Monday, August 13, 2012

Are Y'all Pickin' Up What I'm Layin' Down?

My, my, my, my, my!
Last week was crazy busy.
Bet y'all thought I got lost on the campaign trail and couldn't find my way home.

Monday, I hosted 5 mini-photo sessions right chear on the back forty of the Casita De Trash. Melissa of Foto Fabulous provided the camera and lens...Jenn of Give Me Props, the styling.  Betwixt their talent and the cutest kids ever, they made this ol' hill...including my raggedy canned ham...look fantastic!  It had to be a 110 in the shade, but you'd never know it to look at these kiddos.  Starting at 9am and ending at noon, they never lost their cool...or their smiles.  If just kept getting cooler and cooler watching them work it!
Wednesday found the First Cat Daddy and I hittin' the road for a...ahem...political junk-it of our own doing.  Seeing as how Friday was our gazillionth anniversary, we thought a little high-way for a get-a-way to a hide-a-way was in order and IF we happened on some treasures along the way...yippee for us!

Disclosure:  No campaign monies nor public funds were used to finance this trip. All hard earned cash came straight outta the Man's back pocket!

We just lit out, let the road take us where it would and landed right smack dab in Louisiana's Cajun country.

I love this part of our great country.  It's where boudin is sold in every little mom & pop grocery store/gas station...zydeco rocks...and roadside stands beckon with promises of sweet potatoes, shelled peas and butterbeans aplenty.  It's where the folks know how to "work hard...and play harder".  The land of shrimp Ay-2-FAY, hot sauce, rice fields waving hidy in the breeze...and a certain little someone who holds a special place in my heart.  (More on that later y'all...and it's a doozy!) 

If y'all are wonderin' if we had us a good ol' time or not?


you can't hardly expect a lady to fess up...and still remain a lady...can ya?

Let's just say we "Laissez les bons temps rouler"...'kay?

Nuff said!

Rollin' along a farm to market road lined with fields of sugar cane, feeling the sense of Acadiana culture ooze from the bayous, that colorful Cajun accented language (that ought to be taught as a second's so romantic soundin'!) makin' everything sound exotic...including us.  It all gave me a hankerin' to stay forever.  Ya know...just sell everything, pack up what's left, find me a shotgun house...and just.stay.put.

But y'all know me...and my dad-burn roots.  They go deep...pert near the center of the earth.

Plain and simple put...I love Louisiana...but I love my Texas more.

I love gas station tamales, Texas drawls, two steppin' to a little Ray Price, bluebonnets...and Cat Daddy.

Crawdaddys may run a close second, but folks...close only counts in horse-shoes.  Nothing can take the place of my Cat Daddy...not after all the time I've put in house-breakin' him. Besides...everybody can take the bull outta Texas, but you can't take the Texan outta the cowboy.  Cat Daddy is and always will be my cowboy in dusty boots and rusty armor.

When I'm perched in my poodle seat...I never worry about gettin' lost on any trail.  I always ask him at the end of one of our treks...Take me home, Country Road...and you know what?

He always does.

He's the designated driver as we criss-cross life's highway.


I'm the official map folder...

'cause sometimes the best remembered adventures don't always follow a map.

Sometimes the sweetest memories are best found by the seat of our britches...followin' the light in our eyes.



Debra @ Common Ground said...

sounds like you two kids had a great anniversary, miles to cover and junk to be found! LOVE the photo shoot, such cutie-pie youngins!

Sheila said...

Looking Good....looks like they were having some fun regardless of the heat. I hope you have a great week!!


red.neck chic said...


I have mental pictures. LOLOLOL

I'm glad your home and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY a couple of days late!!! I'm so glad that ya'll had fun - I'm gladder still that you're home! Tamales... that's what I want for dinner. Hmmmm.... gas station run.

:) robelyn

red.neck chic said...

p.s. THOSE ARE THE CUTEST BABIES I'VE EVER SEEN!!! Great photos - great styling - GORGEOUS models!!!

Olive Cooper said...

The kiddos at you place could not be any cuter in cowboy boots. Love that table too. I am so glad you two got away for a spell. Our brother and SIL just returned from New Orleans and we shall nevah hear the end of it. Joe and I hang out at our yellow house it's cheaper and our own hideaway. At the old house last week it was raining in the pantry and the bedroom-that nuts me up for sure. Have a terrific week my poet, Olive

Gracie's Cottage said...

Ya got my vote for 'most romantic couple evah' - happy anniversary you two Texas lovebirds!


P.S. goodness- what cute kids!!!

Theresa said...

I just loved this... cuz I just love you and the way you tell your stories and love your family. Happy Anniversary! The photo shoot is adorable, that canned ham in the back ground is to be envied and the way you talk is like music to my ears! t.xoxoxooxo


I sure love reading the yarns you spin...the true ones and the ahem...embellished ones. Sounds like you and Cat Daddy had a purrfectly lovely anniversary trip. Hope you ate some CA-JUN delicacies.


Cheryl said...

Love your lingo, you do have a way of telling how it is! Glad you and Cat Daddy had such a great time and Happy Anniversary a few days late! The kiddos are just too cute and do I recognize that sweet little Bella in those photos?
Love those boots.
Keep havin fun,

Pam @ Frippery said...

Happy Anniversary! Squeeling! You ran into Jodie? I am so jealous. I hope she is doing well.
Your photo shoot is awesome. Of course the darling children help a lot as well as the props and your canned ham.
Ok I won't ask if you and CD had fun, that's private. However I can't wait to hear more about your meetup.
LYttH Pammie.
BTW just so you know I ain't blowin smoke up your dress, I have been researching and it is just over 1100 miles from here to Round Top. No plans as yet just sayin.

Bliss said...

Well galdangit, this was a cute post!


Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary! I love to visit Louisiana too but there is nothing better than getting back home to Texas!

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary Dearest One!
Super Adorable!
I have had in my prayers of late...I know you are gettin' ready for the big show and know I thinkin' about you!
Much Love and Hugs

Laura said...

This was Texas poetry at its best!
Happy Belated Anniversary!

Now I want to know because I think I lived in Louisiana in a former life-


Bonnie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the fabulous Cat Daddy!

And many more,

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Loving these cute photos and loving that you and CD had a great day!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

from one map folder to another~Happy Anniversary!!!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Ya'll got some good jeans...oooops! I mean "genes" in ya'll's Texas bloodline!!!!
Beautiful family tootsie...but how can it not be????

Bohemian said...

I could hear the Love loud and clear... the Kids are Adorable and your Anniversary sounded perfect! May you always and forever follow the Light in your eyes!

Dawn... The Bohemian