Monday, July 5, 2010

My Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is defined as a cosmological theory holding that the universe originated approximately 20 billion years ago from the violent explosion of a very small agglomeration of matter of extremely high density and temperature.

Webster's defines theory as a guess or conjecture. The key word here is guess. I happen to believe this is a bunch of a hooey.
Our universe was created by one loving God who only asks for one be worshipped. This I will do with my last dying breath. All I have to do is look at this little firecracker to know He is The Great I Am.
Happy 4th on the 5th!

BTW...don't bother leaving any opposing's not open to debate!

(P.S. Bella's actual due date was July her adjusted age is now one.)


Tami said...

Adjusted or not...that is one little cutie pie of a firecracker! Happy 4th Deb...hope you enjoyed it with your family....

Laura said...

She is a precious, and the firecracker is her grandmother!
I hope everyone is on the mend.


Margo said...

no opposing comment from me, you know that. Great post.
Now go over and see my explosions. You know we love to blow stuff up around here.


Prior said...

How cool! The kids at school were studying the "Big Bang Theater" and one of them said, "That's a bunch of bull, God created the world...The Bibles says so!" and I said, "Yes, the Bible said He spoke it into being, maybe he had a big booming voice!" I agree with you! and what a precious miracle!


Prior said...


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You preach it, sista!
I'm right there with you, all the way.
Coincidences? No such thing. It's all part of the bigger plan, one we don't need to know beforehand to have it comes to pass.

There are those who, knowing ahead of time what challenges Bella would face, might have chosen not to bring this little angel into the world.

But God had a plan for her, and all He required were folks who would just trust Him...and thankfully He found them in you and your amazing family!

Lots of love,


Baby Bella is a true blessing and testament to faith and the power of miracles! God is good indeed! ~ Angela

Tootsie said...

no opposing anything here!!~! I happen to agree 100% has been a long while since I popped in...have been so busy with life around here that I dont have a lot of time to blog...or visit...I push it just doing one or two posts a week!
Bella...happy birthday are so beautiful!!!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Deb dear, you are so so RIGHT!! Love the little firecracker! She's the absolute cutest little firecracker there EVER was!! Love that the 4th is her real date.
Great pictures of you all at Paper Cowgirl!

Olive Cooper said...

Amen. Enuff Said. ~olive

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I am SO in love with this little sizzler...
and this photo too!
She's (as you say) a DOLL BABY!!!!

Dixie said...

What a cute July 4th celebrant! Bella just gets cuter and cuter!

and yes... a set of longhorns mounted on the front end of that redneck camper would be just perrrrrfect!

ps... I always say that God is certainly smart enough to have created the big bang... ;)

Sue said...

No opposing comments here! I don't think you could have summed it up better, especially when you look at that precious little firecracker baby of yours!

Take care, Sue

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, what a cutie she is!!! I hope Cat Daddy is doing better each day!!

Oh, girl, yep, the package arrived, LOL, and I emailed you and you emailed me, LOL! In fact, I used my junk sista canholder this weekend hanging out by the pool!!!!

So frustrating with this comment thing!!!! URRRRGGGHHHHH especially when I'm having a giveaway!! I'll just have to do it the old-fashion way, write them down and pull out a name!

Have a good one!!


clustres said...


Queenplinker said...


What a blessed family, I would hug and squeeze and dress the lil' darlin in tulle everyday!
Think of you all daily, how is the catdaddy doing?


Found Around said...

You are so right! What a precious firecracker she is! I think you need to run for Congress and straighten things out up there.

red.neck chic said...

Good GRIEF that girl is gorgeous!!! I think you have the best firecracker!!!


Malisa said...

Oh, my gosh! Look at that precious, precious girl! Yes, she is a firecracker... descended from a long line of firecrackers! That photo is absolutely priceless! Just think...all of this started from a little spark between a young Cat Daddy and Trash Talk!

DEB said...

She is an absolute DOLLBABY!!! LOVE LOVE the 4 of july outfit!! And that smile....would melt anyones heart! Hoping you & the cat daddy are resting & hes on the mend!
No oppposing here hon...God is Great!

cindy said...

Ohmygosh...what an adorable little cutie pie! (I have the same head band, but waaay cuter on her!). And yep, you gotta right. (But I still like the TV show - lol).


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a difference a year makes!! What a precious little DOLL she is!

And, you are SO right...the truth is the truth. No question about it.


Pam @ Frippery said...

Truly a sparkler!

sparkled*life said...

To know you is to love you! You are amazing! Thank you for being who you are (real)! I love you chik! Hope you are doing well :)

jeannie said...


Theresa said...

Well said Deb! and really can she be any cuter? :) Theresa

unique unique design said...

Could she be any cuter?!!! I don't think so. And, I agree 100% with you...."the Bible tells me so"

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...


And she's a cutie!!!!

And, by the way, I would rather glow than sweat, that's for sure! But I think I would still be too hot while glowing! And, well, yes, we do sometimes get lost in Bonne Volonte!

Thanks for stopping by.