Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Can Only Imagine

Saturday, Cat Daddy and I took a drive to Quinlan, TX. A wonderful lady named Jo Harmon has a shop called Imagine at the Hunt County Trade Center on Hwy. 751. Some of you may already know Jo from when she was in McKinney, but I was fortunate enough to meet her just a few months ago.
Jo has the gift for being able to find and buy the most fabulous stuff (I mean really cool stuff) and then bringing it back to her spaces to make magic. Her displays are a visual treat and her repurposing of rust--well, you just gotta see it. Those who know her sense of style and what she likes to sell, visit her on a regular basis. This keeps her stock constantly changing, which is wonderful for her and for us, because we all want someone this talented to stay in the business. Let's face it, if you don't sell, you can't buy and I for one get tired of looking at the same old, same old. When I find someone like Jo who puts a fresh face on a old look, I get excited and want to share it with everybody!
If you are in the Quinlan area on a weekend, I highly recommend you stop and see Jo. She is just a lovely, warm person who is easy to do business with. (BTW, the super, large industrial basket is now for sale in Dallas).


Sweet Repose said...

Oh my...oh my...what a wonderful find, bet you were in hog heaven...the frames, I do have a thang for frames. Great shots, pure torture.


A Dreamer said...

First, let me start by thanking Cat Daddy & the Mrs. (Lol).... for stopping by "Imagine" & taking these pictures for me... I am one of the lucky ones who can honestly say they Love their job!! :) I am open from 9:30 to 4:00 on Saturday & Sunday & I only live about a mile from the shop, so would be happy to open any day, by request.... Look forward to meeting each of you, who share a passion for junque & vintage finds. For directions, or to just say hi.... Tootles till then..... Jo.

Nola said...

How on earth do you decide to sell something? My problem is, I want to keep it all. I could fill a barn with all my finds, and never sell a thing!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG Deb, I have got to go see JO!! Why haven't you shared this before. Actually, thank you so much for sharing her, most want to keep their shopping spots a secret, sshhh, I won't tell anyone :)

Anonymous said...

Is everything this cool in Texas? What a great shop! I don;t see a thing that I wouldn't love to have. Thanks Deb for sharing.

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

that's what I've been wailing since I looked at those shots!
Is she close to Round Top/is she setting up at Round Top?
I want it all
ox lulu

Lady Jane Vintage said...

GORGEUS! STUNNING! FABULOUS! Wish we had shops like THAT here in Upstate New York!:( P.S. You are so lucky your husband likes to go SHOPPING with you!!!!!:) Jen