Monday, August 25, 2008

The Bomb.Com

This is a lighted funeral parlor stand they purchased from us. Is it not the coolest?
The wheelchair will be for sale, but not the carpenter's bench they got from us. Some things they are keeping.
This chandalier is the is it not?
Fran has a passion for trophies. Can you tell?
Don't get attached to these chairs. I bought them some time ago.
This is religious tableau in the dining room on a beautiful sideboard they bought from us.
They customize all their chandaliers.
I hope y'all are ready for some unbelievable displays because wait until you see what I've got to show you today. I hinted about Liz and Fran's home in my previous entry. I'm going to have to do this in a two-parter because there is just so much to see. They are two of the most talented women I have ever met in my life. They don't just think outside the box-they look around and think"What Box?". When they were vendors in antique malls, I was their stalker. I would follow them to whatever venue they were using for selling. When they had a shop in Terrell, I went every week. I had to since everyone else who knew them was doing the same. Liz is an artist and works in every kind of medium, with oil painting being her latest passion. Fran is a visionary who sees in 3-D. Give her a germ of an idea and the wheels start turning. They helped me set up 2 years ago at Zapp and my regular customers didn't even recognize my tent.
As I said before, you are going to love their home beginning with the front porch. They do it up to the nines for holidays. They treat it as another room of the house and are constantly changing it. People in town do drive bys just to see it. Just to give you an idea, this past Christmas, the theme was "I'll Be Home For Christmas" complete with a family of manniquins dressed in 1940's vintage clothing. Dad was in army fatigues, Mom in robe and Jr. wearing flannel p.j.s and his dad's army hat. The tree was all in vintage ornaments. They hung barkcloth curtains, made up a bed, every detail from the 40's was there to see. It was the sweetest tribute to our men and women overseas.
This porch just sets the stage for the rest of the home. It looks like a shop with all the displays around and you are going to see things you wish you could buy. Well guess what? You can. Not everything, but a lot of it. They are about to totally redo the house, s-o-o-o, they will be selling a lot of their collections. They will be holding a yard sale(yes, I said yard sale) this weekend at their home in Terrell. If you are interested in attending, leave a contact # in comments and they'll get back to you. This is only 2 rooms of the house with Chapter II coming later, so I'll stop now and let you get back to oohing and aahing.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG, I can't type fast enough, this place is awesome. You were right!! I'll be there on Friday night camped out on their lawn, well bed since they have one on their porch. Tell them to leave the light on and don't shoot me!! I'm your friend, right?

Cottage Rose said...

Now that is what I call a yard sale. Wow we what lovely things. I can't believe all the wonderful pretties they have. Wish I lived by them.
Have a wonderful week.


Anonymous said...

Help!! Can't get to TX fast enough. Way tres' cool. Thanks Debbie!! Peg French Vanilla

Frippery said...

Holy cow! So much to see I feel like I need a magnifying glass because I can't get close enough to my computer screen to gobble it up!Let us know if you buy anything at the sale. P.

Carol said...

Okay, how come all the good stuff is always happening way up there near Dallas and I'm way down here in San Antonio. Have fun you gals that get to go, I'll just have to wait til Warrenton.