Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crisp and Fresh

Battle Creek, Michigan

May 27, 2012

Dear Decorators, Design Stars of Tomorrow and current Reality Stars et al.:

Recently we have noticed a trend that is creating a chasm in our current working relationship.  We have worked together for over 80 years with no major arguments, but as one of us has recently achieved super star status (thanks to being mentioned often) we feel a rift is is on the horizon.

Case in point:

A POP of color for fun.
I'll POP for that.
Makes a room really POP.

Really?  That's the first and only word that comes to mind?

We request a change to correct this oversight and stem any possibility of the disbanding of our trio.  At this time, we are prepared to provide two good reasons for a change in wording...beyond the obvious one of Pop being overtly prosaic.

1.  We are the Grape Nuts of decorating...guaranteed to move your business with minimal strain and maximum results.

2.  We're beginning to feel neglected, ignored and under appreciated...much like a couple of redheaded step-kids.

We respectfully submit our work request for your consideration.  Until that end, we quietly await your approval with our promise to start talking...just as soon as the milk of your kindness pours over us.


Snap and Crackle


ooglebloops said...

That's funny!! You must watch American Pickers - "I'll Pop for That!"
Snap had his day for a bit, but don't think Crackle ever did.......... LOL

the old white house said...

OH my gosh, you should have seen me 'snap' to attention when I saw Battle Creek at the top of your post... I thought you were coming to MI. to see me! I've been working in the yard today so now I'm feeling like I might have popped something but when I sit down I only hear a crackle from my joints! Happy Sunday to you! t.xoxo

Pam @ Frippery said...

My joints are always krackling too.
Let's see...A snap of color can really make a room krackle...maybe not. Oh snap, that bolt of lightening really krackled my split ends.
Nah. I guess pop will just have to stay king.
LYttH, Pam

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Thanks for my morning laugh Deb!
I am having seconds thoughts now on having a rice krispie treat for breakfast!

Laura said...

I have to make this quick.
I am spitting and laughing.

Unknown said...

I always leave here with a big old goofy smile on my face!!!

I talked to Sweet T on the phone today and told her about my Cat Daddy sighting out our shop window after hours. She loved it!!!

See ya when we blow through Big's lookin' like lunch time.


Kathy said...

Dear Snap & crack me up!!

Laughter and Hugs from Ohio!


Donna Reyne' said...

I sure do hope you are enjoying your Summer thus far...As usual, I was given a chuckle just for stopping by!
I must tell you...are are a blessing. Someone who always makes me smile and always has something "off the wall" to discuss!
Keep up the good work!
Hugs from here

Anonymous said...

You're funny. You should have your own TV show. How great would that be!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

I always laugh when I get here...and keep smiling when I latest POP is my knee and I am sick and tired of your post is my medicine...

Big hugs

time worn interiors said...

Girl! I don't know what to say! I am beginning to think you are really in a metal institution and your Doctor has you create these stories for some kind of therapy! I'm guessing you get to leave the hospital 2 times a year and that's when you come to Zapp Hall! Let me know for sure (IF) I have really figured out what is going on!

red.neck chic said...


i added a POP of color in my living room this morning...

it's AWESOME!!!

and that is all.

chicky baby