Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Idea Of The Perfect Gift

Girls, Here is a great opportunity to help your husbands or yourself out with that great debate of what to get for a Valentine gift. Ta Da!! How perfect would this be? Instead of looking at everyone else's treasures from Gay Paree, you could hunt for your own. Remember Pat Boone singing April in Paris and what Audrey Hepburn talked about in the movie Sabrina? Here is your chance to see what all the singing and talking was about. Talk about name dropping. When someone asks "Where on earth did you find that?", you'll be able to say, with a little wink you picked it up on a lovely trip to Paris! So one of you lucky chic gals better hurry, because there is only space left. On a side note, this is my 92 post. Do you know what that means? Keep watching 'cause I have something up my skirt, I mean sleeve planned. Don’t we all dream of shopping at the Paris Flea Market?The Red Shed Girls have asked that we spread the word. They have just ONE spot left on their Paris Flea Market Shopping trip in April. According to Valarie: “We have one wonderful lady who is looking for a roommate, and then our 2009 trip will be sold out. This is a GREAT time to go to Paris! The exchange rates are lower than they have been in years, so you can buy more and spend less. Whether you are a dealer or a personal shopper, we promise you will have the trip of a lifetime and come back with some great treasures!” For more information visit the Red Shed website at photos from the 2008 trip visit



One of our local vintage shoppes is hosting a trip there too!!! I can only dream of going this year but next year is possibility!

Cher said...

Thank you for immediately correcting the "up your skirt" comment. My mind immediately slammed into unspeakable things and I know you intend to keep this a family blog!

For the rest of the day repeat to yourself: sleeve. up my sleeve. sleeve. up my sleeve.

I bet Cat Daddy hacked up a hairball when he read that!

The Texas Woman

Anonymous said...

Wow! That will be an amazing trip.

Can't wait for your 100th post!

David said...

If I were to go to Paris, I just can't imagine spending much of that precious opportunity of a lifetime in a flea market. Not that I don't enjoy a little bit of that kind of shopping with Mindy, but... come on! Paris!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Poor, poor David. He's come along way, but he just wasn't born into it, as we were. Paris, Texas or Paris, France. I'd be shopping. All those old buildings might look nice, but I can see them in books and be just as impressed. Shopping is what it would be alll about! ~Mindy

Marie said...

Flea Markets+PARIS = True Love
Great Idea, I'll pass it on to Hunka'
Marie :)

delighted heart said...

oh sounds like great fun! Glad to hear you are doing the "healthy" thing also. Hey...we be can be buds on this journey together! I'll slap your hand and you can slap mine! Then when we reach our goals we can pat each others back! I need accountability! That's one reason I did that post! Let me know how it goes with your meeting. You can always email me!
Bless ya!

The Muse said...

Paris vintage shopping....there is nothing else like it!

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Here is a good idea...give away for your 100th post...the last seat on this trip to Paris! Now that would be a prize! :)

By the way, you don't look a day over 40th post!


trash talk said...

If that's the giveaway, my name will be the only one in that bucket! That would be the giveaway of all giveaways, wouldn't it? When my boat comes in, when my boat comes in. BTW, thanks, I don't feel a day over 50! Debbie

Sweet Repose said...

I would just miss the snow and the ice and the minus temps so much...I just don't think I can get away...HA...whatever!

Not to worry...the hair stays. The funny thing is, the post wasn't even about my hair, it was about how much I love all my bloggy friends who are with me thick and thin...mostly thick...but who cares at this age. After I started reading all the 'cut it' comments...I'm thinkin, Oh my God...Deb better be postin' me tonight, I know she'll understand! It is so easy to have long hair...I think it's just the cowgirl in me that needs it long.

Right on Sista!!! Thanks!


Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Oh! I've been wanting to do this for the last couple of years. In '08, I picked Silver Bella instead. Getting off work for so long plus being away from the family... I just couldn't swing it.

Are you going this year? I think it would be so fun to travel with Val & Michele.

xoxo, Joanna

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey sweet pea!

Love France (who would've guessed that one?)...but, alas have a store to run. :)

Thanks for your comment about one of my sweet friends....and if I figure out why "ladies" comment on some blogs and why others they don't...I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I love your post and how you think. Love the postcard too. So sweet.

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Hey Girlie! If you're talkin' about "Paris, New York", I'm IN! With this recession, THAT'S about the ONLY Paris I could afford to go to right about now - Hee Hee! Hey, love reading your blog - You are too funny and I NEED your Cat Daddy to tell MY husband that it's FUN to go JUNKIN' together! My hubby will NEVER go with me!:( Warmly, Jen

Stacy said...

You have wonderful ideas about valentine gift... Thanks for sharing!!