Sunday, October 17, 2010

(Wo)Man VS Machine

~I've been on a calendar, but never on time~Marilyn Monroe

Ah Marilyn, you're singing my song...never, ever on time am I...or in tune. I had planned on joining Margo and Debra for their linky parties Friday, but couldn't find my way out of the mountain of Kleenex I've been living under. I apologize ladies and I promise to be front and center next week!

I had this great post all worked out too! I was going to use "The Time Machine" (which just happens to be one of my favorite books/movies) and tie Vintage Inspiration Friday to Industrial Chic. Clever, huh? You'd think so, but sadly time and a cold were my own worst enemies!

This drafting table isn't my enemy though. In fact, it's my new BFF! It's got rivets, style, a patinaed bronze frame with just a touch of rust...everything I love in a friend including a place for me to rest my weary bones.

This is as far as I got on my project and believe me...there is still plenty going on inside this noodle o'mine for the final look.

Scoot over Cat Daddy...this man-basket is my new love. (Somebody get me a St. Bernard and a Manhattan with a twist!) Tall, chunky, handy as heck...everything I love in a man AND I only have to tell it once what I want it to do starting with just stand there and look pretty!

No, this isn't a kick stand in case you were wondering or even training wheels! The stool is actually attached to the desk and swings down into place. How handy dandy is that? I'm telling y'all...back in the day, they thought of everything!

Sadly, I'll only get to live with these two for a few months, then they will be heading to the Greatest Show On Dirt to make someone else happy.

Time to punch the ol' time clock and wrap this up. I just want to remind everyone one last time about Margo's party. This is the first (but hopefully not the last) link party she has held and from what I've's been a great success!
One final tidbit before I clock out. I just heard from a reliable source that the mask has been pulled off the Lone Stranger! Oh My!


Olive Cooper said...

Don't ya just hate it when real life gets in the way of perfectly fabulous blogging? Love your industrial table! I bought an anchor this weekend that weighs a bunch and love it but I can only blog so much. hugs♥olive

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Great post, love that table, and thanks for the shout out!!

Laura said...

Just get well.Period.
The end.

Beth Leintz said...

Hope your feeling better soon- keep the kleenex out of the man basket.

Prior said...

Hope your better now! Love your stuff! Lezlee

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Debra, can't wait to see your finished project, hope you get to feeling better soon!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic table w/ stool. You are right - they thought of everything back then.
Take good care of yourself

Tamarah said...

Hey Deb....I'm CONCERNED you're not yourself....And I KNOW you're not yourself 'cause there was not one SQUIRREL ALERT in your post....!!! Please feel better soon Lovey....!!!

Now it goes without saying that I LOVE your table & the rescue basket (?) is AWESOME....I'd love to mount that horizontally on my wall....hahahahahaha....!! I WISH I could buy 'em....But as I can't....I'll fantasize to my hearts content.... ** wink ** ....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Deb...wish I could send you over some chicken soup! Love how you do industrial ~ very inspiring!! Have a nice week!

sissie said...

What, no time to blog! Getouttahere!!! I just love the comment you left about my found in the dirt rusty table...."glam grunge!" I'm borrowin that one!

Oh boy, I'm lovin that drafting table. I've seen them around and they are pricey but wonderful. I'm gettin into all this industrial stuff....just one more thing to drive Mr. Sissie crazy!!!!



Cassie said...

Okay, that's long enough...pass that virus along....

LOVE your would-be post pics! Industrial yum.

sweetpea said...

get well soon chickie! love the industrial goods.



Theresa said...

That basket is quite a find... crazy cool! I have a drafting table too, I love it but it will probably have to be sold too, just not a square inch left here @ 612 to put another table :( ofcourse I could replace the stove with it, I'm not a big fan of cooking anyway!!LOL!!! Feel better very soon, Theresa xoxo

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh Deb, that drafting table is amazing!!! Don't you want to rethink that decision? Be like me, keep everything you buy and then go crazy...
Now, get well!!! (lone stranger, te he)
love ya,

Margo said...

Thank you so much, I love your industrial drafting table, and man basket. It's all so you and so industrial. If you haven't already, go ahead and link it up, I left the linky open.
there's still food and drink in the fridge, help yourself :)


vintagesusie & wings said...

Hey Girlfriend...
You still can't have that same cold can you???? That's way tooooo long to be sicky, get antibiotics girl, just in case!!!
Now I for once am well, even with my kindergarten carrier monkey running around the house. That's very unusual for me...I'd better knock on wood or something.
Love your oh so cool, vintage drafting table & the attached chair...who would have thunk, huh!
Dreamin of spring & a 2nd appearance at Round Top...miss your clouds! & you!

clustres said...

Oh my. I have just been knocked back. I love that drafting table with stool. I actually have an old drafting table but it's clearly nothing compared to yours!