Friday, April 29, 2011

Jumping On The Throne...Or Maybe Being Throwed Off!

I sure hope y'all don't think I've been avoiding ya lately.  It's true...I have been a bit side tracked with preparations  for the royal wedding visit from HRH  Ki, the Queen of Junk, to W&T's.  And yes...I did spend time with my family and my own two little princesses on Sunday, BUT...the real reason for my "now you see her, now you don't" vanishing act has been out of my control.  Seems my computer has picked up a nasty virus.  (If it was gonna pick up something...why-oh-why couldn't it have been Johnny Depp for corn's sake?)  With who knows what crawling around inside it, rather than take a chance contaminating anyone else and short of putting a haz-mat suit on it...I'm keeping a choke rope on it just to be on the safe side.  I don't know how these things work or even if bugs can crawl from one computer to another...but I ain't takin' no chances!

Until I can sweet talk my SIL into giving the ol' 'puter a scrub down, I'm keeping a low profile. (Just so you know...y'all are putting up some dandy posts and it's killing this chubby lady not to talk to you!)  In the meantime, if you haven't got plans this weekend and you got yourself a hankerin' to visit...come on down to Athens and talk to Ki.  In fact...while you're making plans...go ahead and plan a whole day of shopping fun for today or tomorrow.  If you didn't know this before...the ladies of HEAP are having their special show this weekend as well! 

Did y'all know Tyler is only 30 minutes from Athens and vicey-versy?  I KNOW!  I ask y'all...could we make it any more convenient for y'all to shop?  Why yes...we can.  Canton is also a mere 30 minutes from either location!  WHEW!!! It boggles the mind how much shopping could be crammed into accomplished in one day!

While we're on the subject...and I don't mean royal subjects (or maybe I do)...I've got one more story coming up on my Warrenton Wrap-Up and believe you's a doozie!

It concerns (from the House Of Junk) a certain beautiful heiress apparent to the Kingdom of Cautionobjectsmayappearlargerthantheyare and a very special birthday (think golden) celebration!


Do y'all remember that old C&W song, Queen of the Silver Dollar?  When I see this photo of Janet, I think of that one line ~Her scepter is a wine glass and a barstool is her throne.~

Now I ain't  saying Janet's fallen off any stools contraire mon cheri!  It's just that big ol' scrub brush cracks me up Every...Single...Time I see it!

For the time being...consider this a teaser  peek at my final installment of As The Wheel Turns!

For now though...I must hasten to primp for Her Majesty Ki.  With a curtsy, I bid you adieu with the hope to see y'all at Sweet Pea's and in doing so...

leave y'all with THE OFFICIAL Texasified Royal Wave!


Sassy Marsha said...

ERRRRR, last year I got hit several times with a virus. NOT FUN! As always, your post and pictures are a HOOT! I saw the photos from the bday party on Red Door Antiques blog. You gals sure know how to PARTAY!!! Now, Cat Daddy, love the royal wave and getup!!!

Hope your 'puter is well soon!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I know you all will have a royal time at W&T's!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Look at CD looking all Royalfied (I think I just made up a word!)

That huge scrub brush is cracking me up!

I am off to Jump on cleaning my house...we have a showing tomorrow so it needs to be spiffy!


Theresa said...

Ohhhhhh to be a Royal Texan, but alas I'm just a village nut from Michigan! Have fun with the rest of your royal party. xoxo

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

That last photo is BLACKMAIL. You must have some dirt on him, if you're comfortable posting THAT.

BTW, a word of advice on computer viruses: get a mac.

Glenda said...

Can I just say for the record how adorable you look. Now I know everyone is always purring over Cat Daddy, but darli'n you take some cute pictures yourself! I'm just sayin!!!

To the Virus: Get Well Soon

Janet said...

i like *vicey-versy*! i may borrow it! and *doozie* might just be the understatement of the year! thanks for the nod...always appreciate it! love!

The Red Door Antiques said...

Love the Pictures!

Attic Rat said...

Give your computer a shot of penicillin and get well soon! It's no fun when we don't hear from you.

I couldn't make it to the last Warrenton sale so I am counting down the days until I can hit the September sale. Don't feel sorry for me though. I had the choice of going to Warrenton or Europe. Guess which one won?

See you in September!!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Just stopping by to say hello again, and it was so glad to meet you in person. You and Cat Daddy and the whole gang really, were so helpful in giving tips to someone who may want to get into the business...Y'all were a real hoot!
You made me feel so welcome at the little meet and greet there at Winnie and Tulula's...

I posted about it over at my place... drop in and say hi! ...
I put you on my sidebar, Pat

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Hey girl,
I haven't had time to come visit you & see what trouble you & the Mr. have gotten into. I see by the last photo he is still cross dressing, glad to see it! How cool Ki was there. Did she buy up all your good stuff? I can't wait to see you at the PC vendor show. I'm still planning my big sale. I am going to email you some pics soon. Happy belated to Joey. He must be amazing cuz he is a Taurus like me. We are the best peeps. Lisa