Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuck On A Lamp Post

Need a little help here at the Casita de Trash, y'all. Before you say it or think it...I know...I need a whole lotta help!I recently purchased this mercury glass lamp from Fran and Liz and I am at a loss on what size shade I need. I tried googling for info, but after all the gobbledygook talk, I still didn't have a clue. (Sadly, running around clueless could be my theme song!) Measure this, subtract that, add in this...c'mon...I'm not building a rocket to the moon here....I just need the correct size for corn's sake! It measures a whopping 24" tall (not counting a harp which is another topic of discussion) and is 15" across at the widest spot. I know I want a drum shade and I'm waffling on color/pattern, but that's not my conundrum. (Get it...drum shade...conundrum? Ba-dum-dump tish!)
My dilemma is how the heck do you determine what size of a shade to get...short of carrying the darn thing around with me from store to store and trying shades on her like so many hats?

I'm a simple person who needs a simple answer.


This simple person has another simple question she'd like your input on. With the holidays fast approaching (can you believe it?), time is thin for me...which is the only thing thin about me! (Again...don't tell me...I know!) I'm curious as to which y'all prefer when you leave a comment. Would you rather I send you an e-mail response or leave a comment on your blog? I know many of you do both, but unfortunately I can't. Not saying my time is more important than yours...no way. Simply put...I'm older, slower and did I mention much slower! Be honest...if you prefer both...say so. I really do want to make sure you know how much I appreciate each and every comment left here!

Now...back to me!

If any of you have an easy solution, I would love to hear it and I would love to hear your takes on to harp or not to harp. Not that I'm saying y'all are harpies...au contraire mes amies!
In the meantime while y'all are thinking on it, I'll be sitting here in the dark awaiting your answers, so please...HURRY!


Theresa said...

I'm right there with ya on the rocket ship stuff... as soon as math is in the mix, well fogetaboudit! So because I don't want to return a dozen or so lampshades I would probably take it with me to try them out. People look at me funny whether I carry a lamp around with me or not! On to the squirrel alert... I like them both. I don't get very many personal e-mails so when I see you've sent me one it reminds me I have friends! ;O hope the cold has said good~by, Theresa xoxo

Janet said...

i am not your girl for this one! i spend countless hours running back and forth to all my favorite *shade* stores...try this one, returning, try that one...you get the idea! consequently, i don't do much lamp-sans-the-shade purchasing!

blog comments make my heart swell :) email, not so much! kisses!

Sue said...

Great collection of lamps.I often feel badly because I usually don't have time to respond to the comments I receive on my blog and that makes me feel like I don't appreciate them, which is just the opposite in that they make my day. Comments are always great, and although I make an effort to get back to bloggers that leave me comments, I often don't. So, the moral of this post is, don't ever worry about me, I'm always racing with my own clock!

Take care my friend, Sue

Vintage Home said...

...on my blog please!
ok the shade should go to just below the harp holder..or to the top of the base (my favorite)...so depending on what size harp you have...or if you can only find a certain size shade (my continual problem) buy the harp that works...keeping in mind the shade should be the same distance across as the lamp is high (from the bottom of the base to the top of the base)...or do what I do...just keep your eye out for what you like and go for it...I am with Theresa ...put it ...carefully ...in the car and go to the stores...as long as it looks ok!...confused!..hahah....

red.neck chic said...

Wherever/however you want to... 'cause I know you love me like I love you!!! ;-D how's that?!?!

You know - there's not one lamp in the single-wide with a shade. Shade frames? yes... why frames you ask? 'cause I don't know what to cover them in. perhaps duct tape? hmmmm....

send me the lamp - problem solved! HAHAHAHA!!!

;-D xoxoxoxoxo

Margo said...

My suggestion would be to take the whole lamp to the shade store,and try them on till you find one you like.

Always works for me.


amy said...


i have to agree, I think that I might just take the lamp along with you. it might save you a couple of trips on returns in the long run...
xoxox amy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'm not going to be much help other than to say the same thing to take the lamp with you and the one that looks the best, buy it. As for the other, it doesn't matter to me, whichever you have time to do or not, I can always email/call you to talk, but I do enjoy your funny comments though!

Olive Cooper said...

I never measure a thing which drives my hubs crazy. I eyeball shades and go. Just to keep things crazy at my house I keep a closet filled with spare shades found at thrifts and garage sales so I shop my closet first cause shades are expensive. For you I would take the lamp to the store carefully. I like comments best but also enjoy e-mails. hugs♥olive

AuroraSuzette said...

This person above me with a closet to spare for lampshades, well, I'm jealous! I say round, and as tall as the rounded part of the base is. There. I'd try shades on it until you find the one you either like, or just leave on cause you get distracted by something else!

Beth Leintz said...

Beats me- I'm more likely to find the right lampshade for my head than for a lamp. What I want to know about is that jeweled Christmas tree next to the lamp- pretttttty. Did you make it?

Pam @ Frippery said...

Just be sure the shade is about as wide as the base for a drum shade. You can always take the harp off or get a shorter or taller one if need be. All the big box hardware stores and even Walmart or Target carry different sizes. (I am a lamp addict so I have been through much trial and trib with shades.) Great lamp by the way. Hugs from Ohio, Pam

Tamarah said...

....Ahhhhhhhh....She's BACK....SQUIRREL alert & all....hahahahaha....Deb love THANKS for your email earlier....I must say I'm a GREEDY blogger & LOVE both BUT I'm also realistic....I find it hard keeping up myself so WHATEVER's OK with you my Friend is AO freakin' K with me.... :o) !

Now on the shade front....hmmmmmm....I'd be inclined to lug it to the shop otherwise you run the risk of going back & forward like a drongo (TEXAUS dictionary alert: drongo = goose/idiot)....!

Must away...."pesky day job' & all....!!

Cheers Lovey,
Tamarah :o)

littlethings1 said...

I love the lamp !!! I can see taking it to a store & "trying" on lamp shades would be perfect , but you could also buy some and take back what you dont like !!!!
The Little Things

Tami SouthStreetShabby.blogspot.com said...

I'm with 'Vintage Home' all the way on this one! As long as the mechanical stuff is hidden...looks OK to me! Would look very cool with a silver drum shade...make sure we see what you've chosen.
As for the harp, YES...how else would you put jewelry on top of the lamp if not on the top of the harp? And....I know I've been busy as heck myself, hardly enough time to read let alone write comments. If you want to 'talk' just say 'hey' on the blog. Saves a step and besides...we all know you care...:-)

sissie said...

I am always having lampshade perils! I just sort of eyeball one and try it out and if it doesn't work I end up throwing it in a closet somewhere because I'm too lazy to return it to the store. By the way I love the lamp, mercury glass, ooh.

As far as comments, either way works for me, or none at all. I know you appreciate comments just like me so don't allow it to become a burden, just have fun.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Mmmmm, that's a purty lamp you got there!
I agree about just taking it to the store and trying all the shades on there.

And as far as comments go, do whatever you have time for. I know you love me and won't feel slighted if I don't hear from you due to busy-ness. :-)


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

There is nothing I dread more then having to pick a shade so I have brought the lamp with me when shopping.
Love your emails and your comments...which ever you prefer but I know some get their panties in a bunch about that.
Good luck with the shade!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Drum shade all the way! As far as a size, here's a great article to give you a general way to figure out what you need...



P.S. Either emails or comments are fine with me. If you can't do either, that's fine with me, too. Do what you have time for. Or as I heard somewhere recently, "Do your best and forget the rest." :)

The Green Pea said...

Hey Deb! I would take it to the store. Just try some on, I think that the style of shades today are not so big. I have used smaller shades on older lamps, I just like think they look better.
Have some fun, I know take CD along too.
hugs, sandi

Margo said...

On the email or comment question, do whichever is easiest for you. I don't feel you need to respond to every comment left, I certainly don't feel slighted in the least when I'm ignored.


Laura said...

This is what I do.
Stand and stare at lamp.
Vow to measure lamp right to left and up and down.
Write down measurements.
Go to store for something else and remember that I need a shade.
Go to the shade department (I only shop at stores with loud speakers and crying kids).
Realize I don't have the measurements or the lamp.
Try to make an educated guess.
Pick the shade that 'looks' right, using the same method I use when I stretch the waistband of pants out as far as they will go because I don't feel like trying them on- and I want to know if they will fit.
Get home with lamp shade realizing it is all wrong.

Laura Belle

PS. Just don't let the hardware show.
PSS. I like comments on blog posts- and yours are such a treasure, I enjoy reading what you write on other blogs too.

Richard Schrade / Richard Alan Design said...

Rule #1 for Buying a Lampshade:
ALWAYS take the lamp to the store! You cannot fit it (unless by luck) without making this effort. Of course, that involves packing the lamp in a box, etc. so you don't wind up with a pile of mercury glass in the back of Cat Daddy's truck! Generally, it's a good idea to follow the shape of the base with the shape of the shade, ie: round base = round shade, etc.
I think this lamp would be fab with a black drum shade with a silver lining. Yeah, I'm always about the big bucks. Texas Lamp in Forney will make a shade for you reasonably (are they still open?) If you need other sources, I've got them, but more $$$. Lamps Plus also good place for ready-made. As far as the harp, don't worry about it! Harps are meant to be changed according to the fit of the shade. Usually, the shade should come down at least to the top of the "neck", but I sometimes adjust, even for the height of the table or the positioning of the lamp. Who knew something so simple as a lamp could be so important?.... But, just remember: "Lamps are the Jewelry of a Room" !

Anonymous said...

I would buy a few shades and bring them home , then return the ones that weren't keepers.
I love your comments - reely , I do. You are so silly :)


OK squirrely girl, I would take the ding dang lamp (yeah, I watch way too many King of the Hill reruns) with me and try em on like hats because I can't do anything without seeing it in person. And then I say blog comments are great.

Love ya girl,

sassytrash said...

Hi TT....hope you are out from under that mountain of kleenex by now! I'm completely lamp-shade-size challenged.....never could get it right, so I won't be any help getting you out of the dark!

Darlie said...

Wonderful! Great stuff ! Just found you and really enjoying searching your blog.

Tracey said...

There are 2 things I hate dealing with decoratingwise, and that's curtains and lamp shades! I'm forevermore unhappy with what I choose and don't seem to be very good at it either, so after 6 1/2 yrs in this house I still have rooms with no curtains and no lamps {ya it works out really well at night, ha!}...bottom line, sorry, but I'm no help on this one {aren't you glad I stopped by :)}! My decorating motto is "go with your gut"...if it looks good to you, go with it and forget all the rules :))

Hugs ~

:) T

Six in One Hand said...

I say buy the top three that you love the most and try them on...just keep your receipts for the ones that don't work. Missed you!!!

Glenda said...

I never can buy a lampshade that fits "to save my life". Then I went through the phase of not having shades on some of my lamps, Bob the Builder could not handle that. So now I go back and forth to the store till I find one that fits. If not, the lamp usually ends up in my junk booth!

If you were to only comment on my blog, you would be commenting on the same post over and over. lol Just can't get anything together right now.
~G~hugs from your cousin twice removed!

Faded Charm said...

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog and also for asking about my son. He is doing sooo much better and back to school all day this week. He'll probably need to be on crutches for another month, but can already put a little pressure on it and bend it some. He won't need a cast since he had the plate and pins put in. Just a nasty scar to brag to the girls about:)

Enjoy your week and try to stay away from those squirrels, won't ya?

Take care,


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

How did I miss this post... I would do what some of the others said and take the lamp with you to the store and just try on lamp shade until you find the shade that's right for it! As far as leaving comments or email, which ever is easiest for you, but I will say I always LOVE reading your comments, but I would love reading your emails too!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh Deb, I forgot what I had stopped by far after reading your post above, I had left a comment for you on my post, stop by when you get a chance!!!

time-worn interiors said...

You can always change the size of the harp so a smaller shade will fit!

Malisa said...

Oh, man! I had such a good idea and then I read Richard's comment and he had the same idea! Oh, well, I feel good I had the same idea as a designer! Definitely a black drum shade with a silver lining. However, I think it would be cool to make your own lining with silver leaf. The silver leaf lining would mimic the mercury glass look. No, no, you don't have to pay me...my ideas are free! :)

maryboys said...

debbie - you know, you have a special gift here! your posts are so engaging that the comments become a "must read" too!!! thanks for being you...