Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moon Pies

I've been reading all the posts about the upcoming Antique Fair in Round Top/Warrenton and started having myself a good old-fashioned pity party for one! As I said earlier, Cat Daddy and I are not going to be able to make contact with the Mother Ship this fall and it's killing this chubby lady! While feeling sorry for myself at all the fun I'll be missing, I decided to stroll down ol' memory lane with a little look-see at past shows. SQUIRREL ALERT!

I don't know if folks realize the time AND money that goes into preparing for a show this big and this long, but nine days is a lo-o-ng time. It takes a lot of careful measuring and even more moolah to have enough... A. Space on the trailers for everything

B. Room under the tent for everything

C. Enough of everything to last that long...including underwear

I've always said my goal is for Cat Daddy and I to be sitting in two folding lawn chairs with an ice chest between us at the end of a show! Hasn't happened yet...but a girl can always dream!

I'm sharing this information with y'all because I think there is a rumor going around that we dealers find our merchandise either in the trash or on the side of the road. I'm here to tell ya...baloney! I'm not gonna lie to you...sometimes we do come across something dirt cheap, but the days of finding mother lodes are long gone. We are out there wearing the tires off the truck to find the latest trends and hopefully start a few in the process.

Before you think I'm fussing at y'all, please wait for the caboose to this train of thought. Really unique stuff is getting impossible to find at a fairly reasonable price. We're paying a lot more for things than we did even three years ago...supply and demand...ya know? So-o-o...do your homework. Know what you're willing to spend on something you dearly want and when you find it...be kind to that vendor. It's OK to ask for a better price...just don't go in expecting 30-50% off. I don't care what the experts tell you...don't do it! One last word on this and then I'll move on. Don't be offended if the dealer says the price is firm. Just remember how much sweat (and money) went into getting it ready for the show and you....and how much you love it! Y'all will be happy to know that will be my only advice column for this year's fall show! Can you say whew?

(We now return to our regularly scheduled program!)

While I was strolling down memory lane, I came across different photos of the past blog parties and it dawned on me, I hadn't reminded y'all of SweetT's party! Now keep in mind...this is still the summer and just like TV in the summertime, all these photos are reruns....and I'm not doing a lot of links.

(I'm truly not lazy...just tired. I was with Jenn and Bella all day going to doctor's appointments...with shots!)

Let me show you what you'll be missing if you don't come Sunday, September 26th starting with the SweetT herself. Theresa has worked her patootie off on these parties in the past and she ain't about to stop now. When I say she works...I mean like a rented mule. She sets up her space for the show plus designs and decorates a special place for the guests of honor. She makes sure no one leaves hungry or thirsty and this year ought to be a hoot with the Junk Pot Food Contest she's cooked up...no pun intended! (As a matter of fact...Cher of The Texas Woman fame has thrown down the gauntlet to one and all to try and top her entry! I'm thinking Trash Can Punch...what do y'all think?)

If you're new to the party...not to worry. T goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome. I promise you up and down you'll feel like you've know her for years before she's done with you! If you're wondering what to wear...again not to worry. There's no dress code. Just look at these photos. It's boots to bling baby...anything goes...except nekkid! Wouldn't want you to get sunburned!

I promise you'll rub elbows with celebrities...rock stars (in our world)...and the "will-never-be-another-one-like-him" Cat Daddy. That's right boys and girls...we may not be setting up, but there is no way on this green Earth that we would miss the party! Remember...Party is my middle name!
There will be the much anticipated guests!
There will be the long and short of it ones!
Let's hear it for the Honey Baked and the girls-just-wanta-have-fun ones!
There will be bloggers out the wazoo just waiting to meet ya...more than you can swing a Cat at!
There will be laughing, hugs, kisses and all the things that make life good and Texasified!
There will be the chance for making new friends....
and getting to hug old ones!

I'm sure you can understand now why I wouldn't miss this for the world and I hope you can come. I'd love to get to hug you too!
I'll call this a wrap in just a sec, but I thought I'd mention something else while I got y'all on the hook!

I won't be in my familiar tent by Royer's, (btw...go to the Junk Gypsy blog for a great ongoing contest Royer's is in!) but a certain someone will be and she has promised me faithfully to keep the party going in my absence!

Malissa and Lurch will be launching a brand new enterprise at this show. Have you dreamed of the man in the moon? Have you danced by the light of it or even howled at it? Heck...have you ever just mooned somebody? Well...here's your chance to make dreams a reality (all but the mooning part...remember that sunburn!)

Make plans...in fact plan an outfit for...Pent-Up Photos! Is this not over the moon clever? Mal will be taking photos that you can take home with you that day...no waiting or mailing...right then and there! She has an on going love affair with vintage photos and has taken that love and created Pent-Up Photos. Your photo will be a reminder of what a wonderful time you had at Zapp Hall or a great blackmail pix...your call!

She'll be easy to find. If you know where we usually are...that'll be her this show. If you've never been to our tent...just listen for the sound of laughter, the smell of pie and you are there!
Talk real nice to me and I might even let you have a photo made with The Man!


maryboys said...

this is a wonderful post, deb:) and maybe...just possibly...perhaps...you might just have the most grand time ever, just being there without all the sweat and toil it entails! i look forward to your "reports"...


Scrappy Doo said...

Debb, I am so grateful to have had found your blog. You made a Warrenton/Roundtop Junkie out of me and Critter. Even though I am new to this most blessed event I WILL NOT MISS IT! I had so much fun last year I can't even begin to explain. I don't really even try to haggle because I can't imagine how much work it takes to even try and get through the traffic with a trailer. I cant wait!
Have yourself a blessed evening

Tami SouthStreetShabby.blogspot.com said...

Hi Debbie! So sorry you aren't going to be able to make it to your show this fall. But...you'll be able to enjoy your visit there without all the work! (There's always a silver lining, huh?) I hope you're able to report back and let us east-coasters in on the big show! ;-)
Have fun! **Tami

sweetpea said...

well let me say it won't be the same without you at zapp but it would be a crime if you didn't grace us with your sweet presence at the blog party! glad to hear you'll be there and can't wait to see you and CD!



Faded Charm said...

So sorry you can't set up shop this year, but you and I both know how much work goes into it. I hope you take the time to just relax and have fun this year. Also, a note on the other topic of everyone thinking we get things for free.....it's getting harder and harder to find good stuff even for a high price. I;m glad you mentioned this little tidbit.

Take care,


Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Fun=)! Thanks for sharing!!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Malisa sounds like she has a really great idea with the photos, can't wait to see them all. And I just betcha you'll be having the best time ever. Just think how fresh as a daisy you'll be whenever everyone else has been workin' to the bone. Relax and enjoy yourself, besides YOU and CD are the rock stars!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I'm so bummed that I won't be at the blog party, but I will be there the day before (Saturday).
What are the chances I might bump into y'all then?

The Green Pea said...

Debbi, I know you will have a good time at the blog party. Hopefully you will make the Spring Show. Have a nice week and give Bella a hug. sandi

sassytrash said...

I'm thinkin' you are going to enjoy the blog party even more without the stress of setting up! Just wish I could be there to meet you! (and get one of those cool photos made!)

You are so right about how HARD it is to find junk nowadays. I would have thought that the economy being what it is would make it easier, but it is much more difficult to get anything at a decent price of late--I guess we have HGTV and Pickers/Pawn shows to thank for that--everyone thinks their junk is priceless.

Have FUN!!!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Girly girl, I am laughing until I'm crying esp. seeing your HBH and TOT, what fun these two are, sometimes they do have to be separated though. I sometimes think they were twins separated at birth! Anyways, Cher has made a challange and will make an entrance no doubt and I can't wwwwwwaaaaaaiiiittt to see you all. It's going to be a fun time at Zapp Hall (we sure will miss you two being there the whole week, but just thankful you are coming out to sign autographs)!

red.neck chic said...

Well... this is the way I see it...
You're going to get there - I'm going to have my duct tape... you ain't leavin' 'til the end.

That's just how I see things. LOLOL

AND! MALisa will help me I'm sure of it!!!

;-D robelyn

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

counting down the seconds girl...

Attic Rat said...

Warrenton will NOT be the same without you and I am really going to miss my hug. Hope to see you next time. :D


Kathy said...

Debbie - It sounds (and looks like from the pics) like you'll have a grand time at the blog party! Seeing old friends and making new ones - is the best thing of all!

And, I agree with you about it being harder to find good stuff...and getting it for free is definitely the exception and not the rule! So...some respectful bargaining is greatly appreciated!

Roundtop/Warrenton is on my bucket list...hope to meet y'all one of these days! :)

Have a great day my dear!!


Olive Cooper said...

You, my own sassy poet, are going to have pick-up loads of fun and relax at the same time! count it all joy♥olive

Sue said...

Can I join your "pity party" cause I've got a big dose of feeling sorry for myself! I SO want to go one of these times! I've got a great photo of Tim and Royer's from a show or two back. He's going solo this year, Lisa is staying home. I so enjoyed the pictures and the promo's for everyone!

Take care, Sue

Janet said...

sooooo apparently i've been living under a rock! which i'm sure everyone has known but me! whattheheck? why aren't you gonna be there? i've been plotting and planning our visit...feeling so disappointed...

Curtains In My Tree said...

I am sad also. I have never been. I just have to work that event in next year. You all have so much fun and the shopping is like no other flea market according to pictures.


Auntie Joy said...

I'm wishing I was going to Roundtop, maybe someday...little behind on reading but I say ditto about ME magazine, always my favorite, sill sad not to see it coming in the mail.
Have fun visiting with your peeps!

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Debbie,
You said it sooo well. I just can't imagine what it takes to do a show like ROUND TOP. It is all I can do...to do the one day shows that I do.
First you have to find...(find the money to)buy...load...unload...clean...sand...paint...
wax...create...load...drive all night...unload...sell sell sell...load...drive all night...unload...and then try to figure out where to put what is left...then walk around like a zombie for two days...and start all over again for the next show. I am not even going to mention what it cost to make it all happen...not goin there.
I have so much respect for the dealers (like you) that do the big shows.
Thanks for saying like it is!
I am sure you will be missed as much as you miss doing the show.

Kate said...

You are such a neat gal, no wonder there is so much buzz about you and Cat Daddy. I pray next year I can go to and join in all the fun. I feel like I will enjot most of it through your posts!!!


Kathie Truitt said...

That's Elizabeth Maxon!!! I want her autograph. And I want those colorful boots in the picture above that. One of these days I am going to be at warrenton - I'll be the spiky blonde flirting with Cat Daddy and preparing to give you a HUGE hug when you come up to see who the hussy is 'movin' in' on your man!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

You are the party girl and it would not be the same without you!
I'm glad you set everyone straight on the work and cost of doing a show. I have never done one but I know what it takes to set up a shop and I have way more time to do it not a day or two. I don't know how you guys do it. Your boths are more stylish then half the shops I've seen.
Enjoy yourself at the show.
btw I miss ME mag. too!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Debbie,
Can't wait to hear all about the blog party. Sorry you're not setting up this year, I know it's a lot of work so just enjoy all the relaxing (I know it's in no way the same, just trying to make you smile). You always put a smile on my face here no matter what my day/evening may be like, thank YOU for that, you're a sweet soul!
The old photos sound wonderful to me too.

vintagesusie & wings said...

You are just adding fuel to the fire already burning in me to GET THERE!! I'm in Demming, NM right now! Think about it, I'll be in TEXAS SOOOOOON, yeeeee haw girl...I just can't wait to meet you & get our party on!!!
See you soon...