Monday, July 6, 2009

One For The Road and One To Grow On

Ok girls, I am sending out an SOS of a junking kind. Hayley at Nesting Notions is going to be traveling to Texas on July 11th. She will be coming out of Missouri on I-44 to Muskogee and then onto Hwy 69. She is looking for places to junk along the way. I want y'all who know this area to go on over and let her in on some of your great hidey holes! You know you can't afford to support them all by yourself, so why not share the wealth. I don't know that route at all, so I am just about as useless as, well you know, but I'm counting on y'all to give her some great shopping tips. Let's make her promise to show us what all she finds in return, what do you say?

Also, I want to say thank you to Gigi at G.I. Junker. She's a new blogger and she selected me as one of seven to receive the Kreative Blogger Award. Now y'all that know me, know that I don't take an award lightly. I am always thrilled when someone sees fit to give me one and this is no exception. I am supposed to list seven things about myself and then select seven more recipients. Talking about myself is never a problem. Picking seven more to pass this along to...not so easy.

  1. While I love words, I hate the word squat as in "She don't know squat!" It's just an ugly little word.
  2. While I love sugar, I hate marshmallow. What a total waste of sugar in my book!
  3. While I love Brazil nuts, I hate filberts. What the heck is a filbert any way?
  4. While I love clothes, I hate "designer logos" on clothing. I'm not getting paid to advertise, so why should I walk around with some one's name on my behind?
  5. While I love grapes, I hate raisins. Go figure!
  6. While I love life, I hate growing old. Hmmm? Maybe that's why I hate raisins...reminds me of wrinkles!
  7. While I love Cat Daddy, I hate putting the seat down. But then, he probably hates raising it!

As far as naming seven others to bestow this on, I'm afraid everyone is either out of town or shut down for the summer. So Gigi, it's just you and me Hon, but I thank you again!


donna baker said...

I love you Deb.

curiousgoods said...

Girl, it was great to see you and Cat Daddy at Canton. I was at W&T;s today working and I think I am in love with your lounging chair. May just have to have it. Trying to figure out where I can fit it in. It is comfy for me!

Sue said...

Well, as far as great little awesome places to shop, I know of this really cool place, about 15,000 sq. ft of so much great stuff. Problem is, it is a bit of a detour, but well worth it. Just mapquest Country Roads, Old Towne Orange, CA. . seriously worth the detour. And Debbie, you are worth every award you are given!

cityfarmer said...

I always get a good laugh here.
I wish i knew junkin places down in yer neck of the woods , that would mean I'd been there!!!

maybe someday

Lou Cinda said...

How funny! I don't know what a filbert is! lol

Have a great day!

Lou Cinda :)

Anonymous said...

So what is a filbert...really? I think you may be able to do an entire post on filberts. I kind of like the way the word sounds anyway. ;-)


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Wish I were going to Texas!! :)


Tootsie said...

I loved learning a little more about you!

Hayley said...

Hello again. Thanks for the shopping tips. Do you know if most of those places are open on Sunday? I'd love to see W & T. I'll be coming into Dallas from Hwy 69, but I might just want to re-do my route. I was hoping my mom or aunt could come along, but their schedules are more hurried than mine.

peggy gatto said...

But, if your wrinkles come from smiling, then you've had fun!
I've had A LOT of fun!!!!!!