Sunday, January 8, 2012

Games Of Chance? adjective defined as having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective...

or in layman's terms...


I personally find this amusing since I don't happen to hold with chance...even with something as seemingly mundane as choosing a number for a giveaway.  I couldn't have sat down, gone through all the entries, and picked a better number to win the Spoonin' pendant than #1.

# 1...Rebecca at A Re-Purposed life just "happened" to be the first commenter...just "happened" to be only one of two still awake at the stroke of midnight to ring in the New Year with me...and just "happens" to be anything but random.

R.E.'s life is full of purpose...God's purpose for her...hence her blog name.  She never sits still for very long, always has an on-going project or her Bible at hand, runs up and down the highway like she was born with wheels on her tooshie, and epitomizes the words SQUIRREL ALERT.  God is constantly diverting her attention with random beauty causing her to stop...pull over to the side of the road...and marvel in His goodness.  She may begin a major over haul of a room, only to have Him whisper "Made you look!" sending her out to lecture, teach, and reach out to others.  Her daily planner is full of changes, scribbled out dates, and cancelled plans, but it's also bulging with friendships, love, and proof-pudding of a most beautiful Re-Purposed Life.

Big...huge...thanks to all of you for your oh-so-funny comments and for taking the time to humor an old lady. of the best was Susie's.  If you get a it.'s a squirrel tale to end all squirrel tails tales!  (Warning:  empty all contents of your mouth before reading!) 'Course I was sad to have to eliminate her, but good golly...she can make her own!

Sorry I had to eliminate a few others from the drawing as well, but there are rules about family members...Jenn.  (Play nice and maybe your gorgeous mother will get you one for your birthday!)

A special thank you to those of y'all who became new followers.  I appreciate the pleasure of your company and hope you come by again.  I'll be sure and leave the light on for you...even if you've only time for a drive-by.  Believe me when I say...I'll take it!

I want to emphasize...y'all are all numero uno in my book, but sadly...that ain't how the game is played.  I will say here and now...for all the world (or at least a few hundred) to read...y'all could never be the dog poo on the soles of my Yellow Boxes.  You're way too busy being the Dr. Scholl's to this ol' gal's heart and...SOUL!  

Random... could be, but you'll have a hard time convincing me...

'cause people...

I just can't make this stuff up!


Olive Cooper said...

Yay, Rebecca and your analysis of the lack of randomness in life is delightful.

Vintage Green said...

Congratulations to Rebecca!! I love her blog as well!!

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Congrats, Rebecca!!!

Hey, Deb, I was up at midnight YOUR time, LOL, went to bed 10 my time New Year's Eve!!!


time worn interiors said...

Rebecca just paid me visit to do God's work! And I am so thankful she did! She is the best!

Of cours I'm pretty fond of you as well!


Theresa said...

Congrats to Rebecca, I love to see good people win the prize and she is goooood people! As I write this, Max is rubbing a balloon on my head to see how high he can make my hair go! life. is. good.
He may have a new career in hair styling, my do has been a bit flat lately... his old career? Just making me laugh, that's all!

Six in One Hand said...

YAY!!!!! Sorry I missed it!!!

Rebecca said...

Are you serious? woohoo! Honestly, I do not win stuff... thank you Lord!
OK... now I feel a little guilty because I did not leave a squirrel story, I actually came back to do it and started reading all the comments and got distracted... ha! So here is probably my biggest squirrel story although I have many... many.
Most of them involve my daughter Jody as we travel a lot together and are a lot a like.

Jody was visiting and needed to borrow my car, while I was tending the shop one day. Now Jody is known for being late for everything but she had to catch the 5:05 train to Chicago that evening for a dinner date. At 5:00 she pulls up in front of the shop and I ran out threw a bunch of stuff I was working on in the back of the van and got in to quickly drive her to the train station. I looked at the dash and had a "brain shift" you know when you know something isn't right but everything around is good. I looked at my keys and yes, my grandkids faces were dangling off them... they were my keys. So I started down the road as Jody is yelling, "Hurry, Mom I can't miss the train!. And then a shouting match ensues that goes something like this...
(me) Jody, what did you do to my dash?
(Jody) Mom, what are you talking about?
(me) Jody, I don't know but my dash is weird.
(Jody) Mom, what are you doing... hurry I can't miss the train.
(me) Jody, I had a full tank this morning - why is it on empty?
(Jody) Mom, just hurry! I don't know...
(me) Jody, my brakes are spongy, what did you do to my brakes?
(Jody) Mom, have you lost your mind? Hurry up!
(me) Jody, I'm telling you there is something wrong with the dash!
At this point, I started looking back into the van, but it was full of pillow forms I threw in, so I started flipping the visors looking for an answer to my brain shifting back and forth... all the while Jody yelling at me to go faster, she can't miss the train... and then in the middle of the road, I slammed on the brakes...
Jody, screams... Mom, have you lost it, just drive! I showed her a drivers license above her visor that did not have my picture on it. I said you just missed your train!
She had been at the mall, in the a.m. but now the mall was closed. My heart started beating faster as I envisioned an APB out on this vehicle and now I had to stop at a gas station. Jody and I were bantering back and forth on what to do next... the obvious was - some poor woman came out of the mall and found her car missing, and reported it stolen.
We were driving a stolen car!
Now this was before everyone had cell phones or I probably would have just called the cops. My mind must work a little more devious then that because I hatched a plan to go back to the mall and see if my van was there. We would quickly switch vehicles and RUN! I just wanted to get out of that car... I thought for sure I saw red lights flashing all the way to the mall...
The parking lots were empty and I headed for Nordstroms parking lot and sure enough there sat my van... all alone, not surrounded by cops as I envisioned it. We quickly through all my stuff into MY van, locked up the stolen van and burned rubber... outta there.
I could write a short book on the tales (squirrel tails) of Jody and I... Lost in Crenshaw or Snowstorm in the Mts or Stranded New Year's Eve!
So I will wear my necklace as a badge of courage just knowing the Lord has quite a sense of humor!
Blessings to you my dearest and thank you so much

Nancy's Notes said...

Lucky Rebecca! Oh Deb, I enjoy my time visiting your awesome blog! Well, coffee is ready, need to scoot! Have a great day!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Congrats to Rebecca, she has a wonderful blog and that story was hilarious!
I am sure she will wear her squirrel spoon proudly as a badge of courage (and of course a beautiful piece of jewelry.)

red.neck chic said...

life is nothing but random... that is my conclusion.

CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca!!! I haven't met her - but good grief she is on my list of, "robelyn. you HAVE to meet this beautiful lady"!!!

Susie is a nut... a good one, but still a nut. LOLOLOLOL

;-D robelyn

Laura said...

Yes- Miss Rebecca is a worthy recipient-
and I am trying really hard not to pitch a fit right now,
because I know that would be greedy and WRONG,
so instead I am off to buy my own.

So there...I guess.

Love anyway,
Swelled up Laura

Miss Gracie's House said...

I don't't believe in chance either...all by divine appointment...and Rebecca is the perfect winner...she is a peach!
Thanks for the laughter...and the encouragement not to take it all too seriously:)

Dixie said...

I had my own bout with procrastination recently... and I don't EVEN want to go there again... good post Deb... see you at Zapp Hall!

susie said...

Yayyyyyy Rebecca...number 1, that's AWESOME!!! What's the chances?? Congratulations!!!!
Thank you darlin for all your kind words, somethimes I just think you must be the Sweetest Tea in Texas!!!
Big Hugs,
Susie Q

susie said...

PS: LOVE, love, love Rebecca's SQUIRREL Tale!!!! me!!!!!

1cat daddy's kitten said...

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