Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trash Day Thursday

I'm going to try something a little different on Thursdays beginning today. My furniture is selling well, but it is hard to display the fluff, so I thought each Thursdy I would have trash day. I am going to post pix of items I have for sale and if anyone sees something they would be interested in purchasing, just leave a comment with a contact # or e-mail and I'll do the rest. If this doesn't work at least you'll get to see what I like and buy. Let me tell you, I can be all over the place with what I like! I'd also like to mention that at this time I only know one way to post pictures, so I've included a list. So on with the show.
--1. 28" manniquin
--2. 30" manniquin-sold
--3. child manniquin-sold
--4. owl necklace(think Chi Omega)
--5. Paris chocolates bulletin
--6. Eiffel Tower hat box(Chez Original)
--7. Stevens Hotel teapot
--8. Vicks sugar bowl
--9. Adolphus Hotel serving pcs(possibly shrimp cocktails?)
-10. Linen New York souvenir towel
-11. Hotel America coffee pot
-12. 5 bakelite handled knives
-13. Silver over copper Victorian water kettle with stand
-14. 5 Baker Hotel tags(I don't know if these were for luggage or room service-I have more)
-15. 1926 1st place Rifle Match trophy
-16. 1903 presentation inkwell stand
-17. 3 piece monogrammed Hartman luggage-sold


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Girl, if this stuff is on the curb for trash pick up, I'll be there before next Thursday, just kidding!! Email me about the metal table and hotel tags, please!!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Hey, great stuff, how much for the child mannequin, the victorian water decanter, and the trophy.Thanks, Lauri @ chippys

Nola said...

What neat stuff! That's the kind of treasure I am drawn to! Would you email me and let me know about the stuff from the Adolphus? I'll go back and look at the photos, I didn't see it; is it marked with the "Adolphus" name? I worked across the street from the Adolphus for years, and ate there ocassionally.

timeworninteriors said...

Girl I want to come to your house and shop so BBAAADDDD!!!! I wish I didn't live to darn far away from everybody. You have the neatest stuff, of course it takes a good eye to find stuff like that in the first place!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

WOW!!! IF Lauri didn't buy it how much is that trophy????
lulu azh0401@earthlink. net

Cottage Rose said...

Love your trash day, how much are you asking for the Last Mannequin? and the shipping. I have always wanted one. Have a great weekend. you can send me and email to let me know. Thank you.


Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Is the last mannequin the "female"? and what's the price? thanks! Joanna