Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Christmas Carol...Ghost Of Christmas Present

Dear Santa Baby,

FYI...if a certain someone were to find these under her tree Christmas morning...she just might be the Vixen to bring the Donner back to Blitzen!
Oh and she'll gladly be on either of your lists!




Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Oh,my! Those boots were made for walking...and that's just what I'd, these boots are gonna walk all over you! Those are the best!

PS: It is good to be back!


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Those have your name all over 'em, don't ya think? I'd better be seein' those on you in the Spring!

Laura said...

The boots are fun and so are you! Going to follow along so as not to miss out! Have a great day!
Laura :)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Deb, you would just look adorable in those boots with your bling!


You reckon Santa's reading? Wouldn't that be great!!! ~ Angela

Bonnie said...

Those boots are gorgeous! Good luck finding them under your tree!

Janean said...

i'm with you on those cowboy boots. i have two pair but always look at new ones. cute, cute post!

Six in One Hand said...

Those boots are too die for!!!
You might just have to turn on your red nose and stand on the roof to make sure he doesn't miss your house for those bad boys.

snowman hill said...

Love em!!! To stinking cute!

red.neck chic said...

I think if you donned those babies with your feather wings and sparkley halo you'd be the bestest of Christmas angels...

Whatcha' think? Those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!
;-) robelyn

Debbie's Garden said...

I think Santa would LOVE to see you wearing nothing but red lipstick with those boots!

sweetpea said...

Girl, you NEED those boots! I'll put in a good word with Santa if I see hom!



Lou Cinda said...

LOVE'EM!! Bet youy get'em!!!

Lou Cinda :)

one gal's trash said...

Those have your name all over them! Hope you find them under the tree on Christmas morning. Cat Daddy, are you paying attention?

Cathy said...

I am so glad you found my boots...will you please send the to me ASAP;)!!!


Tami said...

What beauties those boots are! I haven't had a good pair of cowgirl boots since high school! I need to look into that!
Good luck with the wishes! Tami E.
PS...I tried Deb, really I did...maybe Mindy will share...afterall, it's Christmas spirit and all... :-)

Tamis said...

I sure could see a cute little gal in Texas scooting along in those! Hope the big hint was received.

Lee said...

Those are the kinda boots you can get buried in.
Eternal boots.
Too Cute...the top two post were beautiful as well. Yaw are sure posting away... and I am have trouble keeping up.

Anonymous said...

Cute boots!


Kathie Truitt said...

I WANT THOSE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be incredibly jealous if you get those and I don't!! I would be the ONLY girl in Washington, DC that had those I can assure you - which makes me want them even more. Where can I get some just like them and are they in my budget?