Thursday, September 16, 2010

Talk To The Hand!

Hey y'all! Let me introduce myself. I'm Debbie's doppelganger...TrashMouth and asked by a certain someone ...The Talking Vay-Jay-Jay! (Don't know if I was supposed to say that here, but I figure it's easier to beg forgiveness than it is to ask permission and risk being told NO! Besides if Oprah says must be in the dictionary!)Anyway...Debbie let it slip that Debra has been hosting a really cool party every Friday and I'm an old hand at what constitutes a good party. Ask anyone! So when I noticed her back was turned...I snuck into her office, fired up the ol' computer and proceeded to do a little hand to hand combat with it...again, forgiveness vs. permission! (By the by...does she remind anyone else of Cousin Itt?) I thought y'all might like to get the truth about SweetT's blog party from me....kinda one hand washes the other...ya know?

I was at the last party and it was a doozie...hands down! BTW...did I mention I was first runner-up in the Miss Custom Button contest? I woulda won, but TOT went around and bribed everyone with lady fingers...not was chocolate...again, joshing... but it makes me feel better to think that's why I was runner up and not the QUEEN! (Bitter much?) But I digress...just like my handmaiden Trash does. A word to the wise...Squirrel Disease is contagious!

But back to the subject at hand...are y'all ready for me to hand out all the info you'll need to make the scene? Here's all the 411 you will need.

What to wear should be handled with care. Remember this is Texas in the fall where a cool spell for us is 90 degrees, but Debbie says suffering is the price one must pay for beauty! So drag out those cowboy's only for a little while and then you can put those house shoes back on. But on the other hand, if you're really worried about being cute...SweetT's got you covered...literally!

THE Gypsy Brocante will be a special guest with her new line. It promises to be Fab U Lous as always. You'll be able to hand pick your favorite and I can hold a sheet up while you change right there on the spot! I promise not to peek!

(I should mention I did a little five finger discount shopping for this photo from T's blog. Ssh! Don't tell her...'kay? Remember...forgiveness!) Here's a quick check list for you and I do mean quick.

  1. Check the batteries on your cameras 'cause you don't want 'em to go dead right in the middle of a "money shot" and there will be plenty of those to go around not to mention the celebrities you'll be wanting to photograph! How many you ask? Let me put it this way...I don't have enough fingers to count 'em all...that's how many!
  2. Check your lipstick 'cause there will be plenty of camera operators trying to get their own "money shot"!
  3. Check your "good girl" attitude at the door. As SweetT says..."This ain't no tea party!" Leave your white gloves at home! Plan on being loud, raucous, bawdy, silly, outrageous, laughing your fool head off and just plain having a good time! What is it the Junk Gypsys say? Oh yeah..."Well behaved women rarely make history!" I'd like to add..."Misbehavin' women make mayhem, mischief, and memories!"
Start practicing your pose right now. You heard me! Get in front of that mirror and find the one that is most flattering. We all got one...find yours and use it! Trust me on this one...if you fight the cameras (and there's going to be plenty...I can't stress that enough) you're gonna end up with a face (or body position) that only a mother could love. Y'all have got pretty faces. Boldly face that the "Hey Girl Wave" a la jazz hand....hold it...hold it...say Brie! While you're getting your hand jive on, be prepared to be inspired! CWH will be handing out autographs on her newly published book that you'll be able to purchase hot off the, not second hand! Need I say more? Carolyn is so well known for her beloved style, she could easily go by just her monogram...kind of a junker's JLo! I know for a fact Debbie is quite in awe of her talent and doesn't mind the world knowing it.
You want more? SweetT's giving you more! Polly of Counting Your Blessings is blessing us again with a return visit to the party AND a little birdie told me she's not traveling alone OR empty handed. That's all I'm gonna say on that...wouldn't want to be tipping her know what I mean?

(This is another sticky finger photo I stole, I mean borrowed from Sweet T!)
I've heard there is gonna be a contest for finger food and their serving pieces. Take it from me...don't bite the hand that feeds you and no hand-to-hand fighting over the last piece of cheesecake! I gotta hand it to that SweetT...she thinks of everything! She's really got a hand-le on how to throw a swell shindig!
Ooops! I see Debbie outta the corner of my eye and she's making wild hand gestures at me to wrap it up! Curses...caught red handed!

I sure hope you come out to the blog party for all the inspiration you could ever hope to find in one place. I'll be holding a seat just for you and rest lips are sealed and my hands are tied. What happens at the blog party...stays at the blog party...until the posts start going up!
(PSST! Speaking of secrets...there just may be a tiny guest at the blog party who will be hand delivered by one of my favorite Cat Daddy kittens!)

Before I go, would you like for me to tell you your fortune? Give me your hand. Ahhh yes! I see you in Warrenton Texas, September 26th when the little hand is on 6 and the big hand is on 12. How's that? wanted a tall, dark, hand-some cowboy too? Come to the party and I'll see if I can't give you a hand making that come true...for both of us! Reckon Howdy Doody is still available?
Hands in the air everybody...raise the roof! We got a party to get to!

Thank you again Debra for having this brilliant idea for Fridays. TGIF!


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I've just got to get myself down to Texas again, Debbie. Next time I will be at Theresa's party 'cause you guys are all too sweet and too fun, and you know how to party! p.s. isn't that the sweetest Grandma with that sweet Baby Bella?!!

Theresa said...

Seriously... I would just stalk you the whole time so I could laugh at everything you say!!!! This was hilarious! Thanks for making my morning, you even outdid my java! So wish I could come to TX. and meet everyone and buy fabulous treasures and laugh til my cheeks hurt! Have a great time, can't wait to read all about it. Strike a pose, Theresa xoxo

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my, you are the best at everything, let me give you hand!! Seriously, it's no wonder you want to write, can't top that. Well, the pic of Ms. Bella just might. Can't wait to see you and her and everyone else!! It's going to be a fun party for sure. NO TEA CUPS allowed, maybe a mason jar or two.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Bella will be the cherry on my trip!!!! Yay! I thought I was excited before but now...well...I'm CRAZY excited!!!!

I almost forgot about your little hand toy from last year. Only you girl...only you!!!!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

I am so excited to be coming this year! I didn't go last year cuz I was way too intimidated, but this year I've got Jodie to cling to & of course you, Cat & Bella! I love that you brought the vag-a-jay out of moth balls for the event! Your right, you were robbed girl. I'm racking my brain for this years contest. I came up with a good one for Cat Daddy. It involves a trench coat & cheese whiz. Jodie thought I was a sick puppy, oh well, she's an innocent. Anyway, I can't wait to parade around Zapp Hall like a celebrity on the coat tails of you & your crew! See you soon! Lisa said...

I was already pumped about coming with Lisa and Jodie and now you make it sound even more fun. Can't wait. Sounds like I should leave my polite, MidWestern Good Girl ways at the gate, huh? I get to party like a TEXAN!

sweetpea said...

you are a hoot girl, and i love ya even with a turkey leg in one hand...

be seein' ya before ya know it!



Debra@Common Ground said...

Girl, you ARE the biggest nut! I'm laughing my booty off! I cannot imagine all the wild insanity that I'm missing down there! So yes, take tons of photos so the rest of us unfortunates can join in on the craziness!
love ya,

Lisa said...

Deb, Thanks so much for your comment on my Disapointment and Shell Shock post. It means alot. You crack me up! I was really looking forward to meeting you this Fall at RT. I guesss there is always the Sring. Have a great time, I know you will. Thanks again!
Lisa @ Pix Up Stix

Lisa said...

I guess my spelling skills were affected also......LOL!

Olive Cooper said...

Knutt with a capital K!

Nancy's Notes said...

You crack me up! I love your time chatting with us, I am always in hysterics when I am reading your post, husband looks at me like I am the nutty one!

Enjoy your weekend crazy and fun lady!

The Green Pea said...

Hello Debbie, Miss Bella is a sweet little doll. I hope she get beautiful hair like yours. Now I hope all of you have a great time at the blog party. Hugs, sandi


be sure y'all do a little Texas-style whoopin' and hollerin' for me!

...and thanks for the Dame Edith naming option... as if it wasn't going to be a difficult decision alrady!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Ahhhh yes, Ms. VJJ, I remember you well from the Spring blog party!

Hi-Freakin-Larious, girl!

Oh, and I *will* be calling you Saturday morning once we hit the promised land!


sandra said...

Hey girl,
I wish I was coming for the party, sounds like a hoot!!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I am glad you found me. Lucy and Tony are wonderful people. I always have a great time with them. I will be sure and post lots of pics.
P.S. that baby is gorgeous!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

You girls know how to have fun. One year, I hope to get there! {I already KNOW how to have fun, I mean Texas} xo Lidy

The Stylish House said...
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The Stylish House said...

This is why I love Texans! I met my sweet hubby in Houston so the place holds a special spot for me. I’m glad someone has been having fun, waaa! Hey, I’m doing the happy dance since my daughter found her donor. Breathing a big sigh of relief, but still saying lots of prayers for smooth waters ahead.
Thanks for everything, visiting was like a mini vacation.
Hugs, Cathy

Finger Food said...

Bella looks absolutely adorable! Have fun!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Good Gravy do you have me rolllin!! Thanks so much for the best wishes!! It'll be a hoot planning this whole thing out!!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I needed that hand to throw in front of my hubbys face yesterday! MEN.... I guess I have to live with him though!! How the heck are you? I know I have not been over in a while. I am back on track now. Will be back to visit soon. Oh my.... Bella... she has sprouted and grown!! Have a great week! Janna


Thanks for the laugh! Looking forward to seeing photos of the shindig, as I'll be stuck way up North of the pasture that day. As for bribes, you'll have to do better than Doody. 'magine he's a might bit scruffy by now. Oh, thank you for your sweet words at my post today....ya made my day! ~ Angela

amy said...

You crack me up!!!! I am down to counting the hours til' I get a GREAT BIG TRASHY HUG!!!! See you in a few days!