Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Me

Here comes the bride, big---Well, you know the rest. Today is mine and Cat Daddy's 35th wedding anniversary. In case you were wondering, yes I was a child bride. In fact, I was only 3 years old(maybe in dog years) when I married. People ask all the time for the secret to staying married for so long and I always say I'm too old to start over, but I'm just joking. I have a simple philosophy for longevity in a marriage:
1. Accepting who you are marrying for the person they are or are not. Girls, the only thing you can change about a man is his diaper when he's old. He is what he is. You can hose him down and clean him up, but he's still a man. Vive la differance!
2. Respecting each other and each other's privacy. I really don't think I need to elaborate on this one except to say in the 35 years we have been married, I have never felt the need to share the bathroom, if you know what I mean. There are just some things that need to remain a mystery(see rule #1 about when he's old).
3. Flirting with each other. This is just fun and as a side benefit, it makes you feel young.
4. Being willing to adapt. If you're thinking what happened to being accepting, that's of him. Adapting is about you. In all the years Cat Daddy and I have been married, he has never put the empty milk carton in the trash and couldn't close a cupboard door if his life depended on it. This would really chap my posterior. I'd nag and bully, but I still ended up closing that stupid cupboard door and that got me to thinking about what he does for me that I take for granted. Like he always makes sure I have a cold coke in the fridge or if we are on the road, he does all the driving. I decided it was a fair trade off. So now, I pick my battles. It's all about flexibility(which btw, is another topic of conversation).
5. Keeping romance alive and well. For his part, when he brings home flowers they are never for special occasions like for Valentine's. I call these my "just because bouquets"- just because he cares that maybe I haven't had the best of days or just because he loves me. For my part, I put on that little slip of a gown he bought me that is two sizes too small because I think it's sweet he thinks I can still fit into that size and because I only have to wear it for maybe 5 minutes(TMI).
I could go on and on about this subject, but I think this has turned into a love letter to my husband of 35 funny years and I'm feeling a little romantic myself, so I'll close with:


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb. So sweet and funny!! And so right on. Happy Anniversary!!! I know you will be too busy to read this til tomorrow... ooooh la la!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheez, forgot to sign my name. Oh, also in September is our 26th anniversary!!! Peg

Myrna said...

Happy Anniversary, Debbie!
You had great advice listed--after 30 years of marriage myself, I can STILL use the reminders!! ;-)

Cottage Rose said...

Oh how I love your Five things of a happy long marriage. And I agree with every thing you said. My honey is the same way, he is such a loving caring thoughtful man that I don't sweat the small stuff. Happy Anniversary. Have a very Romantic week.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You are just too cute!! I loved reading your advise. Hmmm, maybe an advise column is in your future. You were a child bride! Happy late Anniversary to you and Cat Daddy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Lady Jane Vintage said...

OMG! How absolutely ADORABLE that post was! That could seriously be published in a book for Brides to Be or ANY married gal, no matter how many years! I raise my glass to the happy couple!:) Jen

Sweet Repose said...

Congrats!!! Spoken like a true Texan and proud of it.

I gave my husband of 20 years to his girlfriend...the alchohol and the filandering were too much to bare...still single 6 years now and loving every minute.

But girlfriend, you enjoy every minute, good men are hard to find and nobody's perfect, as we all know, but there are some things that are unacceptable.

Have a wonderful life.


Pam said...

Happy Anniversary! Such true advice! I would rather hang out with my hubby than do anything else. I was just backtracking on your blog and your second post shows some junking finds, I had to tell you the wallpaper in that room knocked me out! Black and white and gorgeous. I've been a decorative painter for years so wallpaper in my home was a no no. Now that the faux wall thing is slowing down I am craving a little pattern on a wall or two. P.

sharie said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary!
I've just done 18 and I got married at the age of three too!

Joanna said...

Congrats! My 16th anniversary is this Friday. I think having each others space is a nice part of it. It has taken a while for me to learn that it's ok for him to grab a beer with the guys... and not to call nagging while his gone. And in return I get monthly junkin' trip with the girls. Boy do I love my Canton trips. xoxo, Joanna


Happy anniversary! Here's to many more happy years together!