Saturday, June 19, 2010

Waving The White Flag

I want to first straight up apologize for being so long in posting. It's not that I'm lackadaisical... I'm afraid I have to admit the old girl just ain't what she used to be. Getting ready for this sale took so much out of me, I've been recuperating. Between the heat, humidity, rain and mosquitoes...we were just whipped by Friday evening! A few times I felt my feet leave the ground...the skeeters mistook me for take-out! The first part of the week it was just so dad gum hot...then Wednesday, Fran, our able bodied assistant April and I looked like drowned rats. We were working like crazy in the pouring down rain...thankfully with no lightning!
Thursday morning we thought we were on the downhill stretch, but then...Warning Will Robinson...Liz hit her ankle on something and it mushroomed twice in size in a matter of seconds! If that wasn't enough...Cat Daddy had thrown his back out the night before getting our archway up AND had an infection to boot!

Not to fear...with two quick last minute phone every ready cavalry of The Amazon ( darling DIL) and Grayzilla were there in less than 30 minutes to help. Jenn left work at 6pm and was there by 7! April came back on Friday and helped out. She's such a sweetheart. Have I ever mentioned that Jenn and her have been best friends since kindergarten? In fact...I like to call her my 3rd child! Am I blessed woman or what?

Cat Daddy and Liz are both on the mend...thank goodness! Speaking of mending...please keep Dixie in your prayers. She is having a tough time with her recovery process from knee surgery and positive thoughts will go a long way in helping her.
I want to say thank you to all of you who posted about our sale....y'all are the best. Thanks Sweet Tea and Lezlee for coming out and posting photos. never fail me. Gloria...I hope you didn't run any customers off by stuffing our flyers down W&T's shoppers' shirts! Jenn...good to know you always have my back! Mindy...hon, you did me proud! I'm sure your readers were tired of hearing about our sale, but it did my heart good to see you promote the heck out of it and for coming out Friday to see us! All of you all will never know just how much we all appreciated it!

If I forgot anyone...let me know...really. I'm not rude...just old and forgetful! I want to publicly and personally thank everyone who got the word out for us.
Unless it's like childbirth where after a period of time, the pain becomes a dim, distant memory...I don't know if there will be another DEBRIZ sale. This one just about whupped us...gotta keep it real here!
I know one thing for sure...I'll never do back to back events again. Hats off to all of y'all who do on a regular basis. All I can say is y'all are tougher stock than I am!
As long as I am keeping it real...I think I ought to tell y'all...these are not all my photos. I stole, I mean borrowed some from T and Mindy. Problem is...I forgot to mark which is which.
Thanks to all who did make it out. I'm pretty sure the threat of rain kept a lot of folks home! East Texas got hit pretty hard with flooding on Thursday, but it didn't really rain in Terrell. We got that out of the way on Wednesday!

WARNING: Squirrel Alert!

I just have to say...I have been going around and looking at everyone's Where Bloggers Create! A---MAZ---ING!!! Not only are y'all creative, but your spaces to do it in are wonderful...KUDOS!
Now that things at Casita de Trash are returning to some sense of normalcy...I'll try to do better about posting...pinky swear!

To make it up to you a's a new blog from two of my favorite Californians you are just going to love...Tim and Lisa of The Blue Canoe...2die4!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Deb, glad the sale was a success! I sure wanted to come but I had to keep my granddaughter all week, and we did get over 10" of rain. I do hope there will be another and hopefully I'll get to come! Glad that Cat Daddy and Liz or on the mend!!! Daphne

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow, what a post and I know the feeling of doing back to back shows. I have two planned within weeks of each other and want to do a different look at both. With the heat and mosquitoes this past weekend, I probably would have welcomed rain just to cool me off. Glad it was a success. Now some much needed rest and staying cool until the next one!

Tami said...

Well, hello Deb! Glad everyone is on the mend and your sale was successful! Miss your witty posts and happy to hear that we'll be 'hearing' from you more often. The pic with the red & white postage stamp quilt caught my eye. I have one and love it! It's just the right amount of color for the summer breezes!
Take care my friend! **Tami

sweetpea said...

Glad to know you are still among us and hope your sale was all you wanted it to be. The pics look awesome and your displays are fab. I know how you feel about the a**whoopin' back to back stuff can put on us. Hope CD is feelin' better. Happy Father's Day to him. Get some rest chickadoodle.


Prior said...

your sale displays were amazing...I can't even imagine. Just the few booths I've done were a lot of fun, but so much work. After missing Judy Hill's because of the rain, I was double excited to make it to debriz. lezlee

Malisa said...

Girl, I don't know how you do what you do! There is NO WAY in the world I could do all of that work in this horrific heat!!! Glad you are back in the world of the blog...I have missed you! I still want you, me, Graycie and Madisyn to get together this summer!


Sue said...

I hear about the Texas heat from Malaysia (as I call her), but have to admit I don't have a clue. I'm kind of spoiled out here, I must admit. Any show is hard, but I couldn't imagine with the weather being like that, a killer for sure. Of course I loved all the pictures, could sit and stare at them for hours. And thanks for mentioning my Country Roads family, "Blue Canoe" aka Tim & Lisa. Saw Tim today and he said they are tryin' to keep the bloggin' up! Get some rest and hope everyone heals up pretty quickly!

Take care, Sue


Deb, so glad your sale was a success. I do hope you all recover quickly...I know the strain on the ol' body when setting up shows, etc. Oy! So glad you visited my blog today and left your signature hug (that's what I call a Deb visit!). I've been neglecting blogland in preparation for Paper Cowgirl and just returned from an 8-day vacation. Not the best timing for a vacation, but the whole extended family coordinated on this one. Best wishes to all you have mentioned who need a little pick me up. One of these days I'll get over your way to see you and maybe even see little Bella too! ~ Angela

Anonymous said...

Oh , Debbie ,
I feel for you. Setting up in the heat is such a fun sucker. I just can't handle that heat but then rain too! Thats just not right.
All the pictures are great - what a huge area you girls filled up. No wonder you are tired.
I'm off to check and see if Tim and Lisa have poted something new. I want to be Blue Canoe when I grow up

Anonymous said...

Or POSTED not poted something new. Dang! I always forget to check my typing

unique unique design said...

Glad you all are recovering from your shows. Shows aren't easy in normal weather, but Texas weather is rarely normal!! The pictures look great!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Is that your house? Your driveway in the first couple of pics?

You and CD are tireless, I couldn't get HALF the stuff done that y'all do. And you make it look not easy but FUN. Although I know it isn't easy, it's hard work. That's the magic of y'all! :-)

lulu redstar said...

I am just pooped reading about your Herculean efforts! And itching to at that mere mention of skeeters...WHAT A FAB set up you guys did. I hope you sold out! BTW...that RED&WHITE quilt has my it still for sale?
glad you are on the mend. Please KISS CAT DADDY for me and tell him I hope his boo-boo is healing!
p.s. today's heat index is 100 with 95% humidity and 95degrees in the shade! such a good hair day

Rebecca said...

Hi Deb
It all looks so wonderful and I am so glad it was successful but it does look like an awful amount of work!!! And sounds like it! I know moving that stuff around wears on you after awhile... I have wrecked my back doing it for so many years and I can't do it any longer... Wishing you well and a peaceful day.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ah ha! You are still among us! Good to hear from you. I know you were whupped, but I hope you know how good everything looked at Debriz. Y'all pulled out all the stops. Now. Kick your feet up and relax. ~Mindy

The Green Pea said...

Hello Debbi, what a beautiful setting to have your sale. I bet it was a lot of fun. I can see it was a lot of work. I hope CD back is on the mend. A Happy Father's Day to him. sandi

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Those photos are gorgeous.
They are gorgeous but it's what's IN them that are FABULOUS!

I wanted to stop in and wish MY Cat Daddy a Happy (& healthy) Father's Day!!!!
(he's my only Daddy left, so he's getting all my love today...hope you don't mind)

And as for you young lady, I hope your days of running around with junk are on a pause for now. I've been trying to tell you that you are going to catch something that you can't get rid of! :)
(oooo that was a good one if I do say so myself)

Plain and simple...I MISS YOU.

DEB said...

Awww Deb...Sooooo glad to have you back! The sale looked so yummy..sure wish I lived closer to Texas!!! Man oh man...I saw many things that made me drool! And the setting was awesome!!
Hope you are feeling better & Cat daddy's poor back is better..Bless your hearts:)
I sure did miss you sweets!

Nancy's Notes said...

Hi Deb, glad you are back! No wonder you were missing, you have been so busy! Take care of you now! What a thrill to have a successful sale! Great photographs too!


sweetpea said...

Hey girl, me again. Thanks so much for stopping by my studio and leaving a sweet comment. I have missed you bunches. Hope your skeeter bites have healed.



sissie said...

Whew girl, I'm tired just hearin about all you went through for your big event. Ooh, I hate mosquitoes but they sure like me! Here in the coastal south we have "no see ems" you can't see them and they eat the crap out of you!

I just love reading your blog, you are always so happy and so funny.

I know that Dixie is having a rough time right now and so sweet of you to mention her. I hope she gets better soon.


Bonnie said...

Hi Deb, you've been busy I can see. Hope everyone is feeling better and on the mend. My sister is moving to TX so maybe I'll finally get a chance to visit one of your sales!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was an amazing sale! You women are SO talented. Glad those pesky mosquitos didn't get all your blood. ;-)

Pass along my well-wishes to Cat Daddy. Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Deb, it was good to hear from you the other day, I was going to email you, but this dad gum blog party thing got me crazed! I would have been there in the rain with you if I could have. Hope you can rest for awhile now, take it easy!
love ya,

Scrappy Doo said...

Deb, Hope yall are all on the mend. Glad to see ya back. Stay in the AC and take care of CD and recharge :-)

Margo said...

It looks wonderful, wish I could have made it out. Maybe next time.
Love you all,

time-worn interiors said...

Oh my goodness girl, sounds like you guys really had an ordeal! Hope the sales were to good to pay off for all the hard work! Feel better soon, and tell Cat Daddy to get better to! Every thing looked amazing!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Hey girl,
Have I ever told you that when I see that you've commented on my blog I get all happy & silly? I'm like 'yeah' there's trash on my blog! Someday soon I am going to come see one of your awesome shows. I can't believe the energy you & Cat Daddy have to pull off so much! I'm killing myself trying to put together a class & a little vendor show. Don't know how you 'real guys' do it, especially in this dang heat. Wish you could come to PC Vendor night (open to the public) & see Jodie & me. See how I try to lure you by name dropping. Lisa

The Flying Bee said...

Mindy's right...put those feet up and relax! Y'all deserve it after all your hard work.


red.neck chic said...

I'm crying STILL for having to miss the fun!!! I have LOVED looking at the pictures though!!! I got to hug Liz and Fran this past Saturday - so now I have to hunt you down so I can give you a hug!!!

I'm going back to look at the pictures some more!!! You can come have MILLIONS of squirrel moments in my la.bor.a.tory ANY TIME you want!!!

:-D Give Cat Daddy hugs and kisses so he gets better soon!


Pam @ Frippery said...

Looks fabulous! Now go rest!!!