Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping Time

I don't know about y'all, but it seems the older I get, the faster the seasons pass. I can't believe it's already the end of July. I mean good gravy y'all...weren't we just dancing under the firecrackers yesterday and now look...school will be starting again in just a few weeks. Whew! Somebody slow this train down so I can get off!

There's a lot of things I'll borrow...jokes, ideas, money...but two things I won't...trouble and time. Such a waste to worry about tomorrow when there is so much to do today!
Cat Daddy and I went to McKinney this past weekend to check out Patina Green's new shoppe (read about it here) then on to Athens to prettify my space.


Have a mentioned how much I love Winnie & Tulula's? I do! Gloria has done such a great job of bringing like-minded people together and except for the dirty job of rearranging things, it's a joy to be there!


We went to drop off a few things...move stuff around...shake it up a bit...ya know? Back to school sales may be just around the corner, but there's always something on sale in downtown Athens on the corner of Hwy.19! (FYI...there's also a farmer's market, across the street from the shoppes, selling on weekends now. How cool is that?)
Case in point...did y'all know the opening of the Sweet Pea Bistro is less than 3 weeks away? I Know! Y'all can't imagine all the work (not to mention hours) Gloria and Don have put in to make this happen. It promises to be a wonderful spot to land after a hard...hard...really hard day of shopping. She's carefully selected the menu, created a charming dining area and even taken the time to scatter seating for just sitting, sipping and sighing! Wait until you get a load of the desserts she has lined up...oh my! She's planning something special to go with the soft opening...so start making plans now for August 11. (Which btw...just happens to be the day after mine and Cat Daddy's anniversary...guess I know where he'll be taking me!) I love seashells and especially seashell art...can you tell? I started buying it years ago, but no one wanted it so I kept it. Now everyone wants it and I don't want to sell mine. Some things really don't have a price, but I do sell things I now find if that makes y'all feel any better. I'm going to be working this weekend on one of the windows at W&T's. I thought (emphasis on thought) I knew what I wanted to do, but that idea is just not coming together for me. So-o-o...it's off to put on my thinking cap and see what "Tom Terrific" idea I can come up with!
Well what do you know...wow...that thinking cap really works...just thought of something! If school is just around the bend, then that means Warrenton/Round Top can't be far behind...but more on that later!



Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Debbie,
Yes, where the heck does the time go? Summer used to last forever when I was a kid but that was a very long time ago! Your timing is great w/your anniversary coming up & Cat Daddy taking you to Sweet Pea Bistro (love that name!). Happy week, ooh and love seashell art here too but just have a couple little pieces, you were smart to collect when no one wanted ;)

red.neck chic said...

We can't discuss that school is fixing to start back up... that means: football games, "mom, take me here" - "mom, take me there" - "mom, i know you bought me jeans last week but i have holes in them now"... yikes!!!

Your space looks GREAT!!! I'm giggling uncontrollably over the fingers stickin' up in the background...


time-worn interiors said...

Your space looks fabulous darling! So exciting about the bistro!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I know the window will look just fabulous, I mean look at all the cool stuff going on in your space now, how could it not. Just put CD in the window and put that cool Elvis shirt on him and they'll be braking to come into the store! What ya think?

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh I forgot don't forget to put the black hat on CD too, you know the one you like so much!

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Hello Deb,
I'm loving the look of your space and the shells:) Being that I live so close to the water I have always had a collection or two lying around my home. And yes, with Summer coming to an end soon it will be time to head to Warrenton. Looking forward to seeing you and CD! May God Bless You~ Lisa

sissie said...

What a great space! I know what you mean about time passing by so quickly....must be a gettin older thang, because I can remember something that happened ages ago, but not what happened yesterday! LOL

Have fun decorating the window.


bella said...

Debbie , Load up that great stuff and bring it to Barn House, You would sell out! Really your space looks great. I had a collection of seashell art , too , but sold most of it a few years back. Just kept 3 favorite pieces but it still catches my eye.

The Primitique said...

I am headed to W&T's this week for some restocking, myself. The Bistro is going to be fab! I'm excited about all the great stuff Gloria has going on. did you way Warrenton? Oh, dear! I need to get busy! ~Mindy

Olive Cooper said...

I mostly do not know what day it is but I do know it's summer! I cannot wait for fall! Love the shells.

Sue said...

I love, "such a waste to worry about tomorrow when there is so much to do today"! That is where I'm at these days too, just begging for some extra hours in the day!! Love the photos you always post. When a have just a few extra minutes I love to sit and just stare at 'em. And an early "happy anniversary" to you! Not all of us make so many years together, congrat's to both of you!

Take care, Sue

Faded Charm said...

Your space look fabulous! I'm really loving your style and all the shells look timeless all lined up in that great galvanized piece. Wish I could come visit you at W&T someday. I'm sure it would be a sight for sore eyes.

Take care and try to enjoy the rest of your summer before it's over.


Malisa said...

Put that thinking cap on and work your magic, girlfriend! Either that or put the dunce cap on and sit in the corner! Thinking cap is sounding pretty good, isn't it?

Thanks for the info in the email. It worked! :)


Prior said...

Aww, I can't wait for the Bistro to open! I love your space and all of W & T...I really enjoyed my little stay in Winsboro.. Lezlee

Scrappy Doo said...

if ya find yourself this way, I will buy you and CD one of each item on the Taco Casa menu in honor of the annv.
I am anxiously awaiting Warrenton :-)

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Oh, my goodness! Love it all! Such a great space, Deb!!

Yaya Chique said...

Okay...I will take one of each! :) Great pics my friend, and can't wait to see pics of your space when you get it all revamped! xo

Laura said...

I get so distracted, I got stalled at Squirrel Alert!

Everything looks amazing.
Take pictures of your new window-


Queenplinker said...

Does that red and gold chair have holes in the fabric?

I can't imagine you sitting on your duff either. Places to go, darlin' grandchildren to fawn over. And if we want to sit on our duffs every now and then, so be it! Such is the sweet life!

Would that chair want to visit me for some upholstery?

I felt silly with that raw milk post. It was a kneejerk reaction to a comment about 'anyone giving raw milk to children, was a child abuser and idiot'..the proper response was to just roll my eyes.

Really, how much is the chair? it needs me

Have a wonderful day,

Janet said...

shopping AND dessert! lordy-be girl, how can anyone pass that up?! love that dohickey with the shells...looks great!

Anita said...

Girl, we are twins. I am working on this guest room- that has had drapery fabric sitting on a chair IN the room for 6 months. Now with a daughter coming home, I best get something done or she will wonder what the heck I do all the friggin time? Does this ever happen to you? You get going on show stuff and your house looks like...well, not show material? So, I'm praying for Jen;s endeavor and askin' you to pray for me- I'm searching for a J.O.B. because I need to depend on something coming in and shows are tooooo variable. I won't give 'em up- just make it fun with it being more EXTRA and not grocery $. So please pray God guides me to a great opportunity. And I'm hopin' it involves travel to TEXAS.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

It certainly does look prettified, I'll give you that! :-) Hey, I recognize those hands, I grabbed half a dozen in Warrenton myself.

The bistro/cafe sounds soooo cool! I think we plan on heading up before school starts and before we move. If we do, rest assured you'll get a call!

Love ya!

unique unique design said...

Yeh, summer is moving right along, but to be honest can't say I'll miss the heat!! Your space looks great. Glad the ol' thinkin' cap is working! Love it when a plan starts coming together.

lulu redstar said...

trashy trash! It looks mah-velous! Love your look. I won't sell my seashells either...just too fab. miss ya! xo

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Okay, now the sea pea bistro. Can there be just one more reason for me to find a dang babysitter & get to McKinney? The pictures are awesome. Had to zoom & figure out what I want to buy. When I do finally come over there you & Cat better meet me! Lisa

AgapiStudios said...

gorgeous, wonderful to meet up with other Texans .. happy blogging

sweetpea said...

girl, there's a whole lotta fabulosity goin' on in that space! won't be long now til we'll be seein' you!



Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love, love, love what you're doing there, Deb. Oooh, that swan, the galvanized steel, the seashells... Can't wait to see what you come up with for the window.


Your space looks amazing. Love the shell treasures especially! Thanks for the giggle with Gloria's antics. OH. Better get back to business. The stapler's ringing. ~ Angela

Maison Douce said...

It looks soooo cool, Deb!!! Gotta put McKinney on my list of places to go....