Sunday, January 4, 2009


I wanted to take this opportunity before any more time passes to say a great, big, ol' THANK YOU to all of you who take the time to read my posts. When I started doing this a few months back, I thought if just one person reads it I wasn't going to be disappointed. Happily I can say now, I wasn't and I'm still not. Y'all are just the best. The response to my last post was so great, that I'm really going to try and expand it. A lot of you obviously had been thinking what I was thinking and are ready for some changes. I really am going to work on a button (even though I have no idea how to do that) and I'm taking the 2 Chippys up on their idea for the first meeting of the JWL Club to be held in the spring at Zapp Hall during Antique Week. I think that would be an absolute hoot!!! I've got a few other ideas rolling around in this pea brain of mine and I'll let y'all know 'em as I soon as I do. I did go ahead and put a temporary button up and for the time being, or at least until I can come up with something more clever, we are going to be Jewels. If you want to steal, I mean borrow it for your blogs, be my guest. I think we can have a really good time with this and to heck with those who might deem it uncool. Besides, we're not cool-we're Uber-cool!
I also wanted to show a little of the love that was sent to me over the last few weeks. Sue at Bella Shabby sent me this H-U-G-E song chart for the yet-to-be-born trashette. I love it so much. Dig that title. I also love Sue for thinking of me in such a special way. She and I may never get to meet face to face, but I pray we will always be friends. What do you think, kiddo?
This is the loot I got from the Junkin' YaYa. Is this a great haul or what? Debi was so un-freaking-believably generous with her December giveaways. The packing alone was worth it's weight in gold. Look at that tiny Merci card-love, love, love it.
I feel lucky to have won that night, but I feel more touched and blessed that I can call her friend.
And that brings me to Lulu of 2 Chippys fame. She knows what a trashy woman likes and needs. Those shoe buckles scream me, me, me!!! Lulu and Laurie are my two honey baked hams and I feel like we just had to be separated at birth. When I first started blogging, I couldn't tell them apart, so I just called them my two headed woman. Now that I've had the chance to get to meet them up close and personal, I still can't. Kidding!! I feel so privileged to get to hang out with all of you out there any time I want to just by doing a post, reading your comments or visiting your blogs. Thank you from the bottom of my bottom.


delighted heart said...

You are a gem! Thanks...your comments are precious! I can't wait to meet you in person! I may have to wrangle a trip to Warrington this spring. It's been way too log since we've been there!

delighted heart said...

make that way too long!!! sorry!

ajunkqueen said...

Can't wait to hear your plans for spring at Warrenton, I wish i was closer to you all at Zapp, but i love my neighbors at Bar W. Am dreaming about setting up what I am taking and how to arrange it, ect ,ect.

Lisa B. said...

Fun loot...lucky girl!

The Junkin' Yaya said...

hey darlin'! I am so glad you got all the "treasures"! And the way you received them is how every customer of mine gets their packages when they buy something at the store. In fact, some love to collect my little business card bags...because they are always different. :)

I will add the "button" to my blog proudly!

Are you coming to the Red Barn in Januray at Round Top? That is usually when I finally have some time to get away and meet up with "T" and Linda. If not, then you & CD need to mosey on down here to Houston for a visit...ya'll's room is awaitin!

I am so honored to have become friends with you this past year...and I look forward to getting even closer in 2009!

love ya...deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb , I see that sheet music finally made it! I think our snow slowed its journey down. Its Home now and thats all that matters. I love JWL - Jewel . I added the button - easy as pie! I do hope to meet someday - some woman want a trip to Hawaii or Paris - I want to go to Texas again! Sue

Anonymous said...

What a nice post. You've recieved some lovely gifts! Enjoy them...I know you will. Can't wait for you to get a button. That's awesome!

Sweet Repose said...

YIPPEE!!! A club is all I have to do is start finaglin' ta git ta Texas in the spring...yer the best Deb and can't wait ta meet y'all!


lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Thank you , Honey Bunny. I can't wait to see those buckles attached to a size 5!
You're the best!
oxox lulu

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Trash-there should be some kind of award out there that you should get for saying the sweetest things! Let's see you are already Queen of all things bling, Sweetheart of CD, Best Mom to your kids, Best grandmother to your grandbabies, Most creative writer, Most Witty, and you've started this awesome clud, the list goes on... I'm going to find some kind of cool award to give you that just sums it all up!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

I love the new club, can I be the President and everyone send me a butter pat?????? Lauri @chippys