Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shade-Y Deals At Sunny Acres

Well the jury is in. After reading all the great comments, the consensus is I must dress my lamp up in baby clothes, plop it in a stroller and take it shopping for a new hat! That's now on my ever growing "Ta-Da" list...thanks a Heap!

I learned Olive has a closet of nothing but lampshades (possible future party attire, Olive?) and that got me to thinking. Hmmm...think I'll take a look-see in the barn! Didn't find a shade for my particular lamp, but I did find a Squirrel one.
I tried my hand at what y'all do so effortlessly...creating! Waited for TPTB to fall asleep so he wouldn't catch me with the scissors and hot glue gun...listened for loud ZZZ's...then stealthily went to work. I found a wonderful tutorial on making rosettes HERE and while mine aren't as pretty as hers...I wasn't totally ashamed of my first foray into the world of Wah-lah!

In the interest of keeping it real...I only burned myself once and stuck my fingers twice. Not bad for a beginner, huh?

I learned a few other things from my previous post. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. RobUhLyn believes duct tape can mend everything except a plumber's crack or a broken promise...although I'd bet a dollar to a donut she'd try to put it on the former!

  2. If I'm ever on a scavenger hunt...I want Amy and Amy on my team. They can find something on anything for me!

  3. L.B. has a sure fire way to try on britches without having to actually get undressed thus escaping the dreaded dressing room mirror and lighting!

  4. Richard is worth every penny he commands as a top designer in Dallas!

  5. Beth is easily distracted by shiny objects (insert squirrel alert)! Speaking of squirrel's one. For those of you who inquired...Liz is the creator of the bling tree...certainly not me! I only wear as much of it as I can while still being able to raise my arms...or as Dolly says, "I'll leave no rhinestone unturned"!

  6. Thank you Tamarah for giving me the word drongo. Sounds so much nicer than throwed off!

  7. Margo is quite content to be ignored. Really?

  8. I have discovered Tracey's Achilles' Heel which makes me feel so much better about my own lack of abilities. I was beginning to develop a real inferiority complex! (Just who do I think I'm kidding here...besides me?)

Thanks for all the input, advice and funny answers. I guess I'll see if I can find something to dress the lamp in that doesn't clash with the silver while venturing out and looking akin to the village drongo with my lamp in tow! (BTW, can one wear silver with gold? Just checking!) Just hope when I make my doesn't make my lamp's bottom look too big!

Thank y'all again. You not only provided me with much needed help, but you were my inspiration for my post at Debra's VIF!

Ladies and gent...I tip my shade to you!

35 comments: said...

Burlap rossettes are the best!

Okay, now you have me curious, I need to go and check out some of these posts you mention. Geez, and I had good intentions of working this morning. Now, I'm lazing away blog surfing instead.

Malisa said...

Wow! Good job, girl! Look at you getting all creative and everythang! I am impressed! Maybe you should get that hot glue gun out more often! I have been away from my computer for 6 days now, so I missed all the fun. But I will have a suggestion for your know I am not afraid to give my opinion! Some people call that a character flaw in me. Imagine that! Good to be back. I missed you guys!


Sassy Marsha said...

Hey,girl, this is fabulous!! Wonderful job on the rosettes!!! I still can't make those!

You know what came to mind when you said lampshade, future attire, remember that episode of Lucie where her and Ethel made their outfits out of burlap bags and I think one of them used a trashcan for a hat, well, I think a beautifully decorate lampshade would make a very fine chapeaux!!


The Tattered Cottage said...

Look at you....being all creative! Great Job!!! Your lampshade is simply stuning!! Just so you have now caused me to waste away another hour or so checking out all of these great posts you listed. As a good blogger, it's my duty and one I will do proudly ;)
Have a great day Miss Deb.

red.neck chic said...

I'm just about certain that silver and gold can be worn together... but only in very large quantities. bling baby - BLING!!!

I have a picture of a plumber with his (uh uhmmmm...) duct tape. I don't know who the photographer was (whistlin' in the breeze and twirlin' my duct tape...)

ha HA! Debster - I LOVE your lamp shade!!!!!! My favorite thing to do with a glue gun is glue my fingers to whatever object I'm attacking...

FANTASTIC!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
;-D robelyn

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Love the shade. I can't tell you how many lamps I have just waiting to be rewired and's just sick. Can't wait to check out the blogs you mentioned.

vintagesusie & wings said...

Hey Girl..
I LOVE your craftin ways & 1 burn & 2 glued fingers are called being a master, even in the highly experienced crafting crowd!
Your shade turned out divine & your rossetes are the rosest. Now you got me thinkin about pulling out the glue gun to see what kind of trouble I can get into.
{nothin compares with sittin in the Texas Troopers Squad Car, that was a highlight in my life!}
Now let's try & make that same shade after 3 or 4 margarita's & see if it turns out better or experiment & I'd like pictures too please!!! LOL
Smiles & Hugs,
Miss Susie

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Deb, I would sooooo buy that purty shade!
When I say I'm not crafty, it's true.
When YOU say it, you're just pullin' our legs!


Honey, that is DARLING! High five and well done!


Gracie's Cottage said...
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Gracie's Cottage said...

Wow that is amazing! Hope you DIDN'T fuse any of your bling with that hot glue gun!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Well, pooh, I missed your lamp post, Hope it didn't have anything to do with hanging out underneath one! LOL!!!
And this shade is THE BEST!! Ok, you just have to hear me acutally say...thu BEST...I think I have caught your squirrel disease, or as we call them, "sqearls". See! What did I tell ya.

Tamarah said...

Fabulous Fabulous FABULOUS Deb ** said whilst clapping hands in gleeful delight ** Your post was the VIVID SPLASH of FUN I needed to put a smile to my lips on the last day of the working week....THANK YOU....!!

I LOVE your rosettes....SO much so that I may very well give it a go myself....!

ALWAYS glad to see the odd squirrel thrown in for good measure....!

Take care Lovey & both you & Cat Daddy have a WONDERFUL weekend....!

Tamarah :o)

The Primitique said...

Your creation is fantastic! You go, girl! ~Mindy

Olive Cooper said...

Burlap rosettes are simply stunning! Well done. I might need some for my closet! hugs♥olive of the weird closet

Anonymous said...

Those rosettes are awesome! You have been holding out on us! Next time I need a shade you are my go to girl :)
PS I want to see the lamp in the baby stroller , please

Theresa said...

Wow! That looks gorgeous! And you only stuck your fingers twice? WOOHOO! Seriously, you did a beautiful job on your lampshade, do you have a lamp for it or are you going shopping for one? So get out the stroller and show us what you find for the lamp o.k.? Have fun shopping, Theresa xoxo

DKG aka Scrappy Doo said...

I am thinkin that shade would look great in my barn :-) Name your price :-)

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I think you did a wonderful job on your rosette, it's just gorgeous and I love that lamp shade,

Laura said...

Did you see One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest?
When I was reading the comments you listed, I pictured all of us sitting in the rec room on the psyche ward while our amazing recreation director (you) taught us how to make lamp shades!

You have been sandbagging. You've got the touch.


I double dog dare you to post another question on a dilemma you are having.

clustres said...

That is one jammin' lampshade. I love it!

amy said...

Debbie, i LOVE it!!!!
Pottery Barn has nothing on you baby!!!!

Pam said...

Love the burlap shade. Have fun taking the lamp out for a day of fun. My tip for buying a shade is to buy one, return it and buy another, return that one and buy another until you're sick and tired of running to the store and then put the lamp in your closet.

The Feathered Nest said...

Gorgeous Deb!!! I can't believe this was your first're an absolute pro! xxoo, Dawn

Nook Cranny Gifts said...

I so love what you did with the lamp shade. Burlap, right up my alley!!!
Thanks for sharing.

A Cottage Muse said...

Simply sweet!!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

You crafty and clever minx!

maryboys said...

it looks really good, debbie:0


Cassie said... made that? Love it. Let's see it on the lamp now....okay?

Vintage Home said...

...your first try???REALLY?...well ya cudda fooled me!...hey does this one work at all on the lamp in question?.....
now I am off to see more of your helpers!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Luv the roses you had done they are very nice. Have a great weekend....Julian

Anita said...

I think you did a fabulous job..,.and I might have to try my own hand at those rosettes :)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I think your rosettes look great! Give me burlap and a glue gun and I am in heaven.
xo, Sherry

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

What the Hell?
Where have I been? I missed all the question & answer fun AND I almost missed your MASTERPIECE of a burlap bundle of beauty!

Girl...don't you EVAH lie to me again and say you're not talented!!! I LOVE THE LAMP SHADE!!!!

Since CD was sleeping and we have no proof that you made it...did you video tape it? hahahahaha
Just kidding done GOOD!

{I just didn't know you were allowed to play with a glue gun unattended...did they release you?} (shit...I just couldn't help myself)

I'm just so THROWED OFF by your talent (& jealous that you didn't make me one too!)

IF I ever stay away this long and miss THREE of your posts again...YOU BETTER CALL 911 because something is deadly wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Not sure how I bounced over here, butI sure enjoyed your post! That lamp shade spruce up turned out fantastic!