Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Kitties And Welcome...You'll Need Your Own Jump Rope!

This time at the show, I was asked by a number of women what exactly does it take to become a Cat Daddy Kitten.  He looks like such a 'fraidy cat...seems like an easy task to accomplish...right?


First of all...he requires a leash...or as I like to call it a choke rope!  He's easily distracted by a pretty face and a smile.  The rope is my little reminder of who provides the cream in his coffee...just in case he gets confused and starts thinking he's an alley cat! application must be ink the acceptance committee coinky-dinky,  just happens to be headed up by none other than...


As a matter of public record, I happen to be the only one on the to get to the Big gotta get past the Lion Tamer.


Q:  What do you call a bad lion tamer?

A:  Claude Bottom! 

Ba-dump, dump, tish!

In the interest of full disclosure...I should also add...I AM open to bribery!  (Hint:  I can be bought with Mexican Wedding cookies!) gotta be willing to show him your stuff.  He loves nothing better than looking at junk ('course I was talkin' 'bout junk...what else would "stuff" be?) if you got 'em...flaunt 'em!  Junk is the man's catnip...well that and chili dogs!

If you ain't got photos...then be prepared to walk on the wild side and strut your stuff.  The man has an ego as big as Texas and a trailer to match.  He thinks he's the best picker this side of the Pecos and if you agree with him AND buy some of his crap are a shoe-in for sure!

(I love this photo David...but we really need to work on a new pose for the MAN!)
See that smile?  That's the biggest happy face I've ever seen him wear and you wanna know the reason behind it?

TA DA!!!

This savvy shopper made the cut by buying his KISS boots or as she renamed them...The Lady Gaga Boots!  I kid you not...besides...y'all know I can't make this stuff up!  She and her friends were a hoot and a half.  Unfortunately I didn't get her name, but it should be up in lights.  She bought the LGB's to wear to a Tacky Ball in Dallas and get this...was planning her entire ensemble around these boots.

That's what it takes ladies.  Feats...or should I say FEETS...of daring to not only put those bad boys on and try walking in 'em,


to actually appear in public while sporting 'em!

(Darlin'...I take my bracelets off to ya!  You're more woman than me and if you happen to take photos of that ball...send me a dozen 8x10 glossies!  Loved you and your friends...y'all are my people!!!)

(Need a little help y'all 'cause at this rate...he's gonna wear that fool arm out!)

If any of you gals that came to Zapp have money shots to rival those of the boots...send 'em to me.   I'll see to it you are immortalized forever in the Kitten House Hall of Fame.

(Seriously...if you've got photos with the man...e-mail me.  I would love to showcase you and your claim to fame!)

Photo #1 courtesy of Lisa
Photo #2 courtesy of  Cassie
Photos #3 & #5 courtesy of David (who has tons of photos of the show on his blog and should be Zapp's official show photographer.  I'm just saying!)
Photos #4, #6 & #7 courtesy of Robelyn

BTW...I took a camera, but as far as me taking any photos...
who's kidding who?

In the words of the immortal Blanche DuBois...

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers friends!"


Sheila said...

Love you guys :)


Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

I wanna be a kitten!
I thought I already was? But I didn't find my name on the sidebar.

I've hung with the big cat and mama cat multiple times, bought his, I mean TREASURES...and even have two koozy's that say I'm a CD kitten.

What say you, mama cat, did I make the cut?


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

thanks to you I now have a big goose egg on my noggin' 'cause I fell off my chair and bumped my head laughing so hard at your tales. Love ya! Big Daddy and I would have a ball at the auctions. I love the people that attend more than the auctions themselves and I bet he does too. xoxo

Sue said...

I have ALWAYS felt that being a "Cat Daddy Kitten" was one of the greatest honors in my entire life! And now, I truly feel even more gratitude to belong to such a prestigious group. As soon as I can get my sorry butt to Texas, I will prove my worthiness of such an honorable title!

Take care, Sue or (aka "Cat Daddy's Kitten")!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

This is right up CD's alley, being talked about and can his head get any bigger. Laws (as a famous friend would say) he's going to need a new Resistol!!

red.neck chic said...

Don't I get to be a kitten since I'm the newest daughter? I've got junk... I like the junk he picks (there's gonna be a whole post about shoppin' at the Kitten House fer sure...) and... uhmmmm....


;-D If he has a big head - I know who's to blame!!! *wink*



LuLu Kellogg said...

Your Blog is totally my favorite one now...I always laugh so hard that I need to pee when I am reading your posts. You bring such joy to others with writing from your heart about CD and your adventures. What a joy!
I am loving all these pictures! You and CD are just precious!


Sassy Marsha said...

Meow . . . . . .



susie said...

The picture I got of Cat Daddy has his Lion Tamer in it & since I'm a little bit ascared of her...I better stay out of the hall of fame!! LOL
No, I think he still had the rope on his neck & you looked darlin in your cute little dress & pagent stand. Missing always...
Susie Q

Laura said...

Have I made it past Round I?
Are we in the semi-finals yet?

How does he feel (I mean you) about tamales??


sweetpea said...

he does have that pose down to a science and it's so him! you know i love him and he just wouldn't be Cat Daddy any other way!



d. reyné said...

I am so glad your back and from the sound of things...had the usual grand time!
I can't wait to meet Cat Daddy when I come down for a visit next Fall!
He sounds like a hoot and that is my kinda company!
You now have me thinking about Mexican Wedding Cookies and they are not easy to get here in the sticks!
Have a wonderful week!

Cassie said...

Those boots are killer! And CD's pose must never be retired!
I just may have a pic of myself & CD....but I'll have to cut you out of it!!
Great to make your acquaintance Ms. Trash!

Gracie's Cottage said...

CD & "the tamer" - trashabulous! Texas was surely rockin'. Can't wait to see it for myself some day.


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Oh Deb...I LOVE the Cat Daddy Pose! It's so gangsta!!! Hilarious! If I ever make it down (or is it over?)there....I've GOT to be a Kitten!!!! I am getting my application ready!

A Cottage Muse said... guys sure know how to have fun!! Those boots are so cool and she definitely was rockin' them!
Love visiting you!

Ruby Grace's said...

Your post is so funny...and I love the Kiss boots! I had such a wonderful time at is my Disneyworld. The real treat was meeting some many folks I only know in the blogging world and what a pleasure to finally meet you guys. I hope you had a GREAT show...I sure had one.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! You 2 are the purr..fect couple. Not Anonymous - Kim (because for some reason I still can't comment on your blog with my google account)


Meoooooowww! Fun must have been had by all. As for those boots...what exactly are they made for? Walkin'? I think not. Thanks for scootin' over to my speck o' the sphere and leaving a big howdya do. The bees you speak of, well, I jabbed one to save the dogs and babes. Needless to say, I freaked out in a major way when the top half of the bee flew straight back at me. And of course by then it was ten times its original size, if ya know what I mean!

sissie said...

Gosh I haven't even met Kat Daddy, but I want to be a kitten! How's he handling all this new found celebrity status!


Faded Charm said...

Looks like fun was had by all, especially Cat Daddy himself:) Hope you guys had a great show. Now get a drink and put your feet up've been working way too hard.


bikim said...

so much fun!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Im sooo honored to be a kitten...and I am soooo rolling on the floor laughing too! Yall are a hoot and I luv ya!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Sweet, sweet lady... thank you! Your comments have been food to my frightened heart this last week! I'm so grateful for you. It's humbling to have such wonderful friends.

I'm terribly sad to have missed Texas but obviously God knew that I would be needed at home. I'm gonna go enjoy some of your photos.

Oh, and Cat Daddy, those boots were stunning. I'm surprised that you could part with them. ;)

Blessings... Polly

Low Tide High Style said...

Hmm, cookies as bribery...shoot I'll send you a whole cake if that's all it takes! ;-)

I love those boots and I hope she sends you pictures!!!

Kat :)

Theresa said...

I always wondered about this! I think it's a good idea that you whittle down the entries for the kitten pen :) I love his pose, I gotta say I think it's a keeper, unless that arm will be so wore out he won't be able to hold you tight!
you are a gift. xoxo

The Robin and Sparrow said...

Okay, those boots are hilarious! I wanna hang with you two! You look like you have amazing fun! If you were in Oregon I would snatch you up my friend!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Okay, my Steve is snoozing on the couch and he wakes up to the sound of me LAUGHING OUT LOUD at this post! OMG! Hilarious! Claude Bottom!!

That fool arm!!! I am still laughing! (And after the "last ballgame" I SO needed a good laugh) Thank you for providing it!

So glad you had such a great time, but I am thinking anyone within a 5 mile radius of you and Cat Daddy had a GREAT time!

Lou Cinda