Friday, March 12, 2010

It's A Bella Day In The Neighborhood

I want y'all to know I'm paddlin' as fast as I can, but it seems the further I go, the behinder I get! In fact, I'm not at all sure that this boat doesn't have a leak in it and I don't know how to tread water!

I'm playing catch up now to show y'all what else Jenn has included in the Bella-Ringer-Dinger giveaway celebrating...drum roll please...TODAY!!!

Bella is one year old today. I have a little confession to make...I think her official birthday should be the day she came home from the hospital in August since that was when God decided she was done cooking, but Jenn being Jenn pays no mind to me sometimes and this is one of those times. Given what she and Roby went through this last year, I do believe that trumps me so I'll graciously defer to their wisdom. I tell you this so you're not surprised when, oh say long about August, I decide to hold another birthday party....just don't say I didn't warn you!
Jenn has made Miss Bella a pink and blue (her birthstone color) tutu to wear at her parties. Yes, I said parties. Our baby girl is so special, she gets more than one. Jenn and Roby are taking her to the NICU at Baylor this evening to have cupcakes with the nurses who took such wonderful care of Bella. I think my kids are pretty thoughtful to include them in our celebration, don't y'all? Sunday, our immediate family is getting together at the Oldest Melon Head's to celebrate. It will be a small gathering because RSV season is still going strong and no sense in taking chances now, right? RIGHT! But enough of the small talk...on to the prizes! Jenn will be adding one of her Queen to Bishop necklaces to the bag. Not this one 'cause it's part of the baby bling line that she sells on Etsy, (had to slip a little shameless plug in there folks) but one designed just for the winner. Don't hold me to this, but I think her's and Vickie's necklaces will be with Robelyn at the Funky Finds Spring show in Ft. Worth at the Will Rogers Memorial Center tomorrow starting at 9 AM. Even if she doesn't...if you're in the DFW area, stop by and see Red.Neck Chic in action with her Fab U Lous handbags! Those bags definitely get the TrashCan Seal Of Approval! Cool beans!
How about a little more bling...after all I am the Queen of less is just less and more is better! She is wrapping up the key to her heart for y'all with this Betsey Johnson pendant. Y'all know I gave you mine a year ago.
Nipper thinks this is pretty GRRReat! would also appear that Nipper is a boy dog...sorry about that folks!
How about a tiny nest with eggs just in time for Easter? Yep...that's going in the gift bag too!
To round things off, tiny frames that will include a photo of Bella. I KNOW! I'd have her autograph it, but I'm not sure if she can spell yet!

For those of you with a sweet tooth...take a look at this. Carol at Cookie Du Monde has made these darling cookies and shipped them to me for Sunday's party. One of these with Bella's name on it will be tucked into the bag as well. Don't you just love Carol's attention to detail?

Believe it or not...I haven't slipped into the box and ate one...YET, but I have had some of her other 2die4 treats. Her Jethro-sized HoHo's are me! She'll be on hand at the Blog Party at Theresa's (whose son just happens to be celebrating a birthday today as well!) with cookies that she'll personalize on the spot. Wouldn't they make the greatest souvenir to take home to the hubs?

So-o-o...go to Jenn's and leave a comment. Be sure and take a hankie when you read her post will touch you I promise. And again, if you'd like to follow Bella's tiny footsteps, just sign up to be a follower....the more the merrier!

There is one little change in plans. Due to circumstances beyond my control (namely not enough hours in a day), Jenn will be making the winner/winners? known Monday morning complete with birthday photos!

Now scurry on over to Jenn's and while you're out and about, don't forget to visit Amy and vote. You know I only pick winners and this girl has my vote every time with her crazy, mad talent...and yet...she's so young! I can only imagine what the future holds for her!

That's a wrap...for now!


Malisa said...

You have so many wonderful photos of so many uber cool things today! But none of the photos surpass the one of Darling Bella in her tutu! Isn't she the cutest thang ever??? I wish I could give Bella a big old birthday sugar! All I can say is that Bella will be the star of many many parties to come in future years! I hope you and your family have the a fantastic celebration of love!

Happy Birthday, Bella!

Aunt Malisa

WhisperWood Cottage said...

You've earned the Proudest Grandma of the Year Award! With that tutu'd angel, it's easy to see why!

Thanks for the ever-lasting encouragement! :)


Debra@CommonGround said...

Have a wonderful celebration weekend! She's so darling in her photo! Everything sounds like the perfect Birthday! Can't wait to see the Big Celebration over at Jenns!
love you all so much!

AuroraSuzette said...

All my bestest best wishes for baby Bella, and her busy social calendar! All those photos are great, and I love that tutu!! Many xx to you, and to your lucky family!

Unknown said...

As a health care worker, I can tell you firsthand how much we appreciate it when one of our patients...especially one that we literally helped bring back from the brink of death...returns to say thank you, or to show us how well they are doing. I know how much it means to those health care workers at Baylor, and on behalf of them, I thank Jenn and Roby.

Happy Birthday, Bella! :-)


sweetpea said...

Be still my heart... What a sweet little bebe. Ooohhh I am so pleased for all of you that she is well and on her way to being a heartbreaker for sure. Happy Birthday little Bella.



Cottage Rose said...

OH how adorable she is,,, just a sweet little angle,,,, love her 2 2... so cute,, Happy Birthday sweet Bella... have a great weekend


DKG aka Scrappy Doo said...

Happy Birthday Bella!!! Deb, She is amazing and it's wonderful they will share it with the staff in the NICU. She has come a long way baby :-) Hope yall have a most blessed celebration.

I concur.. Nipper is all male :-)

Ann said...

I remimber when i first came to your were writing about little Miss Bella having just been recently born...such a tiny thing(reminded me of the babies I cared for at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles NICU...the smallest being about 900gms(= or - a bit, 2.2 lbs =1000gm for those who don't know) and her eyes were still fused..she's in jr high now and you'd never know she had been a preemie!)..I digress..anyway....I share this to let you know how happy I am for all who love Miss Bella,she is beautiful and will change the world just by being in it!!
Happy Birthday wishes to Bella!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

She looks so adorable in her tutu!!! All of the pictures are wonderful! Happy Birthday wishes to Bella!

red.neck chic said...

AH YEAH!!! I got to display some GORGEOUS sparkly things amongst my junk on Saturday!!! THANK YOU for introducing me to your Jenn!!! GORGEOUS - every last one of them!!! SUCH an honor to have her in my booth!!! Now - I'm off to raid her blog...

Thank You!!!
xoxoxo ;-) robelyn

David said...

Happy Birthday, Bella!