Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cabinet Meeting

Good morning glories! We're getting packed up for our long weekend at Zapp, but I wanted to do a post before we head out tomorrow. I'll be back on Tuesday with photos of all the wonderful things...and people we saw. In the meantime...I'm always fashionably late for parties, so why change now. I'm gonna cover a lot of ground in this tighten up those bra straps and let's get started.Everyone could use an extra pair of hands in the kitchen...right? We live in a tiny house and the kitchen and (ahem) dining area is no exception! I have virtually no counter or cabinet space. What's a girl to do you ask. W-e-e-l-l...she visits her local salvage yard weekly in hopes of remedying that unfortunate situation.

Y'all know me. Nothing in my house or life comes without a back story and this one has a happy ending! Cat Daddy and I were at our local salvage yard looking for anything when what do my wandering eyes see, but this cabinet. Talk about having my skirt blowed up...come to mama! I was excited beyond belief! We took measurements...('cause like I said tiny)...and hurried home to measure.
I couldn't believe my luck...she would just fit with inches to spare on each side...sweet serendipity! There was only one small problem...the yard closed at noon and it was 10 after. That meant I had to wait until there when the doors opened...and hope no one had bought her out from under me!

For the record and just to keep it my dining room! This was all we had until I confiscated the living room! I look back now and wonder how on earth I ever raised two children in a house this small. Thank goodness we loved each other or all that togetherness might have been a problem! you like the table and chairs. My big junk hunter drug those Italian chairs home from a garage sale and the Saarinen table he dug out of one hot mess in a thrift store. (Don't bother asking what he paid...if I told ya, I'd have to kill ya...if the price didn't! Same goes for the cabinet...don't ask-don't tell) I'm telling ya...the boy should have lace on his underwear, he has such a good eye for style!
After an agonizing weekend, fate smiled on me Monday! She was just sitting there waiting on me. She must of loved me as much as I loved her otherwise she would have sang her siren's song to someone else!

Cat Daddy picked her up that afternoon and brought her home where she belonged. All I had to do was give her a bath and she was ready to be installed.

The hussy came backless and since I already had the wallpaper up...instant backdrop! All those drawers just waiting to be filled...cabinets above and below. I promise y'all up and down...she doubled my cabinet space in one fell swoop! (TINY!)
I immediately began filling her shelves with all my favorite things beginning with ironstone my mother and grandmother had bought at yard sales for me before I was married.
My grandmother's Fostoria crystal given to her as gifts for years and years. Not my favorite pattern, but definitely my favorite grandmother!
Silver collected over the years from Dallas hotels...many of those grand old ladies now just a memory of luxury past!
Photos of loved ones now gone. This is a photograph of C.D.'s grandmother and mother back in the day. Remind me to tell you about this pair some day. They were a couple of ring tail tooters!

Speaking of tooters...someone very near and dear to me has a birthday tomorrow! Here's a hint...he's tall, dark and...well he's tall!
My small collection of French enamel coffee pots...I'm always looking for more!
I've collected church plates for years. It always saddened me to see these discarded, so I made it my mission in life to try and save some. I look for the sepia tinted and black ones...preferably Texas ones. There's so much history printed on these plates. I use them on occasion for Sunday dinners just 'cause I can. I call them my Sunday school plates!
C.D.'s mom had the most beautiful, naturally curly, auburn hair. She was a petite woman, barely 5'1"...but man alive...she was a pistol! Jenn is so much like her to the point we called her A.R. (another Roberta) when she was small!
When you have a Munchkin kitchen, you learn quickly how to make do and boy howdy...did I make do with this beauty.

Like I said in the first part of this post...I'm always late for a party, but hey...better late than never! I'm linking up with Kathleen and her White Wednesdays...
Debra and her Vintage Inspiration Friday (lookie here...I'm actually early for this one!)....
and Jen's Hutch Party!

Whew...that's a lot of partying even for this chubby lady with the middle name Party!
(Hidden deep within this post is a little test to see if y'all actually read the words I agonize over or if I'm just talking to myself!)
Adios for now and I'll be back Tuesday. Y'all be sure and behave while I'm gone!


Olive said... fit it when that happens. Your dishes and collections look splendid it it lovey. We go to a chuch now (in the South) that does not have Sunday school. Strange I think. Have fun and do NOT behave...♥O

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh Deb, that cabinet is gorgeous, it's great that it has so much display space, but it also has hidden storage, you did good girl... hugs~~~ Daphne


What a fabulous find! Made even prettier by your wallpapered backdrop and glorious collections placed inside. Really a very pretty piece. Heck, if I looked like that, I'd go with a backless wardrobe too! Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Angela

Sue said...

SCORE!! What a great find and I had to smile while I was reading all the "stuff" you were putting in it! That's one thing about this biz, we all have plenty of "stuff" to display! I made Malisa promise to have her pix taken with Tim in her photo booth. Would love for you to do te same! He's got a scooter this year, so he will be everywhere, no Lisa!

Take care, Sue

sassytrash said... it three times and can't figure out the test??? (it's not easy being blond!)

Anyway, I really LOVE the cabinet, which looks so perfect with your cool wallpaper backing! And the table/chairs are great! I can't even find a junk yard around here....let alone any good thrift finds! That's it....I'm moving to Texas.

Can't wait to see your pics!


Hi Deb! Looks fantastic! Those white dishes are the same ones my mom has. Hoping she gives them to me..... And I love the American Fostoria. Timeless!

Don't forget, you can always come to Canton next week. We are decorating for Halloween.... Maggie

clustres said...

That was a great find and looks great with your wallpaper! Yes, I love the table and chairs!

Pam Kessler said...

Awesome find. Your church plates are very unique. I don't think I've ever ran across them up here. Maybe it's a Southern thing. We do have tons and tons of church cookbooks though.

Unknown said...

Loverly, Deb!
Now when you say tiny, how tiny is your house?
'Cause our new place is pretty dern tiny...we're losing 600 square foot and a whole bedroom!

Anyway, I'm not complaining. it the birthday announcement?
I think I know who you're referring to...

Kate said...

What a FIND Deb you lucky gal xoxoxo I loved all of the photos. Very darlin indeed. Thanks for always leavin your love and my blog it makes my heart warm inside. Prayin I get to meet ya all next spring. Happy weekend


The Green Pea said...

Hi Deb, have a safe and fun trip. I am still wanting to meet you. I hope you take a lot of photos for us gals that can't make it to the show. Blessings, sandi

Unknown said...

That hutch is awesome Sista! I am so glad you didn't pass that up it's an amazing piece! Have a great trip!

Debra@CommonGround said...

The internet ate my original comment! But I'm lovin't that amazing cabinet and ohmygosh, that wallpaper is just fabulous! Have a great weekend all you crazies out there, wish I could be there!
big hugs,

Laura said...

Covet covet.
Covet about the cabinet.
Double covet about the wallpaper.
Triple covet that you and Jodie will be at the blog party laughing.
Quadruple covet...I give up.


Janet said...

omg! excellent find! you have the most adorable house! and lovelove the instant backdrop's a shame cabinets come with backs!

amy said...

Oh Deb I just love it! I also totally love the wallpaper peeking through, it makes the dishes POP! It was ment to be!

Rebecca said...

Hey Sweet Girl...
Nice to be able to visit!!!! Lov'in that cabinet, and the fact that it was supposed to be yours :) Nice when it all comes together. Your kitchen looks fabulous.
Wish I was going to Round Top, thought about it hard but just too much going on. I need rest and nowhere to go... for at least a week!
Safe Travels
Hope your show goes great

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Love it all! What a great find!! The chairs and table, too. When's dinner?

Vintage Home said... I don't know about a test ...but well I read deeper & deeper into this entry I had to keep remembering to breathe.....
things that hit me...
1. I have a very good "picker" of a husband...he does most of our buying...he has a great eye!
2. I love white hutches...although I don't have one!
3. We collect Astoria for my husbands twin sister
4. I have the cream & sugar for your white ironstone
5. I have wanted to collect church plates. We are Mennonite and have many churches in our area...Bob(husband) has always kinda discouraged it (we have LOTS of dishes) so I never glad you are and I am going to rethink the not doing it!
6. I love Glove forms ...always wanted at least one and wow yours are porcelain!
7. What kind of doggie is that?
8. I have French Enamel coffee pots...a small blue one & a white one with blue trim
9.I love Saarinen tables
10. I love blue & white together...your wallpaper!
11. I have a egg collecting bucket from a friends childhood barn & I keep a fern in it...(till I kill it)
wow...this has been off I go to read more!

Pam @ Frippery said...

What a find! I love the way you decked it out. The table and chairs are fab-u-lous! I have picked up church plates here and there too! You already know I love your wallpaper. What pray tell, is a ring tailed tooter? Anything like a hang down, hee hee!