Monday, April 18, 2011

Jump At The Chance!

We interrupt your regular programming of "How The Wheel Turns" for this special announcement:


Yes my read correctly.  Ki will be visiting Texas for two days and she'll be at the mercy  the special guest of the Tulula Heads and the Headmistress!  Do I really need to tell y'all about Ki?  I mean...c'mon...who among us hasn't heard or read about this powerhouse of a junker!

She'll be signing the new Flea Market Style Magazine at the House of Sweet Pea Friday evening, April 29th from 4-7pm and Saturday April 30th, 11am-3pm.

Grab your issues of Flea Market Style (past and present), your cameras, all your friends and join us.  I promise you up and're gonna have a great time.  Oooh...and come hungry.  The Bistro will be open Friday and Saturday for dining and dancing.  Well, maybe not dancing...but I bet you a dollar to a donut if you ask real nice-like...Gloria might dance for you!  (I'm not promising anything...but it's a worth a shot!)

It's always beautiful at the shops, but all of the W&T vendors will be ramping things up to make it even prettier than usual for our special guest...and y'all!

Cat Daddy's already been on the prowl for new treasures to drag in.  Can you say white?  How about ruffly, lacy-like iron?  Here's your big chance to not only meet Ki, but get in some great shopping.  It doesn't get any fresher than this...hand picked this past weekend as a matter of fact!  Let's see if ol' Wally World can make that same freshness guarantee!  

Not everything he's found will be making it's way to W&T's.  To find out which made the cut and which didn't...why I reckon you'll just have to come and see for yourself...'cause I ain't telling!

What I will tell y'all is I think it's gonna be standing room only.  Methinks you better come early if you want a ringside seat to the Big Wide Wonderful World of Winnie & Tulula's!

You know you're gonna be a basket case if you don't and I'll be sorely tempted to say "I told you so"....'cause I did!

Stick your thumb out, drive a mule train, fly by the seat of your britches.  Heck, ride a camel for corn's sake...but do whatcha gotta do to get here! 

Gloria's lacing up her dancing don't disappoint yourself!




We will now be returning you to your regularly scheduled program.

Stay tuned for future episodes of  "The Real Housewives Women of Fayette County".


DearHelenHartman said...

Found your blog by clicking the irresistible name on a sidebar and so glad I did. LOVE it and became your newest follower after reading a couple of posts. Come by and say hello sometime.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Deb you KNOW I'd be there if I could....But Mr SVJ says I HAVE to stay HOME until September....** sigh **....SPOILSPORT....!!

Have FUN & say hello to Ki for me....!!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

susie said...

Ok...I'm soooo happy for y'all to get a chance to see & meet this amazing Junk Queen & I really wish I could come, but even more then that...this post just makes me feel.....
P#$$ED off that I DON"T live in TEXAS!!!! ;)
The BESTEST stuff always happens in Texas & I miss it!
I'll have to live vicariously through you girlfriend.
Big Hugs,
Susie Pearl

Gracie's Cottage said...

Such fun y'all will have. Cat Daddy keeps outdoin' hisself with his finds; why they oughtta hire him to sniff out America's most wanted!

(Why do I always start talking like that immediately after reading yours posts?????)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I was hoping it would work out for me to be there, but not sure that I will be able to make it. You all will have fun for sure with Ki!

Olive Cooper said...

Oh My Goodness!!!

Linda said...

OH it sounds like fun...Ki is one talented lady!

Nancy's Notes said...

Can you hear the crying? It's me, wish I could be there too! Now, I'm going to go pout Miss Debbie....


LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeek! I would love to be there but will have to wait and go to Canton during my trip to Dallas in June! I will live vicariously through your pics!

Happy Monday to you and CD!


Glenda said...

Someofya have all the fun. It sounds so exciting. Pray please, lots of pics for us faithful that live so far away! Have a great time.

A Cottage Muse said...

Don't forget your camera so you can share all the fun!!

RH fan are you?! We are trying to get a chapter at our campground! Hee Hee!

sassytrash said...

Next camel that goes by I'm hijacking!! Sure wish I could get to this cool gig!!

Margo said...

Anyone within spittn' distance would be a fool to miss this one. I know we will have a stompin' good time.

See you there, the new stuff looks fabulous.


countrycharisma said...

Sounds like you all are fixin' to have a boatload of fun! Wish I could be there! Sure hope you get to do a followup of the great days!
Your picutures are great!