Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jumping Up And Down...Trying To Stay Warm!

Well y'all, here we go again.  A major cold front blew in causing temps to drop 25 degrees in about 3 hours here at the North Texas Pole!  Ya know...I can't help wondering why-oh-why the pounds won't drop that fast off me. Sadly, my frozen front-side (as well as the back-side tundra) is still the same size as when I went to bed last night.  Even sadder...the ice and snow will melt off quickly by Saturday...but not the pounds.  You'd think the extra padding would keep me warm (works for seals...ort,ort) but

All this cold weather has me thinking up creative ways to keep warm.  I've looked at the nursery catalogs while dreaming of spring, drank a bootleg keg of hot Dr Pepper, ate stew out the wazoo and now I'm starting to make googly, calf-eyes at ol' Cat Daddy!  (Here kitty, kitty!)  Desperate times call for desperate measures meaning a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to crank up some heat.  I can't layer on any more clothes 'cause there's nothing left in the closet...except swimsuits and peignoirs from 1985!  (Before y'all say it or even think it...NO!  I know what I've said before, but not even for five minutes.  I'll just remain cold 'cause the alternative would result in a blackout from a temporary lack of oxygen!)

Never fear y'all...Sweet Pea's to the rescue!  Gloria has all kinds of things planned for the rest of this month guaranteed to get your engines and hearts warmed up.

There's a new sheriff, I mean chef in town (town being The Bistro) who is known by the name Blaise and he's straight out of New Orleans.  (How apropos y'all.  Blaze...get it?)  He and Gloria are planning a Valentine's four course dinner to be served on February 11, 12, and 14.  I know this info is coming to you late, but hey...there is still time to make a reservation.  The meal selections are Fab U Lous, but even better are the dessert choices to light an inner fire.  NOW I got y'all's attention!  Ever had Bananas Foster?  (Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!)  How about Bread Pudding? Two Louisiana classics for sure, but the clincher for heating up a really cold night...Chocolate Lava Molten Cake!  I KNOW!  Take me away Fabio...I mean Cat Daddy! So-o-o...if you're looking for something special to celebrate your true love (in my case...the love of food) ya go!  Did I mention BYOB? (Bubbly...not boudoir! The cold has me feeling a little frisky...excusez-moi!)  

If that wasn't enough...there's a trunk show coming to Sweet Pea's in February too and not just any ol' trunk show.  Forget Saratoga or steamers...move over Louis Vuitton...people we have Janet Waldrop of Skip To My Lou coming!
Janet will be bringing her one-of-a-kind jewelry (these really are works of art to be hoarded at all costs) on February 18th and 19th.  If you've had the opportunity to see her work before, you know first-hand what I'm talking about.  If you haven't...mark your calendar now! She and they are pretty spectacular!

Each unique piece is presented in Janet's inimitable style.  Her eye for detail is just extraordinary with each piece having a story to tell.  Please make plans to can thank me later.

One more little bit of newness at Sweet Pea's that's just in time for V-Day.  Allison (of The Flower Girl in Tyler) is now in the house with unique bouquets for your honey...or you!  Signature arrangements with sweetness guaranteed not to increase lb's...only X's and O's!

I find myself having a sudden yen for snow ice cream, so I guess I'll call it a wrap.  Gotta go hunker down (I can't believe I'm using this poor, tired expression...darn weather guys!) for the next two days and try very...VERY... hard not to bury C.D. in the snow!


Vintage Home said...

Oh dear sorry you can't keep warm...when I have those moments or days...I use my rice bag!....make a tubular shape out of sturdy fabric (ticking!) fill with rice, stitch closeand heat bag ever!....beautiful jewelery!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Just make sure you don't eat the "yellow" snow :) So, how come no pic of cat daddy playing in the snow. I guess he's trying to keep you warm (wink) while you send the kiddos out to play! We're getting the cold and ic but no snow. Be safe, T

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I should run spell check before posting, the "ic" is ice but I guess that's easy to figure out.

Queenplinker said...

Wow, you got a lot of snow! Just ice here.
No stew either, a big pot of pintos..hubby won't keep me warm. Won't even stay same room with me ;0)

I Love Janet's jewelry, so pretty and delicate...second guessing the goat!

Just a few more days till warm weather! woohoo

Debra@CommonGround said...

Have you swallowed some Mexican Jumping Beans? your last 9(?) posts have "jumped" all over creation!!LOL!!! just trying to stay warm!
love ya,

Anonymous said...

Ain't this weather somthin? In Oklahoma we're used to wild weather: hail, not a problem. Tornadoes, no big deal. SNOW, oh my good gravy, what to do, what to do?! I haven't been junkin in three weeks, people, and I'm climbing the walls. The best cure for the winter blahs is an estate sale, but I can't even leave my own estate for all the snow! Well, a good jewelry score would help. The pieces are all beautiful.


Olive said...

We are going to have a wintery mix tonite in Georgia! Craziness...I need to get out and do stuff in my garden. Now I have a cold too. I love those hot/cold earrings.

sassytrash said...

Mmmmm...chocolate molten lava cake?? That might even be worth getting out in that freezing cold!! Really hope it gets warm soon out there!!
We're getting snow tonight, but it's also supposed to be 48 by the afternoon...yeah!!

Malisa said...

Oh, girl, you made me laugh today! I have this mental image of Cat Daddy down on his knees praying for snow! Put on your flannel gown and leg warmers and mittens and ear muffs and ask him if he is still interested! Of course, we both know he will be! Oh, well, at least he will be pooped out and go to sleep early!


Unknown said...

You are the absolute cutest thing ever, Debbie!
Reading your posts is better than a thesaurus, my dictionary worthy friend! :-)


DEB said...

Ohhh Deb..Here in OKLA. & over 14" one day...5" one day & 6" againnnnnn...I am goin squirrel crazy myself!!! Always can come here for a smile & laugh:) You have such a way of words sweets! I may not always comment...but I am always here:)
Sure wish I lived closer girly!!
Stay warm my friend..any way you can! LOL

amy~ the gypsy chick said...

i haven't thought about snow ice cream in years! My mom would always let use make it after the second snow fall, she said that it was cleaner... ha ha :)
hope you are staying warm!

Sue said...

I really don't understand those temperatures and all the snow and ice stuff you have to deal with. I freak out when the temps out here in sunny southern CA dip below 60! Yes, we are spoiled! Stay warm.

Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

From one Deb to're the best!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

ort, ort.....I am still laughing!

red.neck chic said...

LOL T said was I was gonna say...

Debster - I'm about sick of this cold - and I'm a "I love winter" kinda girl! augh!

I'm gonna have to wander over to the bistro - and I WANT those earrings which means... I'm gonna have to wander over to the trunk show!

I'm going back under the covers...

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said... are keeping me warm...making me laugh...very much needed here! Thank you!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I had to nephews name is Blaise and we live about an hour away from New Orleans...ha! Small world :)

sharron said...

yeah girl I am about ready for some sunshine and junkin' weather!!
i love the hot and cold ear rangs too!!
yall stay warm..the weekend looks fabulous!!!

Donna Reyne' said...

I had to jump over and see how you were making out in this crazy weather! So glad I did! You are a hoot and a half!
I got to craving a warm dr. pepper and haven't even thought of them in ages!
I do drink a dr. pepper every day but ice cold!
I tell my hubby "It's a Texas wouldn't understand"
I do hope you stay warm...It won't be long before your weather will change and shorts and tanks will be back!

Carole said...

Doesn't seem right seeing all that snow down in Texas! But hey snow ice cream might not be bad.
I here we're getting temps in the 50s coming soon. Maybe we'll see the ground yet in them here parts.
Stay warm,

Cindy said... do crack me up! Wow, some cool stuff going on over and W&T! Some gals were asking me about it at work the other day and I told em how to get over there. Looks like I need to make a return trip myself...LOVE her jewelry, its amazing.

And you, lol...try and keep warm. Was the 50 degrees and sun yesterday not glorious? Hoping we have more today! Yum.