Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sister Act

Area of expertise, a particular skill...
Anything that can be acted on with confident success.

I knew if this critic waited long enough, she would find the perfect opportunity to use this word before it became a cousin once removed from hunker down and viral.  Words over used, over worked and over written by every news, entertainment and reality show commentator known to man.  Man oh man... how I've wanted to use this word and praise be, this past Saturday just such an opportunity presented itself in the form of two Texas gals...the Junk Gypsies!

There was a Super Moon Saturday night and believe me when I say...there were two new Super Stars rising as well!


Why bless my soul...yes.

Saturday night, Amie and Jolie proved, beyond a doubt, they are definitely at the helm of junkin'!
I and my fellow critic, Cat Daddy, were among the friends and family gathered at the soon-to-be JG World HQ, the house that junk..and a t-shirt...built, to watch the premier episode.  Before I give my review of the program, let me begin by setting the stage for you.

Picture if you will,  a gathering of folks, some of which have known these girls since...well...they were little girls.  Cowboy hats and boots on every other person there.  Boots not contrived in, but lived in...well worn and well loved.  Hats confidently worn indoors with no apologies.  Hats that only come off as a sign of respect...or when sleepin' and takin' a bath...and sometimes not even then...'cause that's how we roll in Texas.  Nary a phony in the bunch and we were proud as punch to be in the same room with 'em.

Steppin' into the JG cathedral of junk had a feelin' akin to pullin' into the drive-in movie while perched in the back of a pickup. Pickin' a row, sittin' on the tailgate, shootin' the breeze and waiting for Smokey and the Bandit to light up the screen...minus the pesky mosquitoes.

The snack bar consisted of tables loaded down with BBQ and home made pecan pie for starters instead of popcorn and a big ol' dill pickle and just like at the drive-in, a playground (complete with two ottomans and a trike) up front, placed below the jumbo screen for the kids to play on.

Man alive...it don't come no better than that!

As watches were checked and the little hand neared 6, a hum began to fill the air as a wave of anticipatory excitement flooded the huge room.

One last run to the snack bar for a tamale and a beer to wash it down with as the lights were dimmed, the sound cranked way up, and there they were...larger than life...

For the next 30 minutes the only talking heard was during commercial breaks.

Oh law...those dadgum commercials!

Just about as bad as mosquitoes...or maybe worse...'cause you can't swat 'em and besides, they distracted us from seeing what we were all there to see...the show!

(Disclaimer:  It might be argued that this critic is a tad partial to the subjects at hand, but my response to that is a simple one.  People, who's pluckin' this chicken anyhow...y'all or me?)


Am I partial...heck yeah!

Am I lyin' like a rug on the floor...heck no!

The show was fun, fast paced and loaded for bear...the girls' and the Keens' personalities shining through like new money.  I found myself laughing and crying throughout the too short 30 minutes.  That is actually my only complaint.  I would love to see this show extended to an hour if for no other reason but to see what all is really hoarded stashed in that trailer o'junk they haul around!

Amie and Jolie took a nice room and transformed into a haven for this lovely couple.  The girls looked no further than Dan and Kelley for the cues and clues necessary for creating a perfectly tailored sanctuary to wrap them in love.  A room that mirrors (a request hinted many, many times for by Mr. Keen)  their personalities and reflects their passion.  My goodness...I was breathless.  I mean really...isn't this what a bedroom is supposed to be? 

The headboard, with it's hand carved monogram D+K surrounded by a heart, was a highpoint for me.  I don't know how many of those gates this critic has passed over,  never seeing the potential other than using it for keeping the cows in or out.  Having Phillip carefully carve the initials on it...brilliant.  I found myself mesmerized as Amie and Jolie, working with two brains, but thinking as one, demonstrated what a real sister act can accomplish.

From using dust masks while sanding...to the glasses perched on Amie's nose...to Jolie's (ahem) sewing skills...this show was as real as y'all, the viewers, are gonna find when it comes to reality television.  They're not afraid of chippin' some nail polish (btw girls...I hear polyurethane works well for covering chipped polish!), gettin' dirty with power tools, and with the help of their fab JG crew...totin' that barge and liftin' that bale.

As the end credits rolled and the lights came up, the crowd went wild.  My first thought was "Gracious sakes alive...this is how it's done!"

As the girls said their teary-eyed thank yous to all for being there to share their joy...my second and most important thought was "No...thank you Sikes family, for allowing Cat Daddy and I to share in your special night and for letting us hitch a ride in the back of y'alls pickup on the never ending road trip that got you from there to here."

(Photo courtesy of Tara Royer-Steele..  Thanks girl!)

I'm givin' this show a big ol' Lone Star 'cause I only share my beer with the best and girls...y'all are Texas bred, Texas strong, and nothin' short of Texas at it's best!

This critic highly recommends y'all set your DVR's for the next twelve episodes 'cause I sure as shootin' will be. I'm in love and can't wait for next Saturday.

In summation, I can't say it any better than to simply quote the words of a famous son of Texas...

~Let 'er rip tater chips!~Phillip Sikes


Gayle said...

I so agree!!! It was a great show, and I would love it to become an hour long show.

Olive said...

I am so thrilled for your friends and boy do your sing for them eloquently. We have five TV channels at one house and zero at the other so I missed the show. Maybe I can catch it on the internet?

Unknown said...

What fun!
They are so cute and super talented and sweet to boot!


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Deb I'm sittin' down here champin at the bit....Why oh WHY is Oz so far away from where it's ALL happening....????

I can't wait to see it....I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY can't gosh darn it....!!!!

CONGRATS to Amie & Jolie....!!!!!

Tamarah :o)

holli said...

I made sure my boyfriend DVR'd the show in case i didnt make it home on time but i did! I've got the whole season of JG's scheduled for taping. I loved it and am so proud of them. I've been a fan of them for a long time!

Laura said...

You write the best posts about people you care about.
What hard working young women they are.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I DO NOT know of anyone other than yourself that could have absolutely explained this event to a "T"... It was just so exciting to be there with this great group of people seeing this awesome family make history! Let's see what's your new fav word, WHEELHOUSE!

time worn interiors said...

The show was fabulous! I loved it! I can't wait to see more! They are so sweet!

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

This sounds like a real WINNER...and how adorable are they??
I just realized if I am ever in need of a "critic" to write a review of any kind, you would be my first (and only) pick. These adorable girls have no idea (or maybe they do??) they've just been "critiqued" by one of the best writers around.
What a gift you have...
Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Deb! xo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

LOVED the show and loved your critique! I'm sure they did too!

red.neck chic said...

Ugh. My child is still getting the silent treatment.

I am SOOOOOOOO proud of those two - and you better believe they have one heck of a cheering squad - headed up by you!!!!

Sister Act - love it!!! It's gonna be fun watching them grow and grow and grow!!!