OK...I'm late jumping on to this particular band wagon, but if I can grab a wheel and heave the girls up...well here we go! :D I LOVE your writing. It is funny, easy to read, witty. I think you have a huge talent and I for one, be tickled to pink to read whatever your brilliant brain produces and puts onto paper. I'm very delighted with your announcement and wish you much success my dearie!

yapping cat

sweetpea said...

Well first off, you will totally rock! Second can I go on the roadtrip with you for your first book signing? You know it will be the most fun ever! I adore you girl, and you do have a gift. Go for it, I say, just do it! Umm wait that was Nike wasn't it? Well you know what I mean...



LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Hi Deb, I'm catching up on blogs this morning and am just reading your news!! You go girl! I can't wait to read your writings! I told you a few weeks ago at the store, you are extremely talented! And, I know I am amongst hundreds of others that have told you the same thing!

Good luck girl...I'll pray for God to guide your steps...and words! Love, LA

unique unique design said...

I've not been on the blogs lately due to a jillion things, but did hear this news thru mayron. Good for you!! You will do wonderful, I have no doubt. My prayers are with you on this new journey! Have a ball!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

OMG!!! I come home from sailing the seas and I read this...this wonderful news that PIGS REALLY DO FLY!!!! I'm so excited that you'll continue to share your writings with all of us (especially ME, your biggest fan). When you become really REALLY famous, please don't forget about your little Cajun friend here...okay? I beg of you Miss Debbie!
I haven't talked to you in almost a month...I'm having withdrawals. I am deeply lonesome for you, I don't know where the time has passed...okay...yeah...if I'd stay my butt home maybe...oh well, I miss you all the same.
Here's my hand...jump on it as I'm your number one fan and will ALWAYS raise you above the rest!!!!
You GO girl~
everything vintage