Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pas de Chat Ending With A Grand Jete'

This is probably one of my favorite Cat Daddy stories. He knows I'm a sucker for surprises and never stops trying to step up his game.  He says I'm a high maintenance woman...but you gotta ask yourself...who's fault is that? is another rerun from the Vault Of  Dusty Memories.

Sunday, December 13

And She Lived Happily Ever After!

Once upon a time, there was a little redheaded girl who dreamed of being on Broadway or a world famous Radio City Music Hall Rockette. She took dance lessons and practiced her kicks day and night until that fateful day she learned a Rockette had to be at least 5'5". Sadly, save a miracle, she would never grow beyond 5'1".

She couldn't truly let go of that dream, but instead held it in her heart for safe keeping, never telling anyone for fear they'd laugh. A glittering dream to take out every now and then, dust off, smile at, hold in her hands and then gently place back in it's hiding place.

Many years later, she went to the mailbox to discover a Christmas card in a familiar handwriting. Opening it, she read an obscure message requesting a night of frivolity with dinner, a show and perhaps a little gratitude vo-di-oh-dohing! Shocked, since he had never done anything like that before, she ran to the phone to call her knight-in-rusting-armor to ask who had he meant to mail the invitation to! He laughingly told her to go and look in the drawer of his night stand...he would remain on the line. She flew to the bedroom...yanked open the drawer and there nestled in their own special little envelope, were two front row seat tickets to The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!

Tripping back to the phone, she asked again if the invitation was for her (never hurts to double check) and YES, it was hers. Tickets to make her secret a reality...even if she wasn't on the stage! Tickets to transport her to the world she had always dreamed of!

Dressed to the nines and escorted by the most handsome man in the room (who just happened to be 10' tall) she climbed the stairs, entered the theater and prepared to be enthralled!

For one brief, shining moment in time, she was a Rockette. She laughed, jumped up and down in her seat, cried, clapped and behaved like that little redheaded girl of 9.

He loved every moment of her childlike happiness...and she him for knowing her heart!



Miss Gracie's House said...

suh-weet story! You always make me do have the *GIFT* of gab...I got your comments from yesterday...I am so thankful that my little ole words could be an's all God!
Have a great weekend...stay cool if that's possible!

Vintage Green said...

Oh that Cat Daddy......
What a sweetie!!

sissie said...

Oh, this is just so darn sweet. I always wanted to be a Mouseketeer! Wanted to look like Annette! LOL!

hugs sweet friend.


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

That is PRECIOUS!! Pinch him for me! That is just too dang sweet!

Sassy Marsha said...

You have the best man ever!!!!!!


Jane said...

Great story! You got a keeper!!

A Cottage Muse said... sure do have a keeper!

Carole said...

That's one of the most romantic stories I've heard in a long time. It's that kind of thing that keeps a relationship going.

....go cat daddy!


Ann said...

Got your name from Brayton Interiors, and just had to comment on this story. You have ONE THOUGHTFUL guy there, what a fantastic thing to do.

Laura said...

You need to publish all of your Cat Daddy stories in a book.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I knew he had a romantic touch to him, but boy can you really really tell how much he loves you!! Awe, you go CD!!

Low Tide High Style said...

Love, love, love this story! A man who truly loves his woman, there's just nothin' better than that!

Kat :)

Theresa said...

What a sweet man. Thank you for sharing this little special piece of your love story! You my friend (and I know you already know this) are a truly blessed woman. t. xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

So sweet! That's the stuff marriage is supposed to be made of! Made me want to cry a little like any good story does. :)congratulations on finding each other. You're both lucky. You for finding such a rarity and he for having someone who knows to be appreciative.