Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bling, I Mean Bring It On!

Girls...and David...let me tell you, The DFW area is the place to be this weekend. Val and the crew at The Red Shed are holding a French Market this weekend that promises to be over the top. Go here to preview some of the merchandise they brought back from France and all the other wonderful things they have gathered just for y'all. You will also find all the details such as time, location and dates. I was unable to attend last time (something about a baby!), but I swear up and down, I'll be first in line for this one. So ladies, if you see me there and I look like I am on a mission...I'm giving you fair warning now...Step Back!Now I have just got to tell y'all about this great shop I was in lately. Last month while Cat Daddy and I were on the prowl, one Saturday we literally tripped into the hippest little shop this side of Warrenton. Carley Seale is the owner of a boutique called The Gypsy Wagon and Oh My Gosh!!! If I were only 20 years younger and 30 pounds lighter, I think I would have lost my ever lovin' mind! So boho chic and y'all know I love boho with a lot of bling! There is just about something for everyone from the youngest to the oldest.

The weekend we were there, she had just been on Good Morning Texas with Gary Cogill showing her wedding gift line...Laurie and Patti, you gotta check this out...there are his and hers wedding boots! In fact, a video of the segment is on her web page as well as on Fancy's at Cactus Creek. Which brings me to a small wonder. While Carley and I were talking, Fancy's name came up and it seems that Fancy was in the midst of preparing to do an interview with her! Small world, huh? You can read all about it here as well as get all the 411 on Carley.

Carley holds trunk sales from time to time. The Saturday we were in she had the most marvelous hand made boots (Lulu, 2die4!). The great news is she is having another one starting tomorrow. This one will be for Richard Schmidt jewelry. He will be there on Thursday until 7:00p.m., but the show will be through Saturday. To quote ~Jewelry with soul!~ Don't you just love that?

The Gypsy Wagon is just a Fun, with a capital F, place to shop and we do love our fun shops, don't we Amy & Lisa? If you are looking for something different, I suggest you hightail it on over sometime in the next few days. You will fall in love with the glasses made from wine bottles...I did! The shop is located at 5211 Bonita just off Henderson Ave. in Dallas.

As with everything else here in Texas, we love shopping large! And speaking of shopping, keep your eyes and ears open for a special venue next month. That's all I'm saying right now except maybe think CW!
One more little secret...I think I may have a crush on Gary Cogill! Please don't tell Cat Daddy...he already thinks I am one wampus kitty!!!!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I wish I was the know the one on "I dream of Genie". I'd blink my eyes, cross my arms and I'd be there in a flash.
Hell, who am I kidding...if I were to really make a wish, I'd wish I LOOKED LIKE HER!
Have fun Debbie, I hope you complete your mission without any fatalities!
everything vintage

Anonymous said...

The Gyspy Wagon - I love the nameand the His and Her boots. MMmmm, I wonder what CW can be? I am at a loss. Take lots of photos at the Red Shed - don't forget the memory card or you'll only get 36 pictures. Speaking from experience , Sue

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey sweetie!

I saw this on Fancy's blog that she updates me on every time she posts! Wish I could go and see it...but, ya know how it is when ya got to shop for your own store! ;) I love Richard's stuff and several of my customers buy from him, I don't carry him. But, his work definitely has a 'soule"!

Maybe you and CD will bring your butts down this way???? You and Ms. T seem to hop all over north Texas but never venture down here to bayou country! ;)


Tamis Marks said...

Man that looks like my kind of loot! Make me proud now, ya hear!

Have fun!

Tamis Marks said...

P.S. Thanks for your words of advise about my lazy A@# kids! I will at least teach them to cook and clean their clothes! The part about them smelling fear caught me off guard and made me laugh! Thanks!

David said...

I was beginning to look forward to the Red Shed's French Market event. But it is looking increasingly like Mindy and I will probably not be able to attend. We have a vacation fast approaching and she is feeling pulled in many directions. Bless her heart, she just has too many irons in the fire. So don't take this as gospel, but I bet we'll be too busy this weekend preparing Primatiques and her space at W&Ts for her absence to make it over to the French Market.

donna baker said...

OMG, I'm so hooked on French stuff lately. And, I am too dense to figure out what CW is. You'll have to do better than that.

Anonymous said...

I always thought New England was the place to get antiques, but I think I've been mislead. You ladies certainly have the corner on the market...or the market on the corner...however that saying goes. ;-)


Lauri Evans said...

oh you know I love those hand-made booties...
ox lulu
p.s. I got my own French load..check out the blog...