Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ski Jump

 It seems weather folks can make le boo boo.  Where we were supposed to get a dusting of snow and the Houston area 3-6"...Friday morning came and looky-looky.  Yeah...we got at least 7" and Houston...a dusting!  Maybe Mother Nature had a little temporary dyslexia, but we sure didn't need this on top of the ice that hasn't had a chance to melt!

According to the PTB...this is perfect snow for skiing....powdery, not wet.

~Skiing:  I do not participate in any sport with an ambulance at the bottom of the hill.~Erma Bombeck

Yeah Erma...I'm with you on that one.  I would add that I do not participate in any event that results in a wet BEE-hind either...might as well be showering with my clothes on!  I'm more of an apres-ski type of gal myself.  I could really get into the whole roaring fireplace, warm brandy, cute boots, and even cuter ski instructor at the lodge thingy.

Here at the North Texas Tundra, we've had ice for three days and now snow.  To say I'm experiencing cabin fever would be an understatement.  I've been trapped in the Casita de Trash for 4 days with Cat Daddy and before y'all get to thinking "how cozy", let me remind you he is an executive superintendent at his company and is used to bossing around a gang of men.  Guess who he thinks he's been the boss of lately?  Silly boy...but don't y'all go a-worrying 'bout ol' Trash.  I quickly gave him an attitude adjustment and after two days of cleaning out closets, he went in to work on Thursday to get some rest, do payroll, and shout some orders that would actually get obeyed.

Did y'all know that SDS in skiing lingo means snow deprivation syndrome and that yard sale means crashing and scattering equipment?  Let me tell y'all...for me it means shopping deprivation syndrome and I think a good yard sale (the kind we all love) would fix me up PDQ! 

(I wonder if water skis would work on this fine snow!  Can you say shush, shush?)

I guess for the next few days, I'll have to be content with my latest loot and dream of spring!

Anybody besides me dreaming of a picnic outdoors? (~ Hello pic-a-nic basket!~Yogi Bear)  This basket would hold a whole lotta fried chicken!


Can anybody tell me why restaurants insist on calling it "chicken fried chicken"?  It's chicken that's been coated in eggs, milk, flour and fried.  How exactly does one chicken fry a chicken for gosh sakes beyond this simple formula?  Now chicken fried steak...that's a cow of a whole different color!  It's prepared like fried chicken...hence chicken fried, but a chicken...let's not get all fancy-schmancy and just call it what it is...good ol' mama's FRIED CHICKEN!

(Psst...all you English majors out there.  Would chicken fried chicken be considered an oxymoron?)

This bad boy is 30" long and 20" wide.  I don't think I've ever seen one this ginormous.  This picnic basket is large enough to hold plenty of food for the entire Duggar family plus one!  Law, that's a lot of potato salad and deviled eggs!  Here chick, chick!

There aren't any handles...just canvas straps on each end.  I'm guessing it's 'cause it would take two strapping men to carry it once it's filled!

It has this wonderful little refrigerator section...not that we need that right now.  Heck...I can just stick things outside to keep them cold for the time being...and hope they don't freeze solid!

Y'all know I want to paint some rooms in the house...right?  Reckon if I filled this basket up with El Fenix Mexican food, I could entice some of y'all to come help?  Just a thought!

I'm in love with this seltzer bottle and I don't know if I'll be able to part with it when the time comes to do The Big Show.  Love the etching and the glass siphon.  Looks icy doesn't it?  Just like my sidewalk and the looks Cat Daddy got from me the past few days!

Well I don't know about y'all, but I'm tired of the bunny slopes and I'm ready for bunny trails!  Here Easter Bunny, Bunny!

Hey Boo Boo...I'm smarter than the average bear!


Deb said...

I here you sister....I'm so ready for this stuff to leave....I want my Texas weather back....last saturday it was 75....22 today...

Pam @ Frippery said...

That basket is fantastic. Perfect to fill up with provisions to get you through the "white death". As for putting things outside to keep them cold, That is how we keep our party supplies chilled when we have guests, stick 'em on the deck and you have an "Ohio cooler".
You and I can hang out in front of the fire with some Baileys watching the snow fall. We live about ten minutes from Perfect North Slopes in Indiana. They have live snow cams of the slopes so we can just watch skiing and tubing on our laptops while we sip.
When I see Deb mention 75 last week though I must say, what sympathy I have for y'all just fritters away.
Speaking of fritters, chicken fried chicken???
Longest comment ever, sorry, stay warm, Pam

The Primitique said...

I bit the dust twice yesterday. It wasn't like I wasn't being careful. But, alas, the falls came. Wheeee! That basket is humongous! Can you imagine how many moonpies it would hold? ~Mindy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

While it looks pretty outside, I would be ready for it stop. I hope it warms up enough so that you can get out this weekend!

Ruby Grace's said...

Although I am usually on board with your take on sports that involve ambulances and wet clothes...I LOVE TO SKI. Just something so majestic and breathtaking about being on top of a snow covered mountain. Everywhere you look it is beautiful and white. I feel so close to God there. BUT...then I want to leave it and come home to Texas where it is 75 degrees! I don't want to ski in my back yard. It is 32 degrees as I am typing and I am so excited...we are going to be above freezing! Have a great week and stay warm!

Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques said...

Darlin, I'm feeling your pain! I had the old wood stove cranked up so high, the dog went out to lay in the snow and cool off! How about a link party? What did you do while you were snowed in for 4 days?
Love You!

Sheila said...

I am sorry that Mother Nature screwed with ya all in TX. I am in S. CA and it is even cold here for us seriously...I hope your weekend kicks butt anyway :)


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I'm ready for some picnic weather too, wanted to go to Canton this weekend but just to dang cold!!!
Stay warm~~~ hugs Daphne

time worn interiors said...

Well, Ms. Thang! Oh, I mean Auntie Trash! We call it FRIED chicken and COUNTRY fried steak in my part of the country!! I never heard those terms till we came to Texas! Do you all call Fried green tomatoes, CHICKEN fried green tomatoes?! LOL! LOL! Or maybe you guys don't eat fried green tomatoes in Texas? I'm so confused right now!

Only 6 weeks till this gig is up! I can't wait! Hope your bringing some good stuff!


Debra@Common Ground said...

I have NEVER seen a PB that big, love those canvas straps on it!! And as much as I hate hot weather, I think I prefer it to being snowbound for a week...stir crazy!

A Cottage Muse said...

Love that seltzer bottle! I want to start a little collection! CD is lucky you didn't fill it and squirt him when he got out of hand!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

I should have my Texas card revoked, because I actually cannot stand chicken fried steak! True dat.

I'm still chuckling over CD having to head back to work to get a little rest!!! ;-)

I might hafta get you to put my name on that yummy seltzer bottle, ma'am!


Prior said...

lol, I have always thought the same about that chicken fried thing and My husband is back to work too...He was career military and tries to shout orders sometimes,too, Oh well, he did look good in that uniform, tee hee! me and the sisters went to First Monday...yeah, we did! lol, we had the cabin fever, too!

Love the big ole basket...Lezlee

Gypsy Fish said...

Never heard of chicken fried chicken(is that a Texas thing?)but boy I've heard of SNOW! an overabundance of it as that basket~

Anonymous said...

Oh this weather is putting a serious damper on my junkin excursions! Housebound with a sick husband is noble, but extremely boring! When the highlight of the day is Nancy Grace or Oprah, I know I've just got to get out and scout for some bargains, any bargains! I've heard of chicken fried chicken and it's delicious, just like chicken friend steak. It's a southern thang!


Laura said...

I discovered an important fact yesterday.
It is hard to dig through boxes of junk with
gloves, a scarf, a full length coat, and a sweater on...
I was smiling under my ski mask!

Our daughter who lives in Dallas and teaches at Lovejoy has not had school for almost a week.

She has been home all week with a pug puppy.
Everyone is going CRAZY.


Vicki said...

LOl at this post. Love that basket and seltzer bottle...oh my! Hope things warm up for you and hubby gets back to work asap!

Dixie said...

Hi Deb! Can't believe all the snow you guys got... heck we even got an inch or so down here in French Lique! love the seltzer bottle! everyone I see is too expensive for me... so I'll just enjoy seeing yours! hugs. Dixie

Carole said...

Oh Debbie,
I'm a snow girl but I don't ski either. I did go crosscountry once and ran right into a huge rock!
Yes I agree chicken fried chicken makes no sense at all. We need you to run for office and put in laws against such nonsense.

Happy Super Bowl,

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hey Deb, I have something for you on my blog, would love for you to pick it up when you get a chance!
Hugs~~~ Daphne

home of debi lynn designs said...

I am soooo glad those of us in Houston, only got a "dusting", but could have done without the ICE!!!! HORRIBLE to see over 5 million people think that they could drive in the stuff.

I still have my grandparents favorite picnic basket that we always used on road trips...nothing like a GREAT picnic in a treasured basket! xo..deb

Malisa said...

As an English major, I have always been horrified by the term "chicken fried chicken". Redundant? YES! The proper term would be fried chicken breast. I think a Yankee must have coined that term!


Queenplinker said...

I know better then to debate "fried chicken" vs "chicken fried chicken"...I just stick my plate out and say "please" :0)

Stay warm, looks like another front is on the way, there's your third R in burr!

Lynea :0)

red.neck chic said...

Laughing. I am LAUGHING so hard. I have a ski story... remind me to tell you about it sometime. LOLOLOL

c'mon spring...
;-D xoxoxo