Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

As promised, here are more photos from the Christmas Open House at Winnie & Tulula's. In the interest of full disclosure (and because I know y'all know I'm not that great in the photography department) I must tell you photos #1, 2, and 8 are David's. Yes, people, I am a thief, but I always warn you (don't I?) I will be stealing, I mean borrowing things. Guilty as charged officer...lock me up and throw away the key...I'm addicted to talent and the King of the cameras has plenty of it! Please take the time to go over and check out his photos. Where we arrange tablescapes, he takes them to the next level.Case in point, this is my little marble topped gypsy table with a lamp attached. Seen from a distance, it's just a pretty accent piece, but through David's lens, she becomes a mystical being evoking all kinds of imagery. See what I mean? The man is a genius and I'm so thankful Mindy has a lock on him, but is willing to share his camera and talent with us! Thanks Mindy, but thank you even more David for taking the time to capture all the glitter of the open house and allowing me to borrow your talent! Speaking of glitter, meet one half of our resident queens of the bling, Liz (Fran is the other half)! She's holding one of the rescue rabbits that were the on hand or maybe in hand, for the open house. Money was raised to help with the ongoing efforts to save these darling bunnies. You can get more information at Winnie & Tulula's if you're interested in helping out! I gotta tell ya... I would probably be such a hater of these ladies' talents...if I didn't love the two of them so much. They are two of my dearest friends and I am in awe of their skills.
Not only are they supremely gifted at the art of display, but they are also extremely generous with their advice and expertise. They have pulled this chubby lady's bee-hind out of the fire more than once, coming to my rescue when I couldn't get a plan going or helping us to get ready for Zapp. They have schlepped furniture, cleaned dirt off of stuff (and me), painted, sanded, loaded, help set me up...anything and everything. They are always there with a smile. Liz's motto is "will work for food"...not so! They work because they have the biggest hearts in the business!
Their booth got hit HARD! No wonder...take a look! I do believe they will be adding more merchandise, so be sure and hurry in to get your piece of heaven!
Before I forget, Ethel ain't no slouch either. Everybody who is anybody knows who she is. I am her number one stalker. She always comes up with the most unique finds and I have never, ever, never bought anything from her that didn't sell immediately! And again...she got hit hard, but with her stuff, there is always something that you can't live without. Trust me...I know of what I speak!

News Flash: I just got off the phone with Gloria and guess what boys and girls? Winnie and Tulula's/Sweet Peas will be open this Monday. She is going to try opening on Mondays thru Christmas for your shopping convenience. YAY!!! Another day to shop for all those unique gifts for all the special people on your list!
Now, if y'all would please all stand, her highness...the queen of all that is beautiful...the high empress of display...is now entering the room. Yes peasants (including me), I'm talking about the one and only Judy Hill!

She and Billy came by to say hello. She gave me a thumbs up...in fact...she gave everyone a two thumbs up! Do y'all have any idea how happy that made me? Judy could retire from selling and just give lessons on the art of merchandising and make a gazillion dollars doing it. Heck, I'd be first in line to sign up for classes! Just name the time and place Judy and I'll be there trying really hard to become teacher's pet!

Here's where it gets really good...now is your chance to see for yourself what she does with junque! Her Christmas open house is this Thursday starting at 10:00 am. Her home is always decked out from top to bottom with everything for sale. Give yourself plenty of time to see and be seen...you'll be going back through rooms time and again to make sure you saw all there was to see and trust me...you'll miss something every time...there's just that much!
I didn't get to go this past year, but I was there the previous year and it is wall to wall perfume. You can't even begin to imagine the crowd of women that are there! You'll just have to make plans to attend and find out for yourself what everyone is raving about!

I've included a photo of her fall show and if you'd like to see more, click here. Click here for all the 411 about location, etc. Mindy, David, and Margo also have photo sets for you to view. It takes a village to see it all!
Ok kiddies, I gotta run now...seems like lately all I do is run! You'd think I'd run some of this baby fat off, but alas no such luck. Anyway, I've got to get started on decorating the Casita de Trash for Christmas. Think champagne tree and top hats! How's that for a tramp?


Debra@CommonGround said...

I've had to enlarge all the photos, eekkkk, those urns with the lighted branches are so cool...everything is!! Thanks for the heads up on the Gresham Barn Sale blog. I am in awe of that idea for the Jesus tree!
love ya,

red.neck chic said...

You know...all's that gypsy needs on her tambourine is a launch rocket...I'm not sure why but all of the sudden I saw her launching a torpedo or something...

glue fumes.

Thank goodness for me I saw her LIVE and IN PERSON so I know she's a gorgeous young lady setting out to light the world!!!

I've been caught red-headed - oops - red-HANDED liftin' from the wonderful photographer David!!! It's quiet fun, right? Do you wear your bandit mask when you do it? Not that I do...

glue fumes.

Okay - question. In the Casita de Trash... do you drink the bubbly BEFORE you hang the bottles on the tree OR do you sip along through the whole month, courtesy of the tree?

I tip my hat to you Trash Diva!!! AND to the gorgeous Liz!!! May I say that I loved her flower I took home with me and now I have to go back for more 'cause EEEUUUUUUUWWWWWW LA-LA I need 'bout 50 or 99 of 'em!!!

I smell my glue a'callin'.

Have fun have fun!!!
;-) robelyn

Anonymous said...

You took that a little to the extreme didn't you Deb?????? I do appreciate the kind words and you do have a way with them. I wish I could write like you do!!!!!!!! We may have to dig the snow off the steps to get it but I have my shovel ready. See you Thursday. Judy

David said...

You're so sweet, Debbie! That first picture of the gypsy reminded me of a tennis serve. But her toss is a little high for such a short racket!

By the way, I love your music!

Unknown said...

Debbie it's all just soooo gorgeous!!! And David's picture that you've used for your header is incredible...absolutely perfect for December! LOVE it!!

:) T

Mindy said...

I'm with David (well, you knew that)...about the tennis serve! haha That's exactly what I thought when I saw it. I'm loving your tour. And you are sooo right. Fran and Liz do have that special touch...but, it takes one to know one! he he ~Mindy

Six in One Hand said...

everything is soooo beautiful.
I agree that gypsy has a bad ass version of a serve!!!!

Save some champagne for me....I have my own tophat.

Lee said...

Can't wait to see your tree! I am getting better maybe I can make it to Judy's.
Great pictures and I off to David's blog.

Sue said...

Awesome eye candy! I just keep looking, and looking and looking at the pictures. On a side note, I had a friend in high school that instead of singing, "Gyspies, Tramps, and Thieves", she would sing and argue with me that her lyrics were correct when my friend sang, "Gyspies proud and free"! Have a great day.

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Love the photos! I saw some white metal pieces that I just adore!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I just keep looking at the pictures over and over. I wish I could display like that!! Absolutely stunning!

Lou Cinda

~La Rustique Market~ said...

You take great photos too Deb! Thanks so much for the inspiration...I needed it! Now I can go back to decorating my house and feel good about it.


Malisa said...

Love the champagne tree and top hat theme! Gotta see those pics! By the way, I don't think you need much help on displaying...you got the talent, girlfriend! You gonna be at W&T's Saturday?


Unknown said...

Had I been there, I woulda been one of the thieves, 'cuz I would've made off with a yitload of your gorgeousness!
You're killin' me!
Love it all!

Unknown said...

Everything looks marvelous! Happy jolly to you and your family Deb!