Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Chapter II

Due to popular demand, I'm back with Chapter II of Liz & Fran's House of Curiosities. I'll not bore you with a lot of talking on my part, but get right to what y'all want to see. (I may have to do some commentating as we go because I just can't seem to keep my mouth or mind quiet.) So without further adieu, drum roll please, raise the curtain and on with the SHOW!
This one is for the 2Chippy's. Frannie loves her crack head babies.
Parts is parts.
They really have a leg up on displays, don't you agree?
I'm only a bird in a gilded cage.
You don't really think they cook in this kitchen, do you? Surprise, they do.
They did all the mosaic on the countertops themselves. It is gorgeous!
They bought this little piece from me to store pots and pans in, but being Liz & Fran, they had to add drama to it.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the cleverest one of all?
The following shots are of the butler's pantry they transformed into a home office.
Talk about the emperor's new clothes!
They got this pie cupboard from us and transformed it into a computer center. I told you, what box?
OOPS! I'll try and repost this picture later.
I'll end this by driving y'all crazy. There will be a Chapter III! Also, I'd like to play a little game. Look over the pictures and let me know which vignette or item you loved the most. I know there is a lot to choose from, but I think this could be fun. I learned this little game from my friend Portia. If you don't play with me, I might sulk and forget to post Chapter III. How's that for blackmail? Enjoy-Debbie


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my you are making me choose my fav. thing/vignette. Well, first I have to say I love their house and the surroundings from what I can tell is just beautiful!! Secondly, while I love the body parts in the springs and ironstone butter pats, I know that my favorite part is the Labratory window!! That is so cute as is all they have. I thought I had some collections, but I must say they really do. Have they considered opening their house as an antique shop? Their displays is so cool!! Can't wait to see more, T

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Without a doubt, my favorite is the kitchen counter mosaic! I've seen lots of "pieces" done in mosaics, but never an entire counter done that way! Oooohhhh, it took my breath away, my brain is spinning trying to figure out how I can convince my beloved we NEED something like the bath, or the kitchen, or somewhere.

Cher said...

My favorite: the wonderful window with the great arrangements of old photos and letters and such. But the chippy brown chest of drawers topped with naked children was a close second.

timeworninteriors said...

Girl you know me, I like it all!! I sure wish I could come to the sale, I would go crazy! They need a booth at uncommon objects, Steve would love their style!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I have driven by many times. Thanks for the "in"! They are good, aren't they? Amazing. I think the mirror between the windows in the kitchen, above the sink is the bomb. I love me some well placed mirrors! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Major collectors of funky stuff. I love all of it, but like Ms T I really am drawn to the "Chippys" tribute. I do love the springs with "parts",too. The porch is tres'cool!! Can't wait for Part III. Peg French Vanilla

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

OMG, this is divine......Love the parts in the springs, but my favorite is the doll head in the old speaker, to die for. Wish I was there. Lucky you....Lauri @ Chippys.

Myrna said...

THANK YOU so much for posting these pics!! What fun to 'tour' the house with you!!
My favorite vignette was in the kitchen--where the coffe pot was--that was such an interesting display of everyday objects mixed in with fun and whimsy. My second favorite was the butler's panty/office. But I loved it all.
Can't wait to see more!!

The Apiary said...

The shower curtain of course.

Anonymous said...

If I have to choose , I love the old glass battery jar surrounded by the Mercry Glass. But all the displays were just lovely and I hope to see PChapter 3 ! Sue

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Damnit-to-hell I love it all but those tiny, chubby baby legs in the springs just shouts to me "...BUY ME NOW YOU FOOL..."
and I agree w/Lauri about the "head' in the phonograph cone...
xoxoxoxxo lulu

santamaker said...

What a fun blog! Love trash to treasure! Junk is where it's at!