Sunday, November 29, 2009

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere And Not A Prop In Pink!

Well, boys and girls, I am back again with more photos of our Christmas open house. I hope you've got your Visine handy, 'cause good gosh-a-rover but I got a bunch to show. I'm going to be showing mine and Cat Daddy's area today and what do you know...there he is, the big cheese...the one, the only, incomparable man who really needs no introduction...Cat Daddio, my main squeeze! Commercial Break...This photo is courtesy of David, who by the way, has his photos up (so much better than mine) and are ready for your viewing. I failed to get any photos of live people, but thank goodness David is such a friend to let me borrow his!

Now on with the show..... Y'all know how hard I worked on these spaces...after all, you had to listen to me whine about it for the past two weeks, but I think I managed to pull if off without doing any serious bodily harm to myself or anyone else. Anyway, you know that feeling you get right before you go to sleep at night? You know...the one where you sleep peacefully knowing you've done you're best...well, I never got it! I kept thinking if I just had two more days or even one more day. Problem with me is you gotta give me a deadline when it comes to Christmas decorating or I won't stop. Thank goodness Gloria put a time clock on me or I'd still be swinging from the ceiling. Speaking of time...I was almost caught with hair curlers in place, but I got them out before anyone came in. Whew! Safe...or so I thought. Margo had her own little idea. So much for protecting the rep! There are details that didn't get finished, but heck, I got the whole month of December to finish 'em, right? Please agree with me so I'll quit fretting!
Y'all, I gotta tell you...this is probably one of my all time favorite purchases ever! When C.D. and I bought this mantle, I was over the moon and the big wheels were turning. All I could see from that point on was silver! Talk about a twinkle in the eye...doncha just love it when a plan comes together?
Would you believe I actually passed up these white hydrangeas at Kroger's (of all places!)? Y'all, I was kicking myself big time until Cat Daddy went back and got them for me. He is my knight in rusting armor...there were only two left and he guarded them with his life! (BTW, Mindy, this glass store display sure has your name on it!)
I swear up and down, these sweaters were neatly in place when the doors opened Friday at 4:00! They were handled quite a bit and I sold some of them. I gathered these '50s sweaters for a year with this little germ of an idea in my head. Jenn made the chair corsages for me. Do you love 'em? (They are for sale and she can make more! How's that for slipping another commercial in on y'all?) She also made the darling party hats for me. I felt just like a boutique thanks to my number one, crazy mad, talented Trashette! (BTW, she didn't get that gene from me!)
Every year in our home, I hang snowflakes in the hallway. C.D. hung chicken wire for me that he attached twinkle lights to and we leave that up all year. I just climb my trusty ladder with my snowflakes and cuss up a storm while untangling the fishing line. This is just one of the many fun sounds of Christmas at our house...and yet once again, y'all let me digress! Point is, I thought it would be fun to replicate at W&T's but the ceilings there are at least 12' and Debbie doesn't do 12' ladders. So instead, I had poor Miguel hang this naked umbrella for me. I'm sure he thought I had lost my mind until I started hanging snowflakes, then he started having fun helping in the hanging of them! Betcha at first he wanted to hang me!
Remember that hot mess I showed y'all on my dining room table? Well, this is the end result. (Fun Fact: I'm always on the lookout for black & white or sepia toned church plates. I love them!) I have to admit, I placed everything just so...then decided I wanted a runner and had to pull it all off and start over! The menu mirror was from a wedding shower Jenn and I did for a friend's daughter. We just used a sharpie to write with and with a little fingernail polish remover, you can create your own menu!
This is my favorite! Debra and I both collect sheep (although my collection is nothing like hers) and this is some of my excess. I think the large lamb was part of a nativity scene. Charisse was sweet enough to bring me the little, wild cedar trees, risking life and limb to do so...her poor arms broke out in an allergic rash. Somebody give that girl a medal for going above and beyond the call of duty!
Are you not in love with these deer? C.D. bought them just a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale. The eyes are glass and the little fawn have tiny spots on them. Aren't they gorgeous? He says I am making him sell them, but y'all have met my man. Can you imagine me making him do anything?
My version of the little brown church in the vale.
You've seen her before, but never has she got to fly this high! I should mention, while she is for sale, her lingerie is not. Sweet T gave me this little piece of ooh-la-la a couple of shows ago and there isn't enough money in the world to pry it out of my hands...but I couldn't have her flying around nekkid, now could I?
I bought these great Neiman's boxes several years ago at one of the Red Shed's Christmas sales. I used them primarily for my "Santa Baby" mantle last year complete with a Tiffany box and fishnet stocking. Sadly, they are empty (in spite of the fishnets), but a girl can dream can't she? (Fun Fact II: If you or anyone you know, has any Neiman's dress sacks/bags, I'm looking for some!) And speaking of the Red Shed...they are going to be on Good Morning Texas at 9:00 Monday morning, the 30th on channel 8 in Dallas. Michelle has the most inspirational story of courage and determination, so be sure and watch. Also, they have another show this coming weekend. You can get all the details here! Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find the contents to my boxes there!
Before y'all think I went crazy with the glitter...we bought Rudolph this way!
I needed something to balance my mantle vignette and Lily was on hand to lend a hand. She gave me the paper white to put in my mercury glass candle holder. Have I mentioned what a great group I get to play with at W&T's?
OK y'all, that wraps up Phase II of the Christmas tour. Be sure and gas up your shopping buggies, 'cause Phase III is just around the corner!

What a Christmas miracle that would be to have gas at this price again!


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Cat Daddy cleans up well, doesn't he? What a handsome date you had for the prom! Girl, your space is fantastical!!! I can't wait to see it in person!


Tami said...

Holy Hanna! If gas were that cheap I'd be on a road trip! I suspect that Rudolph was so glittery because he's supposed to light the way? Beautiful Debbie....wish I could see it in person. :-) Can't wait for Phase III. Tami E.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

I am googoo gaga over all your great displays. OH YES, girl, I saw that darling little lamb! Doesn't it have my name on the bottom? I'm thinkin' it must! AND I went over and read Fawn's post. Isn't that the truth. We are just nutty, ridiculous, addictive, obsessed at times. At least I have been. I left her an invitation to the Bible Study. Thank you for letting me know. It was an awesome post! You should see my house it looks like the Christmas tornado went thru it. I am making a little headway! Glad everything went so well at W&T's I have to check out David's photos!
love ya,

Six divided by two..... said...

Oh I am missing Athens already..*sniff sniff*. Your angel is my fav!!!! I have this thing about angels... Simply divine as always!!!!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Wow, Deb! You really outdid yourself! This is stunning!!

Frippery said...

Absolutely fab-u-lous! I wish I could see it all in person. Wow! I do think Jodie would have a conniption over that glittered dear. You are great with display Ms. Trash.

Janet said...

guuuuurl! fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! beyond that this wordy girl is simply speechless!


Woweee~wow! A virtual winter wonderland of beauty. Your hard work sure did pay off! Now ya better get some rest! as if. ~ Angela

Sammy Girl said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go, Grrl! That sassy trashy is AWESOME!! Especially loving the naked umbrella for the snowflakes and the tres chic sweaters for the chairs! So wish I could come and play with ya'll !! Yum, yum, yum!
Hugs and have a super week!
Betty :)
ps -- you know the folks at Pixar say a movie is never "finished" ... it is just released. Think it's the same with displays, right??!!


You must have spent FOREVER making those displays! Great job. I'll get my Visine out so I can be ready for #3!!!


Sue said...

WOW girl, I AM so impressed. I can't even begin to list all my favorites, there are too many. That silver mantle is KILLER!!! And I'm pretty fond of the manquien bust with the angel wings, elegant and just perfect for the display. Okay, that's it for now, I want to go back and look some more! Good job, and your special CD is looking mighty "fine"!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Would somebody pass me the drool bucket, 'cause I'm making a heck of a mess over here!
I knew it would be stunning, but I couldn't have imagined it until now.
I can see why you love that mantle, that's really something. As are YOU!

The Green Pea said...

Wow Debbie, you really spent a lot of time decorating your booth. Your silver mantel is fabulous. Those silver lamps above the mantle are just the right touch. Is everything for sale?
The white sweaters is a cute idea for the chairs.
Merry Christmas, sandi

Dixie said...

I love that mantle... I told Ricky today that I wish I had one for my booth... his response... "Where the heck would you put it?!"... "Rite ova thar dawlin'"...

baby doll heads... yeah they kinda freak me out too... but it's a good kinda creepy... and I thought she looked so cute atop that tree... LOL

I think I'd like to follow you around for about a week and get some of those "junkin" tips! you da bomb girl!

hugs. Dixie

maryboys said...

aaaacckk!!!!!!!!!!! ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! shriek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm otherwise speechless.


Six in One Hand said...

Everything was simply perfect!!!
It was sooo beautiful and inspiring....swoon.

red.neck chic said... favorite in your display was oh like..... ALL OF IT!!! Holy Cats Trash Woman - do you know how to set it up or WHAT!!! I LOVED LOVED the sweaters on the chairs!!! And Jen did a fantabulous job on the corsages!!!

My cat is dodging the glitter bottle...but, the day is young...I'm using the glittery deer as my muse....

;-) robelyn

one gal's trash said...

I want to live in your's heavenly! I heart Cat Daddy...he is so handsome in his crisp white shirt. Happy almost December!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

One word, Debbie - spectacular!!! Well, maybe two then - gorgeous too! You certainly know how to put on a display, girl! Oh, and thank goodness C.D. went back to get those white hydrangeas, because they are perfect in those fab urns! Like I've said before, you guys make the best team!

AuroraSuzette said...

Oh how you do talk! I knew all that hard work was gonna be worth it! I WANT WANT WANT that form with the wings, and you knew I would! Everything is absolutely terrific!

Sweet Repose said...

HOLY been busy, got a visual of you on the ladder with yer flakes...ha!

My Dad would love the silver fireplace, he paints everything with aluminum the day he brought back the 'OLD' childs red wagon all nice and shiny'll last forever now, he says with pride...yeah, but it ain't worth a nickel!!!

Gotta love um!!!


The Flying Bee said... and CD really outdid yourselves!!! It is absolutely stunning! I mean, I am just sitting here pouring over every single picture! That naked umbrella is the best thing EVER! I wish I could have been there! Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!


sweetpea said...

To die for girl! I love the sweater idea the most... And CD looks quite dashing...

Love ya both,


pollyanns said...

Thanks for posting such inspiring pictures... I'll be back again!

Jen R. said...

It looks Fab! All of the sliver and glitter and huge snowflakes! I love those bold decorations!!!

Tamis said...

You have truely inspired me to curse like a sailor and hang snow flakes all over my house. I love them. The sweaters are brilliant, and all those colors you used are so gorgeous.

The mantle is just enough to bring a girl to tears!

Outa the park baby! Outa the park, is where you hit it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it all! You are SO stinkin' talented. I'm jealous. I really want you to come decorate my house for me. :-)

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Girl....your space looks amazing! Love the tablescape! And, the manequin with the wings is fabulous! Glad it was a great event for everyone! ~LA